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Patch Notes 29.11

Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:56 pm

This week, Jenny has… um… ‘procured’ another stash of treasure maps. You know what this means - get ready for a wild hunt with the Mistress of Getting Lost! 

New Features
  • Story Legends Emiko joins the fray! 
  • Three Kingdoms Ancient Weapons, Part 2!
New Heroe(s)
New Hero: Story Legends Emiko (Ranger)
Gunslinger: Possesses rare guns with the ability to call forth lightning with each shot, inspiring allies to attack while directly burning the health of enemies.

  • Summon rates increased for Valiants Lucille and Kane. 
  • Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Champion Heroes. 
  • Story Legends Emiko is now available in the Story Legends Selector found in the Grand Bazaar. 
The following Ancient Weapons have been added to the Premium Equipment summon and the 6★ Ancient Weapon Selector: 
  • Zhao Yun’s True Viridian Steel Blade
  • Diao Chan’s True Sable Wand
  • Huang Zhong’s True Solarvore
New Monthly Calendar “December Delights”, Beginning on 1st December. Login daily to receive all rewards!

Limited Time Event (29th November to 6th December)
All these treasure maps have to lead -somewhere-! Jenny is optimistic that following the trail of these musty old maps will eventually lead you to riches beyond measure. Humor her and follow her to see what you dig up!  

Defeat the guardian of the Unity Altar to gain access to all the Event Mission nodes. Treasure hunt nodes come in 4 different difficulties, from Normal to Master, with better drop rates for higher difficulties.
Event Enemies will drop a range of special items, including:
  • Lost Map Fragments
  • Beach Blaster 5000 Set Equipment
  • Tyrant Set Equipment
  • Magic Keys
  • Cocktail ingredients
  • Jenny’s Carnival Coins
  • Grand Bazaar Medals
Beach Unity Altar
No Beach party is complete without some chic cocktails. Gather ingredients and head to the Unity Altar to craft some special cocktails to use in battle!
Collect Emiko’s vouchers and redeem some extremely valuable rewards such as a Grand Fairy of Wisdom, a 6★ Stat Rune Selector or even a 6★ Behemoth Jailer.

Jenny’s Carnival
Jenny’s Carnival arrives in town yet again! Help retrieve Jenny’s Carnival Coins by playing Event Missions and earn yourself some rewarding spins!

Equipment Enhancement Wheel: Contains varying amounts of equipment enhancement materials.
  • Equipment Wheel: Contains a variety of valuable weapon tickets and shards.
  • Gold Wheel: Contains varying amounts of Gold.
The Lost Map Event will be returning! Collect Lost Map fragments in the Event Missions to discover a way into the Fortune, Guardian, Champion, Shadow, Mystic, Healer and Ranger Maps.

  • Friend Points Bonus Up from 29th November (After Maintenance) to 6th December (After Event) (GMT +8)
  • Ally Stat Bonus Up from 29th November (After Maintenance) to 6th December (After Event) (GMT +8)
The limited-time event “Dark Throne” has ended.

Bug Fixes/Changes
  • Queen’s Egg has been updated - Zoey and Cassandra shards have been replaced with Odessa and Corrupted Kane shards, and a “Dark Lord Shards” Selector.
  • Fixed an issue where Equipment did not display particle effects when enhanced past +30. 
  • Made minor corrections to the text of Zhuge Liang’s True Crane Fan to better reflect its effects.