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[Arathos] People of Sakura now recruiting!

Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:32 pm

**People of Sakura**
 A name now familiar to most in the server of Arathos is seeking an individual to join it's ranks.
Are you feeling the fatigue of carrying everyone else in your current guild?
Could it be that your guild is not providing the support you deserve as a member?
Do you believe that now is a good time to stop soloing and be involved with a guild?
If you answered yes to all the above or even if you did not, it doesn't matter! What matters is what you will find at PoS.
The facts;
● Community: We have ourselves a strong social community with constant chatter in our Discord server. Plenty of banter, theorycrafting, advice and laughs all around.
● Time zone: Our membership is diversified, spreading across Australia (yes there is that much land that we have a 3-hour difference between the East and the West coast) and across the globe in countries such as USA, Canada, Portugal, Philippines and Singapore - meaning as a guild we have the advantage of being active around the clock.
● Members: You will see us week in and week out taking out the top positions of Raids 1 and 2 all while still ensuring that our members can earn a Raid Token
*Raid 1 - All time high ranked 2nd on Arathos
*Raid 2 - All time high ranked 1st on Arathos
*Arena - 11 Members in Expert 1 and above
*Conquest- Ranked 8th on Arathos (39th world wide)
*Past Event (The Righteous General) - 10 members ranked in the Top 100 (1 ranked 3rd) 
*Current Event (Dragon Fang Towers) - Level 35 Annex has been unlocked
What are we looking for?
● Active social player that plays across all content and uses Discord
If you would like to join us, send a direct message on Discord to @Thyrdon#3016 or @Xtremez#0237.
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Arathos People of Sakura now recruiting

Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:02 pm

Bump bump ;D
havent you been in another guild week ago ?