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World Boss

Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:52 pm

The uptick in frequency of the appearance of Abyssal Gates (used by Nefariel and his lieutenants) appear to have destabilized the fabric of spacetime, causing rifts to appear without any external interference.

The distortion manifests in the form of a massive Abyssal Rift appearing in the middle of Arathos, a yawning maw ominously hovering near your Garrison.

Where does it lead? Read on to find out more in this developer’s update, bringing you the lowdown on new heroes, a unique new item and the long-awaited World Boss!

World Boss Battles
These massive Abyssal Gates link to a realm far away from Arathos, granting you access to the World Boss. The entire server will take on the World Boss, competing to do as much damage as possible to it before the timer runs out.

The World Boss is immortal and cannot die. But if your combined powers can impress, you may just win yourself its favor.

Q: How do we battle the World Boss?
A: Before fighting the world boss, you will need to set a number of squads in your Contingent, similar to Conquest. Each squad has to contain at least one hero. Unlike Conquest, however, you can still edit squads in your Contingent until your first successful attack with one squad. Thereafter, they will be locked in until the World Boss resets.

Each week, each squad in your contingent will only be able to battle the World Boss once.

A new icon will be available in your Garrison screen that will allow you access the World Boss when the Rift is active. This feature will only be available to players beginning from Level 60.  

Q: What can we expect from the World Boss Battles?
A: Each time you enter the battle against the boss, it begins the battle at Level 1. However, as it takes damage in the course of battle, it levels up and grows stronger. The rewards it yields will also gradually increase with the difficulty!

Aim to deal as much damage as you can before the timer runs out, or before you are overwhelmed.

Q: What Rewards await?
A: The World Boss drops some loot after each battle. The greater the damage you deal the boss, the greater the rewards you receive!

You will also receive a currency called Amethyst, which allows you to purchase new, unique prizes from the mysterious World Boss Trader. Various treasures await you, such as powerful World Boss insignias.

At the end of each schedule, all players will receive additional rewards based on your ranking on the World Boss Ladder.

Take the plunge and bring out the big guns. A literal whole new world awaits you beyond the rift!

New Item: Equipment Replicator
The shifting of spacetime has opened gateways to new and wondrous realms, offering new treasures to aid you in your battles. We’ve discovered an artifact we’ve come to call the ‘Equipment Replicator’. Its function is all in the name!

Equipment Replicators come in different rarity, ranging from  5-7 Stars. They may be used on items of equivalent Rarity or lower, with the exception of Insignias.

These replicators come in two variants: Normal and Perfect.
  • Normal: Creates a near-perfect copy of any equipment it is used on. This will create a new copy of the target equipment in its most basic form, with no upgrade level, suffixes, enhancement progress or limit breaks carried over.
  • Perfect: Creates a flawless copy of any equipment it is used on. Everything is carried over, including upgrade level, suffix, enhancement progress, limit breaks and, most importantly, the base and bonus stats of the target Equipment.
The main difference is that the Perfect Equipment Replicators make a completely identical copy of the item and all its parameters, whereas the normal Equipment Replicators simply reroll a new instance of the target item. This is powerful, other-wordly magic. Use it wisely!

Craftable Recipes Tab
With all the recipes you’ve been hoarding (since they no longer count towards the inventory limit), searching in the Recipe tab may be a chore at times. Here’s a tool to help you out!

The Recipe tab will receive an upgrade that will allow you to search for items that are ‘Craftable’ - this means that you’ve either collected enough shards to form it, or you have all the required reagents in your inventory. You will be able to find this filter in the drop-down menu on the Recipes tab.

New Features Coming

For now, Hero Awakenings take the hot seat as we introduce new mechanics and new levels of power. However, a very special series of heroes will soon descend upon our realm. They have journeyed from beyond time and space to lend you their considerable strength;  powers that rival the greatest of Arathos’ defenders.

Keep playing on to discover the identity of these enigmatic heroes in the coming months. A slew of new updates will also be introduced in the weeks to come, including these heroes and new options for bringing your Equipment to even greater heights.

Stay tuned to find out more, and as always, thank you for your continued support of Valiant Force!