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Helplessly in Love

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:24 pm
by pockychama
Author's Note: Since Valentine is coming up, I ought to create one-shot story. I mean, why so serious people? lols
Warning: If you dislike Shonen-ai, please do not continue read (and it's not even close to BL cuz, I'm trying not to show craziness here)
Pairing: Kane x Leon

Valentine is near, to be exact tomorrow! The silver-haired boy looks worried and perplexed while he keep walking back and forward in the same place. The Princess of Arathos shows up at the end of the corridor  with the blonde-ponytail woman besides her as they notice him off-guard. Both of them plan to surprise him and walks slowly towards him. 

"The royal highness, Princess Theia has arrived." said Winry with low-key voice.

As expected, Leon surprised to hear the announcement and bow down immediately, "Apologize my rudeness, Princess. I am not aware with your presence--" He suddenly realized that he isn't at the royal court and look up to see Theia and Winry already hold their laugh, "Seriously, just a second there, I can imagine my head is on the line." 

"Well, if that's the case, you can ask Darrion or my brother to save you." Winry laughs. Leon flinches for a moment when Winry talked about her brother as he suddenly goes silent again. 

As her childhood friend, nothing can escape from Theia's observation skill when she asks Leon about Valentine, "So, has Sir Kane say something for tomorrow?"

Winry stops laughing and look at both of them with poker face while Leon almost yell at the Princess for saying out loud especially in front of Winry. When the blonde heard that, nothing can stop her curiousity to find out what happen between Leon and her brother. She pulls Theia away and begins to interrogate her about what is happening between them while Leon try to pull them away and warn Theia not to spill a word. 

"Okay, if Princess doesn't want to say a word about it, I will make you said it Leon." Winry pulls out a dart on her pocket, "IF, you can win from a dart game. If I lose, I will not bug you about it."

Without a second thought, Leon agrees with her condition not knowing (or actually forget) that she is the sister of Valiant and the best in Archer class. As expected the results show that Winry won three streaks in a row. Winry drags Leon, walks with Theia to the royal gazebo for explanation.

"WHAT? You and my brother are go----" Theia covers her mouth with quick hand before Leon can do so. She continues her words in whisper, "since when?"

Since Leon is too shy to talk about it, Theia explained since the first time they met when Balthor ruined her wedding. Leon looks surprise just like Winry, Theia told them not to underestimate her observant skills. Actually after Leon has been brought back to the kingdom, Kane came over to the royal infirmary to check on him. He looks worried when he saw the wound that Balthor cause on Leon.

"You were unconscious for three-days straight and Sir Kane keep visiting you every night to check on you." Theia finish her story back then.

Winry still look confused because it doesn't make sense and glare at Leon to fill her curiosity out, "Speak Leon. Don't be such a coward!"

Leon doesn't really like to be called coward especially by a women and he glares to her back, "It was back before when I was still under Sir Darrion troops. I am still Knight-in-training while Sir Kane and Darrion are already received their title as Valiants. At first I didn't like him, not a single bits because he always became a hindrance of my training. He kept playing around and always making me look weak in front of Sir Darrion." He stops at a moment and recalled the past when he was a Knight.

--- Two years ago

"Sir Kane, would you stop teasing me?! If you keep doing this, I will report your behaviour to Sir Darrion!" said Leon with fiery tone while Kane still smiling.

"Go tell him, who do you think he would trust? A weak-squire like you or me?"

Triggered by his words, he kicked Kane while he was off-guard, making him fell down and swung his sword next to his head, "Explain to me Kane! Why you always do this? Mocking me in every training! You just want me to look bad not just in front of Sir Darrion but also the King himself! I don't want to keep become Knight! I want to be Valiant just like you guys, I want to be able to protect everyone with my sword! I want to able to protect Theia, I promise her to become a great Valiant!" Leon furiously yelled out his mission and vision, "I want to be able to protect you, Kane!"

That was his actual goal to become Valiant. Ever since Kane risked his eye to save Leon back when he was little, Leon always felt guilty everytime he looked at Kane. The older man let out a sigh, and pushed the youngster head to his chest and pat him, "It's my job to protect, especially you, Leon. Because you are precious to me."

--- Presents

Leon sigh after having flashback. He never understood why Kane said such thing to him. Ever since that day, Leon noticed Kane's gaze everytime they trained, or when Kane smiled to him, the youngster felt his heart fluttered just looking on his charming smile. Until last year, after the Halloween mission, Kane suddenly asked him out which Leon didn't answer until today.

"But you still hasn't answered his feelings, right?" Theia said before Winry asks for more details

Leon shook his head, as the Valiant is so busy lately after the Halloween mission with the snowmen, the beast and now even Lord Chaos is making chaos on Valentine's Day. Overheard by their conversation, Kane shows up behind Leon and places his Wolf accessories on Leon's head, "The conclusion is, Leon is mine. So both of you girls, don't think to hit on him."

The silver-man's face goes red and turn around, almost hit Kane with his bare fist, but what he see, makes him stop doing it. Kane just return from defeating the Elemental Monster at Crystallos with several fresh wounds on his body and also face, he even took off his eye-patch, thou he cannot see with that eye. Kane notices the youngster's concern eyes as he ignores him and reports to Theia about the his mission with Kiera on the snowy forest. 

Leon takes his leave with head down and clenches fists. On his way to the training ground, he keeps thinking that he should be out there, protecting the citizen of Arathos, not just sitting in the palace and having chit-chat with Princess. He was crushed everytime he think of Kane's wounds, especially his eye. 

"Leon?" Darrion's voice, make Leon surprises and bow to his superior. Noticing the concern look from the boy, Darrion figures that Leon has met Kane, "So you've met, your reckless boyfriend."

"He is not my boyfriend, sir" Leon sounds annoyed when he realize what Darrion has just said, "Wait, sir. Just know you just said....." why does he know about it??

Darrion just let out sigh and smile to the boy, "He just cannot stop talking about how much he fond about you and even ask me to become your mentor. Well, technically beg." Leon surprises to hear the statement from his superior. A large hand is placed on Leon's head and Darrion gives his smile, "Don't worry about him, he is tough guy. He won't die just because of few wounds like that." 

Leon hasn't say anything but Darrion looks like he can tell everything from his look only. Before Leon can say anything to him, Kane shows up behind Darrion with several bandage on his wound. He approached both of them and reporting to Darrion that he is ready to go for the mission again which make Leon surprise, "You are still injured, how can you be so reckless and go just like that!" 

Furiously, Leon bows down and left both of them. Not long after, Kane goes after him and grabs his arm to see how angry he is. Kane sighs again and starts explaining to break the ice, "Actually I already told Darrion to give me one-day off duty tomorrow. Just now, I just reported him that if something comes up tomorrow, I would be ready to help the troops, thou I hope that tomorrow everything will be okay, since it's Valentine."

Leon cannot shows his face for the misunderstanding and even yells in front of Darrion. Kane thought, he is very cute when he's sulking like that. Leon still wears the Kane's head piece as he pull both its end to make Leon's face closer to him. Just a second in there, the youngster thought he will kiss him, but then he place his forehead against Leon, and smile, "Let's have a date. I will wait at the Jenny's Tavern at 9 sharp." He gives a peck on the lips and tells him to wear the head piece for tomorrow's date.

Before Kane leaves him, he reminds Leon about his question back before and hope that he will give him the answer on the special day.

"isn't it obvious? Do-do you still need an answer for that?" Leon tries to hide his embarrassment, while Kane looks surprise with his statement but ends up with a big laugh and hugs the youngster to tell him how much he appreciates his answer and also how cute he is.

They both walk off along the royal corridor and completely didn't notice that there are several viewers from afar.

"So I guess, everything goes well for Sir Kane." said Theia while Darrion let out a relieve sigh.

"Whew, at least Kane won't bugging me again about his lovesickness." Darrion shakes his head and remembered how persistent Kane was before after he asked Leon out but no answer from him.

"Am I the only one that doesn't know about both of them and still curious about it?"

While Winry is left behind with her curiosity, Theia just laughs about it and Darrion just leave the girls continue talk about the lovebirds.


Authors' Note:
(*) CONGRATULATION for reading this fiction until the end!
I'm sorry if there is any grammatically mistakes because I was rushed doing this.

TOMORROW IS VALENTINE! so enjoy the chocolates <3  

Re: Helplessly in Love

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:17 pm
by JeForceX
Nice work of fan (service) fiction you have written there!

I was mentally preparing myself for the sweat, abs, and hand strokes.
Fortunately, there arent any haha!

Re: Helplessly in Love

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:18 pm
by pockychama
Nice work of fan (service) fiction you have written there!

I was mentally preparing myself for the sweat, abs, and hand strokes.
Fortunately, there arent any haha!
Told ya, it's not even BL just fluff thing ///
I will get ban if i post that kind lolol

Re: Helplessly in Love

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:55 am
by freydom
Kane x Leon?! *Blushes*
Never thought that might work out until i read your fiction...
Love the interactions between the characters!