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Awakening Walkthrough

Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:06 pm

Hero Awakening

Awakening Criteria: Heroes may be awakened when they reach the requirement of being at 5★ +2 Training Level, and Max Limit break at Level 40. There are three levels of awakening in total, each of which require greater amounts of awakening materials to unlock.

Awakening Materials: Two types of Materials may be used for awakening. Prismatic and Series Essence.
  1. The Shards for Prismatic Essence may be obtained through the Master Difficulty of the Daily Event ‘Tower of Despair’
  2. Shards for Series Essence may be obtained by transmuting heroes from the same series (Note: Essense Shard Transmute only becomes available when at least one Hero in that series can Awaken).
8th Equipment Slot: Upon Awakening, the 8th Equipment Slot becomes available. The list of items that may be equipped in the slot expands at each level of Awakening.
  1. At Awakening 1: You may equip any additional Head-slot equipment suitable for the hero’s class.
  2. At Awakening 2: You may equip any additional Head or Body slot equipment suitable for the hero’s class
  3. At Awakening 3: You may equip any additional Equipment suitable for the hero’s class, except Insignias. 
The only restriction is that you are unable to equip duplicates of the same item (i.e. No dual-wielding of Ancient Weapons)

Talent point increase: From Awaken 1 to Awaken 3, the Talent point cap will be raised. The cap is raised by 3 each time at Awaken 1 and 2, and by 4 at Awaken 3, for a total increase of 10 points.

Awaken Talents: You may now access Awaken talents from the Talent tab through the ‘View Awaken’ button. At each Awakening Level, you will be able to progress further down this talent tree.
  1. At Awaken 1: You may choose 1 out of 2 available skills.
  2. At Awaken 2: You may choose another 1 out of 2 available skills in another branch and also level up the skill you chose at Awaken 1. 
  3. At Awaken 3: You may choose 1 out of 3 skills, and also level up the skills previously chosen at Awaken 1 and 2. 
At Awaken 3, the skill you choose will overwrite any existing skills of the same category. For example, choosing an on-spawn skill will overwrite any existing on-spawn skills (E.g. On Dark Lords or Heroes from the Camelot Series), and choosing an Active skill will overwrite the hero’s default Active skill.

You will be able to see an overview of all Awakening Bonuses from the Awaken Tree and the Talent Tab.

Level Cap increase: Upon Awakening, the level cap will also be raised progressively.
  1. Awaken 1: Level Limit raised from 40 - 50. 
  2. Awaken 2: Level Limit raised from 50 - 70.
  3. Awaken 3: Level Limit raised from 70 - 100.