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Re: -Updated May 27th- A fanfiction without title (yet)

Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:27 pm

disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. What the author wrote in this story may or may not deviate from the source material. Valiant Force belong to XII Braves as developer, and Funplus as publisher.



Two years are not a short time. But looking back, somehow it did felt short. They say time is but a fleeting concept. I suppose there is some truth in it. Everything seems to be going very fast when we look back. Because it's already in the past no matter what.

When I first met him many years ago, I was just a haughty little girl who did not know the vastness of world. He was first introduced to me as my training partner. I couldn't help but to underestimate him because he was just a short and scrawny boy back then. Even now I still laughed at myself whenever the memory of that day resurfaces on my mind.

Oh, how foolish of me.

That day, I was beaten silly.

But me being me, I continued to challenge him. Again, again, again and again. This is how I am. 'No mountain is too high to climb.' was what my mother taught me and what I've been upholding in my heart ever since I was old enough to understand it.

That evening both of us laid on the ground exhausted, bruised all over, but on my part I felt delighted because I was finally able to land a direct hit on his head.

I do not know if it was because he was exhausted, or that he let me hit him. I was beyond caring at that time. Even up to now I still did not know why or how I was able to hit him back then.

This was how I first met Drake Selbert, and the beginning of our long lasting friendship.

I looked up to the dark sky above, feeling a sudden melancholy. The moon was shining brightly among the stars. My blonde hair fluttered softly under the breeze of night. As expected, the wind at home felt different than the outside.

It was then a voice suddenly called out from behind me.

"Victoria, dear. Are you not going to sleep?"

At this moment I wasn't wearing my armor, leaving just the blue battle gown I usually wear under the steel lacing. Normally I would feel quite uncomfortable without my armor, but it wasn't the case since I, no matter what others say, am at home right now.

And even though there is still a dagger strapped on my thigh in case of trouble, I didn't see any need to draw it right now. I may have if I hadn't recognized the voice that is calling me just now.

I turned toward the source of that voice. She was my mother, the only one, no, one of the few who remained by my side despite this so-called 'curse' I had.

"Is it that late already?"

I smiled.

"Little one, you've been gazing at the moon for a very long time now."

was what she said as she stood beside me. But I knew that what she really meant was actually 'What has been bothering your mind, child?'. So I answered,

"I have been reminiscing. That is all, mother."

"Little Selbert bothers you again?"

I felt myself stiffened slightly for a second. As I'm incapable of hiding anything from my dear mother, I sighed with a drooping shoulder, then confessed.

"I think so, mother. It is just that I am unable to understand why I feel vexed."

And so, I began to tell my mother about how Drake had somehow become close to that red haired priestess Siena Everhart. Do not get me wrong, Siena was a fine girl. Maybe a little on the airheaded side, but still pleasant nonetheless.

Yet I felt a pang in my chest when I saw her sitting there with Drake under the tree  this afternoon. The very same tree I and Drake had spent several times resting there together after our training.

My mother gave a small smile in response to my confession.

"Dear, what do you feel for lord Reinholt?"

she asked.

I gave it a thought for a bit while, before finally answered,

"Admiration, and grateful feeling. He was afterall one of the few that doesn't feel repelled by this curse of mine."

Yes. When the rumour about me being a bad omen spread out, no one seemed to be willing to even look at me. At first, there was only my mother protecting me. Then came Drake who doesn't give a damn about this so called curse. And lastly, there was also lord Kane Reinholt.

"Do you not feel the same for little Selbert?"

she added soon after.

Now that it was mentioned.. I supposed there were indeed some similarity.

My mother smiled as if knowing already that I've found the answer myself. She motioned me to follow her, which I did obediently as well because my curiousity was piqued.

"Among the many, there is one surefire way to win the heart of men."

she said as we arrived at the outer courtyard kitchen.

No one was inside the kitchen at this moment. Not the remainder of the servants, and not certainly any of the adventurer that came alongside the Valiant as reinforcement a few days ago. I began to wonder just how late in the night it was.

I followed closely behind mother, trying to comprehend what she's talking about. She was rummaging the kitchen's supply cabinet for several things like seasoning, ketchup, and some others that I didn't managed to take a glimpse. All those things were later placed on the kitchen table.

"It is through their stomach."

I frowned.

"Can I really win a man's heart by poking a carrot and the likes to their stomach?"

Mother looked at me with an incredulous face.

"I knew it. All those training in swordmanship has made you less a woman than you should be. That's why little Selbert turned his head to someone else."

"I-is it..? Is there a way to remedy it?"

I asked, feeling genuinely worried. While I do have my aspiration to become a great knight that will once again lift the name of Razwell to its former glory, I do also have a wish to be able to enjoy a happy life as a normal woman. How would I know that all my effort to fulfill my aspiration had turned me into something.. less womanly?

"There is also your father to blame, for separating us for a very long time.. but that is the past. Now I, your mother, shall help you my lovely child to regain some of your womanly charm."

mother proudly announced while heroically lifting the pan to the air.

I was swept over by mother's high-spirited vibe and couldn't help but but nod my head in compliance.

"Alright! Let's start out with the vegetable soup."

Mother said as she took a kitchen knife and a carrot.

For the next few hours, mother showed me how to cook simple, but delicious vegetable soup. I tried hard to commit everything into my head what mother had said and done. But in the end, I myself wasn't really sure if I could reproduce the same thing if I were to do it myself. But due to that it was getting late, and I remembered that tomorrow lord Darrion will make an announcement regarding their plan to intercept the demon army, I wasn't able to test myself.

I simply have to tackle it when the chance appear, like how I usually do! that's what I said to myself as I said my goodnight to mother and walked back to the tent provided for the soldier to sleep.


Hello there, Ashenwind is back with the fanfiction without title.

Sorry I've been away from continuing this fanfic for a long while. One reason is because I kinda lost my will to continue. But today I'm trying to rekindle it by writing this intermission. It's my version of Victoria's (seemingly horrible) vegetable soup origin. It's short, i know. But nevertheless I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Expect to see the next chapter within this week. At least I have to do that.

As usual feel free to throw in your thought on this story, and maybe a good title to use.

Good luck to you all, and wish me the same!
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Re: -Updated August 28th- A fanfiction without title (yet)

Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:14 am

disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. What the author wrote in this story may or may not deviate from the source material. Valiant Force belong to XII Braves as developer, and Funplus as publisher.


I was awakened by a sound I'm already quite familiar with: the beeping sound of cardiograph.

'Here I am, in the hospital again..' I thought to myself once I'm lucid enough to think straight.

My body and brain felt like I've been sleeping for days. Maybe it's for the fact. It doesn't happen that often, but it did still happened from time to time.

It seemed like my sickness get the best of me again.

When my brain registered too much of a surprise or heavy mental burden, my breath become short, sharp pain rose in my chest cavity, and if left alone I usually lost consciousness and wouldn't wake up for few days.

Doctor said there is actually nothing wrong with my body. But instead there is something wrong with my head. It seems that I had somekind of a trauma, and it's so severe that it can affect my bodily functions.

It should be fine, isn't it? All I had to do was to be not surprised too much and avoid stressing myself up.

If only it's so easy..

Life was a little rough for me. Avoiding surprises is easy; my life was a bland one, and any surprise coming in my way usually was not enough to trigger my sickness. Avoiding stress, however, was easier said than done. Not when you lived with a single parent, no monetary support from your disappearing dad, and because of the previous reason was forced to maintain a good result in your study program to keep your scholarship.

I tried to live my life on my own term, trying to get my own happiness along the way. I wouldn't say I'm suffering through it, since my life can be considered fine if compared to some other poor soul out there. Still, how hard it is for God to bring me some solace?

But it seems, God merely took His time to grant me what I want.

It started about two months ago.

After a stay on bed two months ago, I begun to have weird dream. A dream where I was someone else, no, where I saw things through someone else' eyes. Curious thing was, the dream was continuous; I'll see it once I fell asleep. It was also interesting to note that the dream was episodic. The dream I had yesterday will be continued by the dream today.

Even now, I think I just had a that dream again. It's vague as usual, but I could still remember most part of it.

She, that person in my dream, was fighting a war against terrifying creatures I've never seen before. Not that the creatures she had fought before were anything normal either, but the enemies this time simply takes the cake.

The me in a real world would've been terrified to death, literally, if I were to meet any of the creature she had fought. The first time it all happened, I thought that I may have died. With all the shock I'd seen so far, I would've ended up in hospital many times over.

Yet I was okay. What I was feeling during the dream, didn't affect my body at all.

After a while I suddenly became able to feel what she was thinking, hear her inner thought, taste what she tasted. As if she and I slowly become one.

And still I remained fine.

It was then I begun to realize that this recurring dream is the 'sanctuary' God had prepared for me. The place where I can finally feel 'alive', without having to worry about anything else.

That aside, how did I ended up on a hospital in the first place?

I remember it was the first day of my new part time work. The owner was the uncle of a classmate-I got the job because of that classmate's recommendation. It was pretty close from school, the uncle was a nice guy, and although a bit old, the shop was tidy and comfy. Felt quite different from any other wall-mart I've ever seen before.

That morning, shop owner uncle gave me a short tour around the establishment. He did so while grumbling over why his niece sent someone else instead of coming personally to help him. He also changed topic very easily, causing me to have a hard time distinguishing the important parts to the trivial ones.

My neglect showed when later that day, at the end of my shift, I met another employee. I didn't pay attention when the shop owner uncle explained about the apron rule. He, that other part-timer, kindly pointed it out for me despite my initial distrusting and rather unfriendly demeanor.

Honestly, I never expected that the shop owner uncle can make such an expression. It was, well, how shall I say it.. if I have to see that kind of face every time I broke the rule, then I'll inevitably be fired one day. It's because I won't be able to hold my laugh.

You see, laughing at your employer's face when he's trying to be serious is always a surefire way to lose your job. Hahaha

Not that I'll ever wish for it to happen anyway.

After that..


The other part-timer had suddenly tripped himself and hit the door headfirst. I was so surprised that I reflexively hopped back and accidentally made the content of the shelf behind me to spill all over me. It was rather a noisy and quite painful experience, since that shelf stored kitchen utensils such as pots, laddle, fyring pan, and the likes. I promptly crouched down in a vetal position while trying to shield my head with my hands.

It was then I begun to feel the symptomp of my sickness. The scene of an unconscious man laying on floor with a small pool of blood around his head didn't help either.

That was the last thing I could remember..

'Back then I was so afraid if something heavy or sharp were to fall upon me.. If only I have her iron-clad composure, I think my life will be so much easier..'

Collecting my thought, I looked around to see if there is a nurse I could call out to. I truly felt the need to find out what has happened while I was out cold. Otherwise, I'd be panicked and then stressed; which I know wouldn't do good for my own well being.


Calm down now..

'As much as I enjoyed that dream, doesn't mean that I can neglect my real life. I can't be losing consciousness again so soon.' I said inside my head.

I tried to empty my mind and slowly regulate my breathing. The fresh oxygen from the tube on my nostril also helped easing my mind. After a while, I could feel the equilibrium returning to my thought.

Then, just as I was able to relax myself...

"Oh, you are awake!"

I slowly turned my head toward the source of that voice. It was a male voice, felt oddly familiar, and there was a trace of relief within his tone. When I finally laid my eyes on the source, I was shocked beyond belief. In the background I could hear the cardiograph beeping sound spiked up.


My 200th post!

Hi, Ashenwind here, back with the new chapter of fanfiction without title (yet).

I was trying to coincide posting this chapter so it become my 200th post that I relented from the discussion I have on another thread. hahahah :lol:

Anyway, sorry it took longer than promised. On this part, we will switch perspective into the new part-timer girl's viewpoint. Can you tell whose eyes she was seeing through during her dream? I guess it's pretty obvious xp

It's not as long as the previous parts; this was done at the behest of a friend who asked me to split the chapters into shorter parts. Well, here you are :)

As usual, feel free to throw me your thought about the work, and maybe a suggestion or two about the title.

Wish you all a good luck today!
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Re: -Updated August 29th- A fanfiction without title (yet)

Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:09 pm

disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. What the author wrote in this story may or may not deviate from the source material. Valiant Force belong to XII Braves as developer, and Funplus as publisher.


I was perplexed. For an instance, I thought I saw that certain man I'd only seen in my dream standing there at the doorway.

The man only stood there. Maybe taking a notice to my shocked expression. He was visibly puzzled as well.

He was that other part-timer I met during my first day of work. The very same man who tripped himself and freaked the hell out of me. One of the reason I ended up here.

Remembering all that kinda sour my mood.

I ended up losing a few days worth of pay, while here he is standing there looking fine in his shirt and trousers. Where did that man laying on the floor while bleeding profusely go?

This made me wonder just how long I've been sleeping..

He lingered there for a bit before walking off, disappearing for while before I saw him again passing by. He seemingly looking for something, or someone. After a while he returned along with a female nurse.

"Oh, you're right! Let me report this to the doctor first. Please stay with her for a bit, alright?"

said the nurse once she was sure I'm really awakened.

He nodded as affirmation, then watched the female nurse leave the room. After that, he turned back to me.

"Well.. I know this meant little, but I'm sorry."

he said while scratching the back of his head. He continued after a short sighing.

"I know it was partly my fault that you ended up here. So, well, I'm sorry."

He became silent after saying that. Probably having nothing else to say. Or maybe searching his mind for something to talk about. As for me, I simply look. Wondering why this particular guy suddenly reminded me of Drake. It was then I noticed the patch of gauze and band-aid in his forehead.

'Drake also got wounded on the forehead wasn't he? It must be some coincidence. His must be originated from when he crashed to the door.' I thought to myself.

"Oh right. Your medical bill, they say Owner has taken responsibility for it. Mine included. Just that he'll cut our wages accordingly until we can repay him back."

he said after a while with a trace of shame on his voice. He paused for short while again before finally continuing, this time with a slightly lighter tone.

"And your mom visited just now. I just returned here from walking her back to the parking lot. In any case she told me to tell you that everything is fine."

"I.. see.."

it was too late to remember that I've not drunk anything at all since I woke up. My voice was cracked and dry.

He quickly took notice and helped me sat up, then offered me a cup of water from the vacuum flask on the table. I recognized the flask as the one my mom usually brought for me when I had to spend my time on hospital. Thus I felt myself even more relaxed when I was sipping the water.

"Thank you.."

I thanked him after I was done downing the water.

"I.. well. Don't mention it."

The two of us was engulfed in silence soon after. Unable to continue the conversation like this simply made me uneasy. And it seemed he also had the same problem. I could tell that he was restless just standing there unable to say anything more.

We were saved by the arrival of the doctor along with the female nurse. He moved away to allow some room for the platinum blond haired and bespectacled male doctor to examine me.

After the previous doctor transferred to different region about a year ago, the young-looking doctor took over the responsibility of foreseeing and supervising my treatments should my sickness kicked in and if I was forced to stay on the hospital one way or another.

With my family barely able to pay the hospital bill, we mostly tried to avoid staying on the hospital at all cost. Yet He never missed the little chance to oversee my treatment on the off-chance I ended up being sent to hospital.

I wasn't really familiar with him since he always keep our relation strictly professional. And so, I never truly knew why he is willing to do so.

Professional courtesy, I guess?

Anyway, as per usual, the diagnose showed me as healthy and simply weakened and slightly dehydrated because of prolonged sleep. I was allowed to go home once I feel strong and fresh enough.

Knowing most of the things has been taken care of, I finally felt relieved. That guy who stood aside earlier was now speaking to the doctor. Probably because he needed to know the result so he could reported back to shop owner uncle and everyone else who needs to be told.

After the doctor left shortly after, the guy and the female nurse seemed to have a short but friendly conversation. They parted way afterward, with the nurse leaving the medical ward while the guy lingered there-probably tailing the nurse with his gaze.

Oddly, even though the relation between them had nothing to do with me, I found myself feeling irritated and envious when I saw the two.

'Just what the hell is going on with me?'
I thought to myself as I sighed.


I dropped myself to my bed.

My own bed, on my own room.

Even if hospital bed was a bit more comfortable, at least I don't have to pay to be able to sleep here.

Earlier today, that part-timer guy ended up staying with me until I felt fine enough to walk and checked out of the hospital. He even paid the cab for me to return home. Even though all of it must be the by-product of his guilt, I still felt warmness in my heart.

On the other hand, the cab driver was shameless guy. Saying the pay was not enough and asked for extra. But after I gave him the deadliest glare I could muster at that time, he relented and drove away. He gave me a douse of his car's exhaust smoke as a parting gift though..

Mom greeted me with a hug and a nice treat of warm soup. It was a nice exchange after the porridge I had as my lunch back at the hospital. The doctor specifically told the cook to give me something easy to digest. While it's good for my body, didn't mean I like it..


That reminded me. Will 'she' be able to cook 'her' mother's soup recipe?

'I guess I'll find out soon..'
I thought before drifting off to sleep.


Chapter 5-2!

I knew the first part was a bit short for my standard of wall of text, but oh well... hahaha..
It'll be Victoria's turn next part.

It should be a bit longer, but.. hmm let's just see when it's finally release.

As usual, feel free to throw me your thought about the story, and maybe a suggestion or two concerning the title. I do have a title in mind, but I guess I'll wait till the story unfold further, or if there is a good suggestion.

Wish me luck, and I shall wish for you as well :
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Re: -Updated August 29th- A fanfiction without title (yet)

Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:51 am

Hey Ashenwind!

Really loving how the plot unfolds! Keep it coming~~! Looking forward to the next one ^^

New characters introduced soon? xD