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The Fourth Raid Dungeon: Memorial To Glenroth

Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:53 pm

Dear Valiants,

We hope you’ve enjoyed the limited- time event ‘Shattered Bonds’! Coming right up - after the destruction caused by Dark Lord Cassandra that left Terra Watch in ruins, our Elves seek the power to launch a decisive counterattack.

Led by Emilia, they visit the Shrine of Eruvyn - the great Elven sage who split the World Crystal, Heaven’s Sun - to undergo a trial unlike any other.

The Fourth Raid Dungeon: Memorial To Glenroth is almost here! This three-part raid tests your ingenuity and the flexibility of your hero roster! To enter, players must be at least level 70, with a minimum guild level of 15. You also need to complete at least Act 5, Mission 30 in story mode on Legendary difficulty.

The Raid bosses in the 4th Guild raid take on the form of the Elves. They possess similar abilities as their real-world counterparts, but greatly strengthened by the potential of the World Crystal. Each of them may also possess abilities from both available job paths.


At the Gilded Steps, the entrance to the Dungeon, you will encounter entities of pure light which take the shape of Emilia, Altima, and Taegen.

  • Boss: Emilia
  • Supporters: Altima and Taegen

This battle is tricky - although the enemies do not hit particularly hard, the challenge of this fight is to prevent the boss from healing off all the damage that her squad sustains. Due to Emilia’s celestial healing powers, the more damage you deal to her, the more potent her heals become.

Though weak to start with, you should also be careful of the ATK Buffs from Emilia’s On-spawn effect and Taegen’s self-buff upon entering celestial form.

Tips: These enemies have great resistance to Toxin, so avoid using this effect! You will find that  Heal reduction effects work a lot better. Skill Delay and Remove Buff are also possible against them.  

There are three things to note for this boss:
  • Emilia cannot heal beyond the current HP she had when you first enter the raid. This means that if you enter the raid when she has 100 million HP remaining, and cause her to heal 200 million, her current HP will still remain as 100 million HP for all other players.
  • Emilia’s healing does not affect damage dealt for the purpose of leaderboard scoring. For example, if you deal 50 million damage and she heals back 100 million HP, your recorded score will still be 50 million damage.
  • Heals are balanced and scale according to stats: This means that Emilia’s heals are stronger on Master difficulty, and weaker on Heroic difficulty. 


At the Mosaic Hall, eidolons of light manifest in the forms of Rhea, Tess and Raegar.

  • Boss: Rhea
  • Supporters: Tess and Raegar

Although you no longer have to contend with the threat of heals, you may find dealing damage to be quite a challenge, as Rhea is guarded by shields that effectively soak up incoming damage. Beyond that, you’ll have to guard your team carefully for two turns until Raegar’s undispellable Blind wears off your squad.

In their celestial forms, Raegar and Tess both possess a multitude of effects that will impede your efforts to deal damage to Rhea. They could Silence your active skills, inflict Frozen or even nasty terrain effects.

Tips: HP Burn effects may be useful for piercing Shields, though it may not be the best solution. If you wanted to properly set up an attack on Rhea, you should aim to take out her supporters first. Bringing an ample supply of cleanse potions just in case, but beware - dealing lots of damage to Raegar and Tess will also trigger their damage counter effects!


And finally, at the Altar of the Sun, the imposing visage of Eruvyn awaits you. The power of a Crystal Bearer is nothing to scoff at:

  • Boss: Eruvyn
  • Supporters: Eruvyn (Corrupted) and Eruvyn (Celestial)

Light and Dark are but two halves of the same whole, and Eruvyn in all his wisdom can expertly wield both. At the start of Battle, he summons two clones of himself. Eruvyn will summon additional clones every 3rd and 4th Turn, quickly overwhelming any underprepared team.

Eruvyn (Celestial): A more defensively oriented clone that will cast heals while attacking. The light clones can cleanse negative effects and reduce skill cooldowns of his squad. When Eruvyn Summons the light clone, he removes all buffs from your squad.

Eruvyn (Corrupted): The more offensive of the clones, the Dark clone will reduce your Max HP while attacking, disorienting your squad by removing buffs and increasing skill cooldowns. When Eruvyn summons the dark clone, he boosts all his stats by 30% and heals himself in the process.

Tips: The clones possess tricky skills of their own, and should be taken out as quickly as possible, for the battle gets that much harder if you allow multiple sets of clones to exist at once.

The main body may not be a major threat on his own, but he gets stronger as more damage is dealt to him. Skill Delay seems like the most intuitive way to deal with him, but be warned - Eruvyn is greatly resistant to Skill Delay effects. Heal Reduction effects will work well on him, just as with Emilia.


Each completion chest from defeating a Raid 4 boss on Heroic and Legendary difficulty will contain large sums of gold and Raid 4 Tokens (Used to redeem rewards from the Raid 4 Merchant).

On Master Difficulty,defeating the bosses will also drop Replicator Ticket Shards, which can be formed to get to obtain Replicator Tickets, potentially rewarding you with 6* and 7* Equipment Replicators!

Raid 4 Tokens can be used at the Merchant to redeem Vanities for Elves, Dark Disciples and Dark Lords.


General tips: Rather than a sharp increase in difficulty, Raid 4 is designed to be an engaging experience for most guilds, even those of average power. The challenge lies not in survival, but in dealing damage to the bosses.

Each stage is designed to significantly disrupt the flow of DPS, so a stock of cleanse potions is absolutely crucial. While a neverending barrage of triggers may have been sufficient for previous raid bosses, you will find that Trigger Break effects in each stage prevent the same strategy from being efficiently used. All Bosses are also immune to lifesteal effects.

It is important to note that each of the Bosses from all three stages possesses the same Level-Up mechanic as the World Bosses, meaning that the more damage you deal to them, the stronger they become. This provides a smooth curve that allows players of any level to participate!

We highly recommend taking some time to thoroughly inspect the skills on each enemy in battle before attempting a full damage run, as they may carry some surprising effects that have not been detailed in this overview.

Lastly, in order to make the Fourth guild raid more accessible to all guilds, the raid requirements for all guild raids will be revised. Do inform your guilds to check if they are able to access Raid 3 and above once this change has been made.

Its time to gear up, Valiants, for the Memorial to Glenroth awaits you in the first update of 2019!