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Conquest Bugs: Immortal Rhea, Orbs Refresh & location can be re-capture

Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:33 pm

I report to Customer Service about immortal Rhea bug that makes it impossible to kill her in cf mode. But CS refuses to admit its a bug. I was told it is just a visual problem when looking at other players’ squads. Its very disturbing for CS to dismiss that this bug exists as many players from 3 guilds experience this and confirm that Rhea can only be killed when she is not in cf mode. And a guild from HK server confirms that this bug has existed since last conquest. And its the reason why they gamble their defense by putting Rhea in most of their defense squads. Pls investigate and fix this issue.

2nd bug occurred to me today. I used 4 orbs (2 squads) immediately once conquest reset. Then all my orbs were somehow refreshed. I had 4 orbs once again. And i can attack 8 times in single attack phase of conquest. This should never happen at all.

3rd bug could be related to 2nd bug. At the same time when orbs were refreshed. All locations that were quickly captured once conquest reset (which should be under protection) had become available to attack and re-capture again. This has created an unfair advantage and caused the guild from Hong Kong to lose almost all locations they captured. It is in fact the guild from Hong Kong that should have won 1st place by gaining most points today but because of this bug, its highly likely that they will end up in 3rd place.

Pls fix these issues. No one will be happy to win the battle they shouldnt win. And the winner wont be happy if their win is stripped away either.
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Re: Conquest Bugs: Immortal Rhea, Orbs Refresh & location can be re-capture

Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:42 pm

This week's conquest is really a joke. 
Due to the bugs, opponents were able to attack back the outposts that we have conquered.