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2019 Sneak Peek

Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:51 pm

Dear Valiants,

We hope you’ve enjoyed 2018 as much as we have! This week, we’ll be rounding off the year with a bang, with a special 2-week event set in Glenroth, the home of the Elves.

In this Dev Blog, we give you an exciting sneak peek into our exciting plans for 2019. A new Raid, an improved Conquest, and brand new Events, Heroes and Awakenings (pssst! Some beloved heroes might just be reaching their fullest potential very soon)!

The 4th Guild Raid

We kick off 2019 with the introduction of the 4th Guild Raid. The raid will bring a brand new experience to the table by returning to the core gameplay of Valiant Force - gameplay strategy. Each Raid boss in Raid 4 possesses their own unique mechanic that will require clever preparation and skillful execution to overcome!

Chronologically, the story picks up from the end of Shattered Bonds, the 2-week event beginning this Thursday (no spoilers!). As the encroaching darkness spreads, even the reclusive Elves have realized that they, too, must attain greater power or risk a repeat of the tragedy that was Old Glenroth.

A long time ago, the great Elven sage Eruvyn split the World Crystal, Heaven's Sun into numerous parts, embedding each fragment within the heart of every High Elf. Through the fragments, the High Elves are able to commune with the will of Eruvyn and access their Celestial Forms.

A year after the battle of Glenroth, the now-reformed Heaven's Sun stirs. The voice of Eruvyn calls out to the High Elves, guiding those who seek his knowledge to the secret chambers of Eruvyn's Shrine. There, they will face his tests, and those who prove worthy shall awaken the ultimate potential of the Elves.

More details of the raid will be coming soon in 2019, along with an overview of these new bosses and their skills, so you can plan ahead!

Raid Rewards: For the brave souls who successfully conquer this newest challenge, look forward to powerful Vanities specifically for Elves, Dark Disciples and Dark Lords!

Conquest Season 2

Throughout the most recent season of fierce Conquest Battles, we have been collecting valuable feedback from players on its mechanics, rewards and how best to streamline the game mode. In 2019, we’ve taken the best of these suggestions and further improved the Conquest experience! Here are just a couple of changes we can expect to see when Conquest Season 2 begins:

New Wardens: As the game continues to evolve, you’ve raised your concerns that the existing Wardens may have become too easy to get through. Never fear! Season 2 of Conquest will bring improved Wardens that will each require specially geared teams if you expect to take them down as easily. Expect Wardens only weak to Magic damage, among other surprises!

That’s not all - you will now have a selection of Wardens to choose from. Guilds can purchase only the Wardens which best complement their defense, or those you feel will give your enemies the toughest challenge.

Rewards Changed: There will be a few changes made to the rewards system in Conquest. Currently, Guilds are more content to rush the Castle node of enemies to see how many times they can overrun it, rather than contest territory. 

The rewards for Conquest will be rebalanced overall to better balance the new Conquest environment, as we return the game mode to its roots. Stay tuned to find out what these changes are!

Important: Please note that Conquest will be taken offline for the time being as these improvements are added. Please await a future announcement for the return of the improved Conquest!

More Changes coming to Valiant Force:

This year, we’ll be introducing a fresh slew of new events and mechanics for both veterans and new players alike! The heroes of the light must become even more powerful to contain the spreading Darkness. A new level beyond Master difficulty, Nightmare difficulty will be arriving soon. Only the strongest teams in Arathos stand a chance against these tough foes, but the rewards are well worth it.
  • A New Mythic Legend will also make an appearance soon. Who will it be…? (You’ve probably guessed, but let's pretend you haven’t, so it remains a surprise).
  • The Frost Dragon will also be making a return with a new mechanic - an additional 4th Squad, granting an opportunity to obtain a 4th set of rewards. The Accursed Phoenix will still require only 3 Squads. 
  • Finally, a feature to honor the desire of many players: Awakened Heroes’ Rebirth - a means to change the job path of Awakened Heroes will be released in the near future. No more agonizing over duplicates! 
Buckle in, Valiants! This 2019, we’re going to be in for a wild ride!

(Note: Translated versions of this Dev Blog will be uploaded shortly!)