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Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:50 pm

-Insert Story Excerpt-

As Leon and Theia continue on their journey across Glenroth, their path ahead was blocked by a sudden appearance of a gigantic Tornado shaped like a dragon. The tornado created a crack where dark spirits emerged before dissipating into the rapid winds. From a distance, the team saw a mysterious figure stepping out of the crack. Holding a fan made with feathers of the mythical crane, a highly intelligent looking individual approached the gang.

“War of the 3 Kingdoms has arrived!”  the mysterious hero proclaimed.

To be continued… (Written by AvocadoMilk. This story is non-canon xD)

-End Story Excerpt-

Fellow Valiants!

A new series of heroes has arrived! The Three Kingdom heroes will be a series of classic heroes from the Asian Historical Fable: Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The Three Kingdom Heroes will debut a new mechanic called Empower. This mechanic will not be the distinguishing feature nor would it be limited to this series of heroes only. Do look out for the interesting new skills possessed by these heroes as well upon their release!

Now, let’s dive in and take a look at this unique new mechanic!

New Mechanic - Empower
Empower mechanic will enhance the Three Kingdom Heroes’ Active Skill for additional amount of stats the hero possesses

Example Scenario
Suppose the Hero has a stat of 16000 MAG (after buffs are applied) and that the skill description reads 100% of skill damage based off MAG from burning ground for 2 turns. Example of a skill being enhanced. Empower: Add an additional 1 turn(s) to Burning Ground for every 8000 MAG this hero has, up to a maximum of 2 turns.

In this case, the hero’s burning ground will last for 4 turns instead. There is a cap to the amount of buffs that can be placed on the hero. If the Hero’s MAG is 30000 instead, the burning ground will still last for a maximum of 4 turns only. (2+2!)

The debutants of the Three Kingdom heroes will showcase the powers of players who just started off and those extremely powerful experienced users who can push the strength of the hero to their limit! We are looking forward to seeing records broken!

Three Kingdoms and Empower FAQ
Q: Are Three Kingdom heroes a new class?
A: No, they do not belong to a new class. There will be Three Kingdom heroes based on current available jobs.

Q: Is the first Three Kingdoms hero a permanent addition to the gems summoning pool?
A: Yes, she will be a permanent addition to the gems summoning pool.

Q: Does active and passive status buff account towards the total stats that the empower mechanic is based off?
A: Yes! The Empower mechanic uses the in combat stats of the hero: This includes total stats of the hero after adding equipments, runes, talents, insignias and other equippable items. Thereafter, buffs in combat will also powerup this mechanic.

Q: Who else will possess this Empower mechanic?
A: It could be attached to any hero in the future! Look out for it ;)
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:14 pm

Hi all! Do note that the numbers displayed are just a sample based on whatever information we received! Let's look forward to the first hero together! :D
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:55 pm

I almost laughed my ass off, but I did not, because there is one super CATCH.

What do you mean this is a chance to showcase the difference between player who just got these heroes and those who can train and build them effectively?
Is the an obvious but undermined Pay To Win model where even Veterans with emiko had already reached a ceiling, and now to introduce heroes who will have IMPROVED (empowered) skill base on thier Boosted stat (which is highly do-able only with 5*~6* Runes, Lv30 Insignia (and the Legacy, Evil Eye), 23 Talent Points-minimum)

Developer, please, you are trying too hard to sell this game. Good Luck with another few months or so into further running this game, I'm just not too optimistic with the whole Roadmap 2018, don't even think IT IS REALISTIC for VF to run that long.
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:10 pm

Sweet looking forward to my fav characters in 3 kingdoms. Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan yu. Etc...

Hmm but 3 kingdoms has so many heroes/characters, would be nice to have more than 1 series.
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:50 pm

Power creeping again? I just hope you balance those empower skills I don't wanna see a repeat of op hero getting nerf.

Serious question, do you have a plan to complete the camelot and fairytale heroes or that's it?
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:56 pm

Camelot and fairytales heroes are combination hero set:

Guardian - Arthur
Mystic - Merlin
Champion - Lancelot
Shadow - Aladdin
Healer - Snow White
Ranger - Red Riding Hood

That's the reason they move to 3 kingdom series directly for this coming Thursday
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:16 pm

Yes sounds like good heroes but they can still empower DL's. Sooo... Cmon let's face it, zoey was okay but cassandra killed the game's "strategy" in its genre.
I mean, cmon? That cassassin is straight cheat. U dont need to raise its atk, just get sure kill with poison and no matter how hard i invested my tanks to get double resilience + 15k def, its still indirectly 1hit KO.
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:43 pm

I'm not sure I like Empower as a game mechanic. Abilities already scale linearly with the stats of the hero, so it doesn't make sense to make the ability scale "better than linearly" in such a fashion, where a hero feels gimped if the hero is just directly under the threshold where it crosses over to the next Empower level.

Basically, its unnecessary, and gives p2w a bigger advantage, unless the maximum threshold is easy to reach (easy to reach meaning, is reachable without a single Talent Point), i.e. No more Empower bonuses after reaching 12k-13k stat points. Based on the example, 10000 and 13000 could be 2 MAG thresholds for +1 and +2 turns of Burning Ground.

If the blog is using unrealistic numbers (since MiloD posted "numbers displayed are just a sample"), then perhaps the blog needs to be rewritten to give more realistic numbers so as not to mislead players.
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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:16 pm

Can't wait to *unintentionally* enhance SDD!

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Re: Three Kingdom New Mechanic

Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:59 pm

But don't forget that this game's title is Valiant Force.
Not Dark Lord Force or Three Kingdom Force or Hex Force.
Valiants should get their revamp 2.0 soon?
They are getting useless as we speak.
And they are supposedly the strongest hero in arathos?


P.s. im joining the memeing