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Patch Notes 31/1

Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:02 am

The Lunar New Year celebrations are upon us! Join the heroes of the Three Kingdoms as they race against time to save the festival from an otherworldly threat!
After a long hiatus, Paragon Leon and Apostle Theia rejoin the battle for Arathos with a whole new arsenal of powers at their disposal. Where do these new abilities stem from? Find out more in the limited time event “Fates of the Brave”!

New Features
  • A new limited-time event “Fates of the Brave” - Save the New Year Celebrations!
  • Power to the Protagonists: Awakened Leon and Theia!
  • Theia’s Ancient Weapon arrives!
  • New Legacy Armor sets arrive!
Leon and Theia Awakening
After a period of extended absence, Paragon Leon and Apostle Theia have suddenly resurfaced in a time of great peril, mysteriously imbued with the essence of the Blue World Crystal. This World Crystal governs the aspect of the Soul, and you will need to collect fragments of Leon and Theia’s souls to raise them to their maximum potential!
3-5★ Leon and Theia can now be transmuted to Leon Soul Essence Shards and Theia Soul Essence Shards respectively. Use these in tandem with Prismatic Essence shards to raise Leon and Theia to their maximum potential!
Through the power of the World Crystal, Leon and Theia’s auras have also been upgraded (Refer to the aura rebalancing section)!

(Update!) Improvements
1. Conquest: Final Rewards of Conquest and Castle Overrun rewards will be increased from the next season.
New Final Rewards:
1st Place: 15 Perfect Diamonds, 1 Million Gold, 500 gems, 5 Valianite
2nd Place: 10 Perfect Diamonds, 500k Gold, 250 gems, 3 Valianite
3rd Place: 5 Perfect Diamonds, 250k Gold, 125 gems, 1 Valianite

2. Castle Overrun Rewards: 2 Million Gold, 175 gems, 5 Perfect Diamonds
  1. Summon rates increased for Leon and Theia in the Legendary Hero Summon. 
  2. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Camelot Heroes. 
  3. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Shadow Heroes. 
  4. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Mystic Heroes. 
  5. Theia’s Perfect Piety (1-Hand wand) is now available from the 4-6★ Premium Equipment Summon, the 6★ Ancient Weapon Ticket and Selector and the 5-7★ Ancient Weapon Ticket.
  6. During the event, all 10x Premium Summon will yield Leon Soul Essence shards in Week 1, and Theia Soul Essence shards in Week 2. 
  7. Legacy Armour for Healers and Rangers can now be obtained from the 4-6★  Premium Equipment Summon: 
          Legacy of Sacrifice set (Healer)
  • 6★ Hallowed Sacrifice Mitre (Head)
  • 6★ Hallowed Sacrifice Frock (Chest)
  • 6★ Hallowed Sacrifice Pendant (Accessory)
          Legacy of Compassion (Ranger)
  • 6★ Hallowed Compassion Visage (Head)
  • 6★ Hallowed Compassion Doublet (Chest)
  • 6★ Hallowed Compassion Lantern (Accessory)
New Calendars
Special Leon and Theia Celebration Calendar, to speed up and celebrate the Awakening of the Protagonists! Login to collect all rewards, including a full 5★ Leon and Theia!
New Monthly Calendar: Felicitous February. Login daily to receive all rewards!

Limited Time Event (1st February - 14th February 2019)
Join the Lunar New Year celebrations with a 2-part story! A nefarious evil has taken control of the Fortune Mascots of the Three Kingdoms; the Golden Boars, and chaos follows in its wake. To save the New Year celebrations, even the Mythic Legends have pitched in to lend a hand.
Liberate the Boars from the beast’s control in the Northern path in Week 1. Take on the Beast itself and exorcize the heart of evil itself when the Gate unlocks in Week 2!
The Event ladder will run from 8th February (08:00 am, +8 GMT) until 12th February (23:59 pm), +8 GMT.

Ladder Points drop from the Reunion, Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity and Zodiac Nodes. You will require Certificates of Heroism (obtainable from the Southern Path in week 2) to access these nodes. Play them in increasing order of difficulty to access a fun side interaction!
Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!

Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
3★ Leon, Theia - +10%
4★ Leon, Theia - +15%
5★ and 6★ Leon, Theia - +25%

Stats: All 5★ Shadow and Mystic heroes receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions.

1. Special Event Drops:
Take on the Golden Boar in the Northern Path to obtain:
  • Bazaar Medals
  • Golden Boar Statuettes (Collect Golden Boar Statuettes for Event Achievements, and to form a Chest of the Boar)
  • Red Envelopes (Ticket that may yield special rewards)
Take on the Nian in the Southern Path in week two to obtain:
  • Bazaar Medals
  • Ominous Horns (Collect Ominous Horns to complete Event Achievements)
  • Red Envelopes
  • Certificates of Heroism (for admission into the event ladder stages)
2. Limited-time Loot: 
  • Knot Of Prosperity: Special Insignia obtainable through the event ladder
  • Wealth God equipment set: Wealth God’s Hat (Headgear), Wealth God’s Robe (Chestpiece), Wealth God’s Jade Ruyi (Accessory), Wealth God’s Mantle (Vanity)
3. Town Bank opens, accepting investments in Gold for additional resources to bolster your defenses!

Aura Rebalances
Paladin Leon:
When allies in aura are hit, Grant allies 80% (Up from 30%) Reflect for 2 turns, and heal allies for 30% (up from 10%) of Hero’s DEF.
Blood Knight Leon:
Persistent - Attacks by this hero and allies in aura will also heal for 25% of damage dealt.
Increase DEF of this hero and allies in aura by 25%. (New effect)
Archbishop Theia:
When allies in aura are hit, there is a 75% (up from 45%) chance to:
Grant Barrier to ALL allies, providing extra HP equal to 30% (up from 15%) of Hero’s MAG for 2 turns(s),
Increase ATK of ALL allies by 25% of Hero’s MAG for 2 turn(s). (New effect)

Gold bonus Up from 31st January (After Maintenance) to 14th February (After Event) (GMT +8)
Lunar New Year Special - Event Express limits have been increased from 3 times to 10 times (excluding prestige bonus) to aid users in completing the ladder nodes.
The cost of Express for the entire event has been reduced to 3 per node for all difficulties.

The limited-time event “Dark Throne” has ended.

Bug Fixed
Fixed an issue that caused Rune boost skills (on Insignias) to not apply on Triskelion Runes.