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Hero Mechanics and FAQ

Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:57 pm

Dear Valiants,

Unsure of the specialties of each hero series? Not sure which series you enjoy the most? Fret not, the MiloD is here to give you an introduction to the various series available in game and answer some frequently asked questions and common misconceptions!

Summoners are heroes who are able to call out a pet to support them in battle. Summoning a pet consumes the summoner’s move. The Pet will take up one battle grid. Summoners have different summon ranges.

Q: When facing a summoner in the arena, why does it seem like they have more turns than me?
A: Summoning a pet creates a new card that is placed on the battlefield. Thus, pets have a separate action point which is not shared between them and the summoner. For example, having 2 summoners both summoning pets will result in the summoning team having 7 turns in one Arena Cycle rather than the usual 5.

Q: Does this mean that summoning additional pets will allow my heroes’ skills to cool down quicker?
A: On the contrary, even though the pets may net you additional turns in an arena cycle, they will not be able to reduce the cooldown of your heroes on the field. This means that moving a pet instead of a regular hero will not have any effect on the team’s cooldown cycle.

Q: How much is a pet worth on the arena?
A: A pet is worth 5 points in the arena! Killing them will net you these extra points. Resummon-ed pets will still also be worth 5 points per kill

Q: If I sacrifice my pet, does the opposing team get these 5 points?
A: Yes, sacrificing your pet is equivalent to killing the pet off the battlefield. Your opponents will gain 5 points for each pet sacrificed. Be careful!

Q: Can my pets gain points while standing on the Arena centre tiles?
A: Yes! Pets are able to gain the same number of points as a hero while standing on the Arena’s Centre tiles!

Q: How many pets can be summoned on each player's side during battle?
A: Each side can only have 3 pets summoned at any time! If a 4th pet is summoned, the first pet summoned will be replaced and points will be added to the opposing team!

Elves are heroes whose unique ability is a skill called “Celestial Form”. When elves enter Celestial Form, they lose their active skills and gain on-attack abilities. The ability effects occur when the elves launch an attack in this form. At the same time, all buffs and debuffs that were attached to the pre-celestial form card gets cleansed and removed! Thereafter, elves gain a new mechanic called “action points” instead of regular turn counting. Let’s study these mechanics a little more!

Q: What are action points?
A: Action points are instances when the player controlling the hero clicks and drags the hero to perform an action (hence action point!). This means that dragging your hero icon more than once within the SAME turn will consume its action points. For example, if you are able to refresh the Elf more than once while in Celestial Form, the Elf can finish its Celestial Form duration within the same turn due to it consuming the stated number of action points.

Q: Does Triggering my hero consume its action points?
A: Triggering an elf while in Celestial form DOES NOT consume its action points. That’s what makes this class so fabulous! Action points will only be consumed when the Elf itself decides to make an action!

Q: How about defending? Does defending consume action points?
A: Yes it does! Defending is an action that the Elf “decides to make”, thus it will consume the action points of the Elf if you click the Defend button in Arena or End Turn button in PvE!

Q: What happens to my buffs after I enter Celestial Form?
A: As mentioned earlier, existing buffs placed on the hero will automatically be removed. This applies for debuffs as well! This is due to the original Elf card changing into its Celestial Form card. It automatically removes all buffs and debuffs as it is a brand new card!

Q: Why doesn’t my Rhea Gladiator trigger Tess Grand Ranger’s aura when she enters Celestial Form? That’s a bug!
A: This is not a bug! Contrary to popular belief, that’s actually a set limitation placed on the Elves series! Earlier, we talked about card changing. When Elves enter Celestial Form, they are changing from one card to another (1. Pre-Celestial Form and 2. Celestial Form). This means that when Rhea Gladiator enters Celestial Form, the card that is “triggered” is actually the original non-ranged card. However, as the card no longer exists (because it switches to the ranged version), no trigger effect occurs on the battleground! This limitation is present in all elves and not unique to Rhea Gladiator

Q: Rhea Dragoon is able to trigger her passive twice even though her HP has already fallen below 50%! How!?
A: As with the situation above, this limitation is also a blessing for certain heroes. When you trigger Rhea Dragoon or Tess Royal Huntsman’s aura, you are triggering the passive aura for the original card. However, the Celestial Form version’s aura has yet to be triggered, thus you are able to cause the passives to occur again even without raising the HP back above the stipulated %! Interestingly, if you are somehow able to switch back and forth for the original and Celestial Form versions, the aura trigger for these heroes can activate continuously!

Of course, healing up above 50% will also allow the trigger effect to occur again! However, healing potions will not work on any auras, so you are required to heal via a hero’s skill or lifesteal via a rune or a passive skill.

Q: My Rhea Gladiator is unable to benefit from Talent Tree’s Weapon Mastery! Why?
A: Rhea Gladiator’s Celestial Form is unique as it transforms her into a single target Ranged attacker! This allows her to attack enemies from a distance. However, due to the targeting system, there’s NO splash/cleave damage attached to the Celestial Form’s attack type, and hence there is no additional bonus from Talent Tree’s Weapon Mastery. However, this mastery will still work for Rhea Gladiator’s original card. Other heroes such as Altima Holy Defender also do not benefit from the splash aspect of their Weapon Mastery but she still benefits from the increased damage on the primary target!

Camelot heroes are heroes with unique on-spawn abilities. Unlike Dark Lords who have a 100% chance of succeeding with their on-spawn abilities, Camelot heroes have a non-guaranteed chance for their on-spawn abilities to work. 

Q: On-Spawns are cool, but why do they not work when we enter the second wave of event missions?
A: This is due to the heroes not actually spawning again. The Camelot heroes who enter the second wave have already spawned once and thus their on-spawn abilities will not work. However, their active skills should be up soon so get ready to attack!

Q: What about allies? If my allies come in on wave 2, do their on-spawn abilities work?
A: Yes they do! This is because your ally has “spawned” for the first time!

Q: Can On-Spawns be resisted?
A: Yes they can! On-Spawn skills are a type of skill which can cast effects on the enemy. If the enemy possess resilience rune/resilience gear/resistance talent, they might be able to resist the effects of the On-Spawn Skill. However, if the On-Spawn skill is cast on the Hero itself, then the enemy will be unable to stop the skill effects.

Q: Will there be more Camelot Heroes released?
A: Look out for them! Family and friends of Arthur are coming!

Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale heroes are a family of heroes who sync extremely well with each other! Having a unique ability known as Hex Stacker, they are able to cooperate with one another to dish out heavy magical damage! There may be a new type of stacker on the way for the remaining Fairy Tale Heroes that have yet to be released!

Q: I see that Hex Stacker describes the damage dealt as 30000 magical damage, but I am always dealing less than that! Why is this happening?
A: 30000 Magical Damage from Hex Stack will still be mitigated via the enemy’s DEF and MAG stat! Since mitigation occurs, you will not deal the full extent of the damage unless the target enemy’s DEF and MAG stat are both 0.

Q: Can my Aladdin Ninja’s Hex Stack combo with Aladdin Assassin?
A: Yes it will work! The entire first half of the Fairy Tale Series will be able to coordinate with one another should their active and passives contain the line regarding Hex Stack!

Q: Monsters in PvE have a much lower MAG rating than Heroes in Arena yet I still deal equally low damage to them! Why is this happening?
A: Monsters have different MAG rating calculations as compared to PvP heroes. This means that their MAG resistance is much higher even at a lower number.

Q: Will Hex Stack’s duration end? It’s been 5 turns and I’m still afflicted with the debuff!
A: No, Hex stack will not end unless the criteria of the required hexes are reached!

Q: Can Hex Stack be cleansed?
A: No, Hex Stack cannot be cleansed if you are inflicted by it. Stay alive by stopping them from hexing you.

Q: Can Hex Stack be resisted in PvE and PvP?
A: Yes, Hex Stack can be resisted by Monsters who have base resistance or hex-specific resistance. On the other hand, heroes can only resist Hex if they have resilience runes or resilience equipment.

Q: My Red Riding Hood Gunslinger won’t apply hex on the next target after killing it off! The Hex display counter keeps appearing on the dead unit’s position! Bug or not?
A: There is a system in place where the Hex Stack does not carry over to the next target, but rather remains only on the initial primary target. This is to prevent Hex Stack from being too overwhelming as it could rain down extraordinary damage on multiple targets from a regular attack.

Q: My Aladdin Ninja/Assassin hits multiple targets, but only stacks on one target! This must be a bug! Why is it not applying to all targets hit?
A: As with Red Riding Hood, Hex Stack only applies on the primary target which you attack.

Q: Amazing! Will there be more Fairy Tale Heroes? I would like to make a full team of Hex Stackers!
A: There will definitely be more Fairy Tale Heroes! However, the details of what kind of Stacker they possess have yet to be confirmed! Look out for the next 3!

Three Kingdoms
The heroes from the Three Kingdoms debuted the intriguing Empower mechanic, which boosts the effects of the active skills such as increasing damage output or increased duration (among others)! However, these heroes are not the only heroes to possess the Empower mechanic and selected heroes in the future will also have these mechanics attached to them.

Q: Empower seems really cool! How is the value of the Hero’s main stat calculated? In battle or pre-battle?
A: The effects of Empower are triggered IN battle rather than PRE battle. This means that any buffs received by the hero, be it from Strike/Shield/Mystic Tower, Conquest Towers in Conquest or active skills from allies which buff these heroes’ stat will power up their active skills.

Q: How does Zhuge Liang’s Torment work?
A: Zhuge Liang’s Torment is exceptionally special! After casting it, it silences an enemy immediately, then jumps to an enemy by the start of their turn. This allows you to silence up to two units within one cast!

Q: Can I have multiple Torments on the battlefield? Does the effect stack from separate Torments?
A: Yes! With a low cooldown of 3, Zhuge Liang is able to cast Torment again even if the Empowered Torment still remains on the battlefield. However, Torment from Zhuge Liang will not stack additively and will only refresh the post effect of silence!

Q: Does Guan Yu’s Onslaught trigger Double Strike or Critical?
A: NO! Guan Yu’s Onslaught is an active skill which is not capable of triggering Double Strike or Criticals. However, attacks from Onslaught can still trigger normal regular auras such as “When This Hero attacks, When allies in aura attack…”

Q: My Lu Bu died even though his passive is supposed to trigger Last Stand! Why?
A: This is due to the attack killing Lu Bu in one hit before the trigger even begins! The trigger however, will still occur for allies in his aura.

Q: My Lu Bu Berserker’s aura only triggered once! I used healing pots and the aura did not trigger again! This is a bug!
A: This is NOT a bug! Healing from potions do not refresh or trigger auras. This include auras such as When allies in aura gets healed, when this hero gets healed… Lu Bu’s aura is no exception!

A huge shoutout to our community for asking these questions! We will be updating the FAQ with more pointers as the game rolls along! Cheers!