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[Important] Closed Beta FAQ

Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:05 am

Important Notice: This list below will be edited and updated regularly.

Q: What is the aim of Closed Beta?
A: Similar to Closed Beta tests for mobile or PC games, this phase is for the larger community to help us, the development team, search for bugs and critical game errors. We will also need feedback and suggestions from all Closed Beta testers to improve Valiant Force. The current Closed Beta version does not represent the final launch version.

The dev team at XII Braves will be constantly fixing bugs and updating the game app throughout Closed Beta.

Q: What are the system requirements for running Valiant Force?
A: Android OS 4.0.3 or higher, 500MB free space,and 1GB RAM

Q: Will there be a data wipe after Closed Beta?
A: We do not anticipate a data wipe unless a serious bug or technical error occurs. This is extremely unlikely, though possible.

Q: What would happen if there is a data wipe, and I have already spent cash?
A: We will reimburse you with the exact amount of gems you have purchased in the new version of the game. A compensation package will also be provided.

Q: Wouldn't it be unfair if there is no data wipe as players will have a high PVP arena rank?
A: For the PVP Arena ranking, we will have a reset during official launch. The community is also discussing this topic here.

Q: When will Closed Beta end?
A: Closed Beta will end once the invited testers and development team are satisfied with the game version. Please follow the Valiant Force Facebook page for the latest announcements.

Q: How many people were selected for Closed Beta?
A: We are sending out a few hundred random invites daily to fans who have pre-registered and verified their email addresses. For Closed Beta, we are focused on players from the Southeast Asia region.

Q: Are we allowed to take screenshots, record videos, or stream the game online?
A: We are unable to control the sharing of media, but ideally we would like testers to only start sharing screenshots and videos after official launch, when the bugs are all fixed. Please note that the game is currently in Closed Beta, and the aim is to identify possible improvements. We would appreciate if you report the bugs and give us suggestions!

Q: Where can I go to look for the latest game news and updates?
A: The main source of news would be the Valiant Force Facebook page, and we are currently working on having a forum ready for official launch.

Q: I have found a game bug! Where can I file a report?
A: Please visit this forum thread for more details.

Q: When will iOS device players be able to enter the game?
A: We are targeting a joint Android and iOS official launch a few weeks after Closed Beta.

Q: When will the pre-register and other live event gift codes be sent out?
A: We are aiming to send out the claim codes during the first 2 weeks of official launch (currently undated). Please check your email inboxes (and spam folders) for the codes! You will need to claim them on our Claim Website (not in-game), which will go live during official launch.

Q: Where can I give my feedback or suggestions?
A: Please visit the Feedback section over here.

Q: Where can I bind my account to prevent data loss?
A: Please visit this forum guide for more details.

Q: Help! I cannot purchase anything in the game!
A: Please make sure your invited Google Play email account is the default one with payment information (credit card, Google Play credits, etc). If it is not, please add new payment modes to the invited Google Play email account. Those playing using an APK without an invite will also not be able to make purchases.

Q: Help! Certain features are not available!
A: This is an invite-only Closed Beta, hence if you are using an APK to install and play the game, certain functions will not be available.