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Conquest Update

Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:00 pm

Dear Valiants,
In the ever-shifting battlefield of Conquest, one must always stay several steps ahead to achieve victory. The same strategies will not work forever, and with the latest changes coming to Season 2 of Conquest, you now have many more strategies to choose from! 

The majority of feedback regarding Conquest has centered around the Wardens, who were becoming easily overpowered in the current Conquest environment. We’ve received wonderful suggestions for how to revamp them, and have drawn on some of the best ideas in their redesign. At the same time, we’re also taken into consideration rewards deployment, tuning it to be more focused on Conquest, paving a smoother route towards obtaining your Conquest Equipment sets (especially for newer players!).

Conquest Wardens
The Conquest Wardens have undergone an evolution of their own in order to fulfill their obligations as frontline guardians for your guild! Some wardens have changed, and new ones have been added.

Iron Golem:The Iron Golem has received a boost to its HP to ensure that it lasts longer on the field. Its skills remain unchanged.

Lord Chaos: The electrifying elemental Lord Chaos is highly resistant to his own element, meaning that Chain lightning (and most attached HP Burn effects) don’t faze him much. While he also possesses the ability to lower the stats of your squad, he should not pose a great challenge to seasoned Guilds who coordinate their efforts.

Fire Overseer: Now equipped with the ability to remove buffs, Heroes with attack buffs that cannot be dispelled will prove valuable against it. The old adage ‘fight fire with fire’ works well here, as buff removal effects are effective against his HP shield. He does resist it fairly well, but it may be more effective than attempting to break the shield!

Frost Dragon: The battles raging all around the Frost Dragon have finally roused the sleeping giant. This Master-level warden is immune to physical damage. It is designed such that pure magic squads will deal the most damage to it, over auxiliary effects such as HP burn.

To aid teams in the fight against the Frost Dragon, an Imbue effect is applied to the Squad upon entry, providing bonus damage to spellcaster squads. You will find that units such as Awakened Lucille and Teresa with her Ancient Weapon are great picks for this battle due to their heals and MAG boosts.

The Frost Dragon may be a powerful foe that can freeze, apply Skill Delay and reduce the trigger chances of Auras, but its key weakness is that it has 0 MAG, so all spells will deal full damage against it!

Castle Guardian: Castle Guardians, as the last line of defense for guilds, have also been buffed to ensure that they can hold the fort while your guild battles on the front lines.

The Left Arm reduces the ATK of your heroes and deals damage based on your DEF.
The Right Arm reduces the DEF of your heroes and deals damage based on your ATK.

The Guardian has a chance of cleansing all of its parts and removing buffs from your squad when attacking. It is no slouch on the defensive front either, as dealing too much damage within a single turn will cause him to put up a shield that heals 25% of all incoming damage.

Node Scoring
At its core, Conquest is a battle for territory, and the point distribution has been adjusted to better reflect this.

Normal sub-nodes will now provide 20 points (increased from 10) at the end of each invasion phase.
Key nodes (outposts) will now provide 30 points (increased from 10). These increases affect the base points, without counting the multipliers from the second and third invasion phases.

Make use of the multipliers to stage your comebacks!

Castle Overrun Rewards
To help players better achieve their Conquest sets, the rewards for each castle overrun will now be adjusted to 2 million Gold, 125 gems and 2 Perfect Diamonds.

Other than these additions to Conquest, under the hood, we’ve also made a few small tweaks - For instance, matchups will now be done in smaller brackets, increasing the likelihood that your guild will be matched up against guilds of approximately equal strength. (Winrate is still the greatest factor in determining matchups, so the rankings will still take some time to properly settle).

Also, all guilds who have purchased the old Conquest Wardens before this season will have your war funds refunded before Conquest Season 2 begins.

These changes will take place from the next Conquest season beginning next Tuesday, 22nd January (Do refer to the in-game countdown), so remember to properly allocate your roles within your guild, and set your new squads before then. Proper planning and coordination are about to become more important than ever before. Sound the horns of battle!