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Re: Session Time

Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:48 am

2) I think developers should consider building on the heroes's personality and make gamers feel more involved. Honestly, the story now is quite bland and their profiles are so generic, most people really just skip past the conversations. Players also are unable to clearly identify any particular hero's personality and traits and that makes players feel detached and disinterested. 
The game environment is so beautiful and every time if I do plug in and play VF, it does feel like stepping into another fantasy world, which is a great feeling, but then reality soon sets in when certain bland elements took over. Thus, I feel that improvements in the points suggested above will make the experience a more wholesome one, and I really do want to feel like how I am being taken into another world just as if how many of us feel when we enjoy a great anime. I feel VF has alot of potential for that, but the lack of a good story and more variety of music tracks is holding it back.
I agree with most of your other points and will like to agree with this point above as well as expand on it.

Firstly thanks devs for listening and taking in feedback. Good proposed changes but...

(Sorry to be blunt)
You guys seriously need better story writers.

I got attracted to your game by the lore (first loading up the game and seeing/reading that story cutscene, looks perfect and looks like you guys have some deep lore etched out already)

Then come the story quests (which honestly wasn't as good as that initial story) that was still passable...

Then come 6 months of events which mostly do nothing to build that lore (except maybe for one or 2 like the one with Dark Lord but even that felt generic in some way - I mean, are you even going to explain why the dark Lord appeared with miu at the coliseum months from now where people may already have forgotten about that event? ). Most events feels like a Naruto filler (or worse) on repeat. Some random place that probably doesn't even have a spot on your map of Arathos have problems and some random valiant (like Naruto) with some random hero comes in to investigate (save the day).

All the units you've released, would we even see them take some part in the unravelling of the story or are they basically just there to suck our money?

Then this latest patch comes and it's suddenly 4 years later (Naruto Shippuden déjà vu)... Here's hoping that from now, you guys will be able to build a greater story (and lesser fillers)  please.

Sorry to go out of topic here but I totally agree with Frey that your "story"  up until now is really bland and generic
Hi Pat,

Thank you for reading my lengthy post and glad to see another player who shares the same concern for the game. :)

Actually, I have an impulse to expand more upon some of the points you brought out here ( especially a few suggestions on how to improve the plot delivery and how can main characters be made to be more engaging to players). But since the next story campaign would be arriving soon, ( possibly in 2 to 3 months time given how I think they will first release all the summoners) coupled with the fact that since there is no designated thread for it at the moment ( closest being the road map for 2017 under the developer blog section) and it is wont be nice to elaborate more on this thread, I will withhold my full comments for story development until I see the changes they make in the next few patches since there is a plan to include story mode focus every 2 weeks. ( not sure if they meant any plot development in those 1 week long affair) .

Just to keep the comments relatively short, I totally feel what you mean about event plots being filler episodes, for example, we learn that ronan was a chunni, but shortly after there is hardly much follow up on him. The same formula is applied to the vast number of heroes they introduced. As such, the character development on ronan becomes wasted since there is no follow up and that there is no strong impression/presence made. The same can be said of leon and theia. 

For leon, we only know that he trains with darrion. That is most consistent part. But during events like coliseum/ arena, suddenly different valiants can have different job. That feels inconsistent to me and becomes hard to relate or feel attached with. And every valiant feels too generic. They are mostly just high and mighty, without too much of a personality of their own, or at least those arent very memorable. I have suggested some ways to bring and enhance that in a forum event suggestion completion: ... amp#p13333. Or if valiants are given their own soundtrack, even that can make them more memorable and become a recurrent iconic talking point. If the characters backstory are further explored, it will be more meaningful and the fantasy world will feel more real. 

An in game function to revisit cleared story map scenes can also be very helpful to re emphasize the lore so players can review and read any messages between the lines if it was left at any point by the characters.

Lastly, there needs to be a more non-linear plot. Everything seems pretty predictable so far (harmless good ending), follows a typical adventure without hiccups  and it is rather bland. I hope things certainly change for the better. Until I see the changes, I think I shall not get ahead of myself and comment further on their plot development since there are planning in the pipeline.  

Also, my apologies in digressing from the main thread topic. If there are more interests in discussing this topic or further comments on this, we can take it to the roadmap thread. :)

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Re: Session Time

Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:06 pm

THESE ARE AWESOME. Thank you Devs!

How will the daily event stages affect prestige players though? For example on a Monday, I get four gold mine keys on my current prestige level. Am I correct in assuming that I will get equivalent to four runs in a single run as opposed to others havung equivalent to three runs?
Reposting my question. Also any ETA on this awesome update on session time?