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Everglades!! Calling for unity!!

Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:49 pm

Everglades! Calling for unity!

To most, you guys know who we are, so long story short.

As game progress, players lack motivation, game lack innovations, but end of day, we are still here...
As one of the pioneers, I hope to help this guild till the end....

Looking anyone who is willing to join us
1. Opening 9 slots

2. Active, most important

3. English community

4. Discord for communication

5. Any level or prestige

6. We will carry you to progress

7. We got lots of high level, high fire power members to help you clear quests, clear events, clear raid

8. For now we should mainly focus on raid 3, as raid3 vanity is much more widely use & rich for gold

9. We are not as competitive as we used to be, but we are surely still powerful as hell

10. Requirements free, stress free, drama free

PM me or find my post in FB, Valiant Force Global

We are all mainly working adults with kids, so please forgive us not all 35 members will chat all the time. But for sure the helps is always there...

Have a great day.....

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