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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:53 pm

Gonna leave 5☆ in here.
So good, gonna wait for the continuation.
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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:35 pm

thumbs up for good story!

Its a must read everyone. its related to the starting tutorial everyone played :D
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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:34 am

I just learned today that Theia saved Leon haha!

The fanfics here are awesome. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:39 am

Don't do this to me ;_; It's so good and well written

I always wondered about what happened to the guy that's supposed to be Theia's husband because he's never mentioned by anyone, not even Theia?? This story stopped me questioning about it, but I can definitely sense more lethal pain is about to come ;___;

I'm so weak to this. I think I have no patience for next volume o<-<

Dear moderators, don't you think fanwork subforum would be good? haha
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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:22 am

@TwistedFate, @beartroll, @uratex16, @yasakakanako

Thank you all for your kind words! The next chapter is in the works and will be a long one. Will probably be able to post it up later this week!

Stay Tuned! ;)
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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:55 am

Pandemonium Vol 2: The Merchant of Bleakhold

 Volume 2.1: A Mysterious Encounter

Cold wind blows and the sun rays slowly withdraw into the borderless horizon as Arathos welcomes the coming of the new dusk. Battered and sullied from the battle earlier, Asta found himself physically spent and had to support his every step with his magical staff. Although his body was totally worn out, Asta has never been more determined and clear-headed about what he wanted to do.
Upon reaching the edge of the suburbs off Fairwyn Dale, Asta checked out the road sign by the edge which read: “Welcome to Bleakhold”.  Lying beyond the vast plain fields was a vibrant bustling town, situated among lush greeneries against the backdrop of a setting sun. 

Before long, Asta reached the entrance of the town and was in awe at the beautiful medieval infrastructures that populates the garden city. As he looked around the town, Asta was further impressed by the well polished beautiful shiny stone walls that formed the seemingly impregnable border fortress. Finally, he set his sight on a humble looking inn that sits within a circular cluster of shop houses surrounding a magnificent water fountain.

“Let me clean up and rest for the night here. Perhaps I can gather some information about Balthor as well.” Asta thought to himself.
Asta gently pushed the swing door to enter.  He was taken aback by the lively atmosphere within the inn, a stark contrast from its humble external appearances. The air was filled with loud chatter and smelled like a burnt forest. The busy inn was full of rowdy town folks smoking and drinking. Beer jugs were constantly clashing against another as adventurers gave toast to each other while they indulge in their alcohol incessantly.


Triggered by Balthor’s name, Asta paused his footsteps and approached the guardian swiftly.

“Hey you there, do you know where Balthor is?” Asta asked him with great urgency.

“Balthor? Do I know where that monster is hiding? HAHA! You sure know how to joke lad!” the drunken man answered hysterically.

“Mister, I am serious. I need to find Balthor.” Asta announced his intention loudly.

All of a sudden, the noisy inn turned silent and all eyes were focused on Asta with great intensity, as if he just made an inappropriate rude remark. A fat bespectacled man with greasy hair and big belly rose from his seat behind the counter and trotted towards Asta, exuding an unbearable authoritative aura.

“Get out of here you cancerous fiend!! We do not welcome visitors who associate themselves with demons!!” the plump man demanded. Before Asta could continue, the owner of the inn picked up the fragile Asta by his mystic mantle and threw him out.

Asta still puzzled at the unwarranted hostility, straightened himself and turned around hastily to pick up his staff. At this moment, he bumped into a person behind and lost his foothold. Asta fell forward and found himself staring directly into the masked stranger face.

Embarrassed, Asta immediately attempts to support himself up by tightening his fingers to push away from the awkward position. However, what he felt through his finger tips was not the hard surface of the cold granite road he expected. But instead, it felt like freshly mead soft buns but with an otherworldly elastic touch.  Feeling something amiss, Asta glances down at what he was grabbing on to.  

However, before he got a grip on what just happened, he felt a hard tight slap run across his face. As if hit by a massive truck, Asta was thrown off his awkward crouching position, and landed his ass on an adjacent grass spot.

“What just happened ??”

 Asta cussed as he scratched his head and sat himself upright to have good look at the masked stranger under the dim moonlight.

Standing before him was a relatively short figure equipped with a pair of beautifully decorated premium daggers, with long ivory black hair flowing out and down from both sides of the hood. It took Asta a while but the moment he scanned the stranger’s upper torso, he was overwhelmed with extreme embarrassment. 

The masked stranger turns out to be a female shadow adventurer, and a very angry one. Staring down with her hands crossed at the immensely guilty Asta, she broke the awkward silence with her agitated voice.

Masked Stranger: “What do you think you are doing, you pervert!?!”

Asta: “I’m so sorry! It was an accident! I didn’t mean it!!”

Masked Stranger: “You look foreign…What purpose do you have visiting Bleakhold?”

Asta: “I am looking for Balthor.  Do you have any clue where I maybe able to find it?”

In the instant he replied, he regretted slightly as the memory of him being thrown out of the inn remains fresh on his mind.

Much to his surprise, the lady adventurer’s eyebrows switched from an angry frown into a slightly raised position as if she was curious and her pupil sparkled for a second.

“Interesting… To associate yourself with the demons is a taboo on this side of the western plains. But there is one man in town known for his trade dealings with the demons. Seek out the trade merchant from the Marketplace.” the shadow adventurer suggested and patted on his shoulder.

Without another word, the lady adventurer made off in great haste. Asta picked himself up, still slightly puzzled, and went on a search for the mysterious merchant.
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Re: Valiant Force Fan Fiction: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:02 am

Pandemonium Vol 2: The Merchant of Bleakhold

Volume 2.2: He Who Trades with The Devil

When Asta arrived at the marketplace he noticed the night sky was brightened up by the stars scattered above, the shops below were brightly lit like a field of fireflies, together they form a picturesque mirage.  Among the dozens of shops within the marketplace, one stood out with its majestic gold ornaments and neon lights that read “The Merchant of Bleakhold”. Recognizing that as his destination, Asta entered the shop.

Upon entering the extravagant outlet, Asta’s attention immediately turned to the manly figure sitting at the back of the room with his arms wrapped around two female companions.  They were frolicking and flirting in presence of shoppers who were checking out the large collection of weapons, armours and consumables.

Asta scanned the surrounding of the room and recognized some of the items on sale that were strange looking, but yet seemingly rare and powerful. Also lining the walls of the shop were some of the merchant’s prized winnings from his hunts, including the head of a Mutated Boar, hanging above the jumbo table where the man sits.

Asta’s moment was interrupted when the manly figure (now made obvious as the merchant) spoke out loud and addressed a lady healer class adventurer who was about to leave after shopping: “Hey beautiful one, mind if you leave your name to satisfy my curiosity? “

Turned off by the man’s poor attempt to flirt with her, the gorgeous healer expressed her disgust with an expression.

*lowkey side-eye-ing*

Undeterred by her cold reaction, the lustful man reacted.

*wink wink*

The interaction between the two were getting no where and the healer left promptly, leaving Asta as the only customer in the shop.
Slightly irritated by his failure, the man now walks himself towards Asta and addressed him impatiently.

“You new face, what are you looking for? We are closing soon, hurry and make up your mind! "

Asta squinted his eyes at his comment, but kept a rigid face and replied: “My name is Astaroth and I am looking for the merchant of Bleakhold. "

“You are looking for me? I think you are knocking on the wrong door my friend. I am not interested in men.” the merchant responded with a straight face.

“I am in search of Balthor and I was told you may have a lead to his whereabouts.” Asta retorted.

By now, the surprised look on the merchant face is no longer a surprise to Asta.  As if a code word was spoken, the merchant’s smirking face disappeared.
“Leave us.” The merchant ordered the two female companions to leave the room.

“You are an interesting person my friend. My name is Avy. I am the renowned trade merchant who makes deals with the devil.” Avy boasted.

“So who referred you here?” Avy asked.

Asta went on to describe the prior meeting with the masked shadow lady.

“A hot shadow lady you say? I cannot believe myself for not remembering such a fine lady, but sure am I interested to know more… anyway, I do not actually know Balthor. However, I maybe able to bring you to meet his aide tomorrow as I have business dealings with him too. It will however come at a cost…if you know what I mean.”

Asta reached into his pocket and it suddenly dawned on him that he left the capitol in a hurry and did not have any gold on him.

“Let me see...such an expedition request will require a payment of 1 million gold. Thank you very much.” Avy sheepishly quoted Asta an exorbitant price.  
Feeling the immense pressure and potential disappointment of missing his target after getting so close, Asta refused to give up and switched on his quick thinking. The reliable brain spun him a response almost immediately and Asta made Avy an attractive offer he could not refuse.

“There are somethings in life that money can’t buy Avy. Let me setup a meeting between you and the shadow lady. And we call it quits yea?” Asta lied.

Avy’s facial expression changed from a cheeky grin into a solemn serious face.

“We have a deal.” Avy muttered.

“You can rest in our guest bunk here for the night. Tomorrow morning, we shall leave for the meeting venue at half past six. Do not be late. And once we are done, you better arrange the meeting you promised.” Avy uttered those words before leaving Asta behind.

Just as Asta was carrying his belongings to the guest room, he noticed the brief shuffling of the window curtains by the shop front. Brushing it off as the act of the night breeze, Asta dragged his sore and tired body towards his assigned room and crashed on his bed the moment he entered.

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Re: [Fan Fiction] Valiant Force Vol 1 & 2: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:55 am

Pandemonium Vol 2: The Merchant of Bleakhold

Volume 2.3:  Journey to meet The Devil’s Aide 

The break of dawn has always been a grand daily affair for the people of Bleakhold. Beams of light pierce through the dark sky during the sun’s routine journey up the horizon. Darkness slowly retreats from the vast sky into a corner, gradually replaced by radiant shades of azure blue. Asta was absorbing in all the positive energy exuded by the beauty of this natural phenomenon as he trekked around the hills of Bleakhold under Avy’s lead. Deep within him, Asta missed Theia dearly and wished he could share this beautiful moment with her.

“Right now I’m taking you to the highest point of Bleakhold atop that castle . We will then navigate to our destination from there.” Avy shouted across to Asta to keep himself audible as they struggled against the strong howling wind on their journey. Asta look towards the infrastructure Avy was pointing towards. There looming in the distance was the old castle of Bleakhold, obscured slightly by the mist emanating from the forest.

“But where exactly are we heading to now? “Asta screamed at the top of his lungs. 

“No questions, just follow!” Avy then gestured with his fingers zipping his mouth. 

Soon after, they reached the highest point of Bleakhold, a blue pointed roof atop a solid medieval castle. The high altitude made breathing slightly challenging and the surroundings were covered with dense fog. The castle where they set their foot on is a relic from the Great War, now abandoned and covered by wild plants. Before Asta can settle down and take a break by the parapet, he saw Avy positioning himself at the pinnacle.

 Avy stuck his fingers into his mouth and blew a very long whistle call which echoed into the valleys northwest of Bleakhold. In a fraction of a minute, a pair of flying monsters emerged and tore the white puffy clouds apart. They danced around Avy in circles as if greeting him before touching down by his side.

“These monsters are called mecha drakes. They are not necessarily hostile. C’mon! Get on them, we have no time to waste!” Avy exclaimed excitedly. 

Although initially hesitant, Asta mounted the drake and took off into the sky.  The journey in the air was an unforgettable one. With his legs firmly hooked around the drake’s core, Asta spread his arms out wide and felt the ice cold clouds sifting through his finger tips. It was a heavenly climatic experience for Asta whom has never flown in the air prior. He was soon greeted by a wave of hot humid air just as the drakes flew them towards an abandoned minefield. 

Asta and Avy disembarked at a small cave by the side, right in front of a dirty signage showing: “Forlorn Mines”. The mecha drakes flew off and disappeared into the nearby mountains. 
As both Asta and Avy approach the entrance of the cave, a gigantic Earth Elemental loomed before them, fiercely guarding the passageway. At this moment, Avy spontaneously took off the brown rugged cloak that was wrapping around him throughout the entire journey. The cloak flew with the wind, revealing the Avy’s gear beneath. 

Avy was armed with large pearl black revolver laced with golden patterns that shines brightly under the scorching hot sun. It had a purple pointed finish with a sparking red jewel embedded inside. 

“Could that be the famed Sinister Handcannon?” Asta thought to himself.

Slung around Avy’s neck and hanging loosely on his back was a large cowboy hat. Avy’s firm rounded biceps show through the frilly sleeves of his tight top, padded with two steel shoulder armour. Sewn on his chest was a weird looking badge that Asta had never seen before. Without a doubt, Avy was equipped like a Gunslinger of the Ranger Class. 

“Nice gun you got there!!” Asta commented as his eyes was transfixed on Avy’s shiny black revolver. 

Avy looked at Asta as though he made a strange comment and said: “Thanks, but I’ll rather that compliment be coming from a girl…”

Asta was puzzled for a split second. When he finally figured out what Avy meant, he rolled his eyes with great annoyance. 

The moment was interrupted when the Earth Elemental let out a beastly cry as it kept its vision focused on Asta. Feeling threatened, Asta reached for his staff but was held back by Avy. 

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Avy confidently assured him.

Avy stood forward before the monstrous Earth Elemental and proudly showed off his badge. Upon setting its eyes on Avy’s badge, the Earth Elemental turned docile and stepped to the side, opening the pathway to the inside of the mine cave. 

The pair made their way quickly past the monster but Asta could totally feel the Earth Elemental watching his every step carefully. Once inside, Avy looked towards Asta and whispered into his ear: “Let me do the talking.  I will introduce you at the right time.” Without much of a choice, yet with many questions in his mind, Asta agreed and followed behind Avy into the next segment of the mine cave.

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Re: [Fan Fiction] Valiant Force Vol 1 & 2: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:55 am

Pandemonium Vol 2: The Merchant of Bleakhold

Volume 2.4: Uninvited Guests

As they venture deeper into the mines, light from the distant torch burns brightly and the pitch black darkness surrounding them retreated away. Looking ahead, they notice an ominous presence residing in a hollow space. A slim tall figure spotting an ancient gothic style cape was back facing them.  The evil being noticed their presence and turned around, showing its full dark purple vampire form.

“Ah Avy, I see you are finally here. Looks like you brought a companion with you.” the demonic being welcomed both of them but could not seem to keep his eyes off Asta.

“Yes Baron, always ready for business with you…” just as Avy was about to introduce Asta, he was quickly interrupted by Baron.

“Business can wait…but I have been expecting the arrival of your friend.”

Surprised by what Baron said, Avy and Asta eyes sprang wide in great surprise.

“We can sense one of our own… you must be the prophesized one…Astaroth.” Baron grinned.

Inside Asta mind was full of burning questions, but before he could ask any, Baron continued.

“Before Emma disappeared, she left behind fragments of her power.

Within the demonic realm, we were entrusted with the safekeeping of one…with prophetic prowess.

It foretold your coming.

These remnants of Emma, the essence of her power can communicate with each other. You must have realized it by now…” Baron explained.

Avy looked at Asta in disbelief while Asta found what was said highly relatable. Ever since his dreams became more vivid, he could feel a dark force growing yet suppressed within him.

Asta: “I have been passing out very often lately. Could there be a connection to it?”

Baron: “Indeed. The pain you experienced must be the effect of the battle between the holy and dark energy within you...”


Their conversation was interrupted by the loud growling sound of a fallen Earth Elemental. The deafening cry of the defeated monster sent shock waves which rumbled the cave. Rocks fell from the ceiling and created a dust storm.

“Our hideout is compromised!! Prepare your weapons!!” Baron instructed the confused pair.

Shortly after the dust settled and the surrounding stabilized, Asta and company took out their weapons to ready themselves for an attack.
Baron was visually distraught after learning the demise of his minion but he remained composed while scanning the room for any signs of danger or intrusion.
The three of them were standing next to each other with two arms length apart, anticipating the unknown in dead cold silence. All of a sudden, Baron was propelled backward and fell to his knees in deep pain. Demonic green blood was spilling out of his abdomen as he clutches onto a deep slash wound.

“Arghhh...shadow…stealth…” Baron mumbled incoherently as he struggled with his injuries.

Upon learning the nature of their adversaries, both Asta and Avy kept their back against each other to reduce the openings that would have left them defenceless. Asta began enchanting a spell under his breath in preparation against the external hostility while Avy steadied his hand near his holster, readying himself to quick draw on his Sinister Handcannon. 

Without any warning, an invisible lethal force was directed at Avy. He reacted quickly upon noticing the unusual movement of surrounding air particles and managed to narrowly escape the assault. The attack left an indentation on the wall nearby and tore a huge hole by the side of Avy’s top. The initial aggression was seamlessly followed by a rebound lunge from the wall swung rapidly at Asta’s neck. At this critical juncture, Asta spell enchantment was complete and he yelled: “Barrier Shock!!!”

An electric force field exploded from the tip of Asta’s staff in an instant and shielded him from the incoming attack. Asta then immediately expanded the protective barrier to shelter both Avy and the wounded Baron. 

Just as the battle was forced to a stop by the presence of the electric barrier, two mysterious silhouettes appeared before them, one of which seemed oddly familiar to Asta. The tremor earlier created a hole at the top of the cavern where sunlight shone through onto the two figures, revealing their full form.

Standing before them were two female shadow adventurers of extraordinary beauty, one of whom, Asta immediately recognized as the lady he encountered outside the inn.
Although she sported the same equipment and gear, her features were much more pronounced under the warm rays of the sun. Her face was covered with a hazel brown mask lined with gold around the edge, while her beautiful large rounded eyes glistened with a tinge of citrine yellow. She donned an oversized white hood imprinted with fiery red décor over her head and had a large white scarf wrapped around her neck. 

Her body armour was simply jaw dropping.  Armed with light defensive padding around her limbs and hips, her inner wear was designed for mobility and comprised of a two-piece crimson-coloured body suit wrapped with steel chest plate on her front. Beneath it all was a well toned body. Her firm ample chest was squeezed tightly within her undersized chest plate forming a cleavage that runs as deep as the valleys of the eastern mountains of Arathos.

Her brown stockings were so tight, they made her relatively short legs looks as if its infinitely long, only limited by the presence of a pair of golden clawed fighting boots. Overall, she exudes a dangerously mysterious purple aura. There is no doubt that she is a high level Assassin from the Shadow class. 

Positioned slightly behind her was another pretty lady shadow adventurer. Although her equipment looks slightly more rugged and of poorer quality, her large emerald green eyes accompanied by her slender limbs and well defined torso put her in a similar if not slightly lower class of physical beauty as that of her companion.

Her bold strands of scarlet hair were the most distinguishing feature other than the thick endless purple cloth that was wrapped over her body and the long dark sleeves hanging low by her forearm. It was difficult to tell her exact job class in that moment, but it was obvious she came as an aide to the Assassin.  

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Re: [Fan Fiction] Valiant Force Vol 1 & 2: ⛧ψ Pandemonium↺ ψ⛧

Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:55 am

Pandemonium Vol 2: The Merchant of Bleakhold

Volume 2.5: Battle of Revelations

When Asta’s eyes met the female Assassin’s, he blushed momentarily as he recalled the incident outside the inn earlier. Looking over at Avy, he noticed how the usually talkative Ranger is now speechless with his eyes deadlocked with the Assassin’s. Out of nowhere, blood was trickling down Avy’s chin. Surprised at what he saw, Asta alerted Avy.

Asta: “Avy did you get caught in their attack??  You are bleeding!”

Snapped out of his thoughts, Avy stretched his hand towards his face to wipe off the blood and realized he was bleeding from his nostrils.

“No Astaroth… I am currently under attack.” Avy joked cheekily with a grin.

Immensely disturbed by the duo’s lack of situational awareness and their casual reaction to her presence-- instead of cowering in fear and being overwhelmed by panic--- the female Assassin swelled in rage.

Female Assassin: “You perverts!! Don’t you know what is going on??!”

Avy: “Pardon me for my impudence, gorgeous one. 
The rumours are real and I am simply amazed.
The female assassin of the Miyabi Household is indeed a beauty of her own class.”

Female Assassin: “I am Shizu! Do not mention my family name so casually!!”

“Wait a minute…did Avy just call her Shizu?! Shizu the Valiant?!?” Asta thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Baron was slouching off in a corner still immobilized from the injuries incurred from the assault. However unbeknownst to the enemies, Baron was already stealthily nursing his wound with demonic herbs he brought with him and recovering to launch a counter attack.

Right after Avy completed his sentence, he could not help but notice a familiar face beside Shizu.

Avy: “Rin…??  What are you doing here...!?”

Avy’s comment triggered Asta’s memory and he remembered where he saw the other shadow lady. She was one of the women Avy was flirting with when Asta first visited.

Rin: “Avy, all this time I was by your side, you don’t actually think that I’ve been head over heels for you eh?”

Avy went into deep silent thought for a few seconds.

Avy: “I see…I finally got it…”

Asta: “Get what Avy? Just what is going on?!”

Shizu: “We shall be honourable and tell you the truth before your demise. 

We are on a mission to exterminate all potential threats to the capitol.  
That includes demons and people associated with them.
Avy has long been our target, but careful planning is required to use him as a bait to lure out Balthor.
 And as for you, you came at the right time for us to further our plans.”

Asta: “Huh? What do you mean??”
Shizu: “Rin has long began working on Avy, but he has always insisted on travelling alone to meet the devil’s aide.
When I first heard of your plans to find Balthor, I planted tracking magic on your shoulder before directing you to Avy.
Ever since then, I have been watching you from the shadows.
Somehow, you managed to persuade Avy to bring you along.
It was a gamble that paid off.”

Avy: “Wait a minute…so how did the both of you get here?”

Rin: “Mostly by stealth skill? Getting passed the Earth Elemental was easy and bringing it down, far easier.”

As their exchange went on, the electric barrier gradually dissipates into the thin air.

Shizu: “Enough have been said. I overheard your conversation with the demon earlier.  You are too dangerous to be kept alive. For Honour and Glory!!”

Without another word, Shizu drew out her weapon and launched herself towards the duo. This time as the shadow adventurers are not cloaked in invisibility, Asta and Avy were able to see and anticipate their movements and attack patterns.

Responding intuitively, Asta blocked the oncoming attack with his staff as he prepared a spell incantation simultaneously. Rin also kept Avy on his feet dodging as her relentless attacks followed behind Shizu’s in a seamless manner, exhibiting a perfect offensive teamwork.  Asta and Avy were unable to go on the offence as they were overwhelmed by the shadow duo’s melee assault. Just as the shadow duo were about to deliver a defence crushing blow, Asta’s incantation was complete.

Asta: “Obelisks of Gaia!!!!”

Huge walls erupted from the ground and stood firmly erected between the two parties.

Asta: “Avy, we need to keep them at bay. That is the only way we can turn the tide of this battle!”

Shizu: “Nice observation young Rune Magnus, but will you be able to keep us away?”

Avy: “Normally, I would never want to keep the ladies at bay, but for now, you can count on me!”

After getting a good foothold, Avy drew out his Sinister Handcannon from his holster and took aim at Shizu. 

Asta quickly followed up with a simpler spell in bid to restrict the movements of the enemies.

“Scorching Grounds!!”

Almost immediately, the space in front of Asta was set ablaze and the floor quickly turned into hot molten lava. This forced Shizu and Rin to jump into the air, making them vulnerable in that instant.
“Please forgive me ladies...Incendiary Rounds!!!” Avy politely apologized before snapping his finger on the trigger, unleashing a powerful rapid magic bullet from the barrel.

The bullet zoomed past the robust walls and chipped away at its edge before flying directly at Shizu.
Shizu was unfazed and curled herself in a defensive position mid-air as if she was ready to embrace the bullet’s impact. The bullet’s path was instantly redirected and blasted a huge hole in the wall behind her.

Shizu unscathed from the attack, landed on a boulder raised from the ground. Rin on the other hand, bounced on some of the cooler rocks on the ground and positioned herself on the edge of a nearby ledge.

Avy exclaimed in frustration: “No way!!! I may not be a Sharp Shooter, but I never miss my targets!!”

Shizu scoffed at Avy: “Haha! I guess there is always a first for everything!”

Asta: “Avy, she is equipped with a Skill Rune. A Dodge Rune to be specific.”

Shizu: “Wow…now you are beginning to impress me young mystic...not only were you able to cast an invoker spell from a separate skill tree, you managed to decipher the presence of my skill rune…how did such a rare talent remain hidden for so long?

I have changed my mind. We shall capture you alive!! hahaha”

In an instant, the shadow duo vanished from their positions, leaving behind an afterimage.  They circumvent the large walls and the scorching ground by running along the sides of the cavern.

Avy: “Astaroth! Come over and link your Aura with mine. There is no time to waste!!”

Asta was unsure of the effects of Avy’s Aura but there was really no time to hesitate and it seemed like a worthwhile attempt.
Asta conjured his aura as he saw Avy manifesting his. Upon reaching Avy’s side, Asta felt his aura combining with Avy’s, resulting in an instantaneous sparkle, a confirmation of the linkage. Asta felt a warm energy surge through every fiber of his being and immediately could feel a new power arising at his fingertips.

Avy then quick drew his gun from another holster, fulling extending both his elbows and began firing a barrage of magical bullets from his revolvers while Asta planted his magical staff firmly on the ground and conjured fireballs. 

The combined attack was successful in preventing the shadow duo from closing the distance as Avy’s Gunslinger aura increased Asta’s damage per second while Asta’s Rune Magnus aura bestowed Avy’s magic bullets with a Knockback effect.

“This is brilliant Avy!” Asta commented excitedly as he saw how the strategy was successful.

Since the shadow duo can only advance within limited space, they had to deflect all the bullets and fireballs that were coming at them with their swords and daggers instead of dodging them. While the shadow adventurers managed to mitigate damage, they found themselves unable to close the gap due to the sheer volume of ammunition casted coupled with the occasional knockback effect.  

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