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Patch Notes 14.12

Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:45 pm

Patch Notes 14/12

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Winter Garrison look for Christmas!

New Features
  • Act V of Story Mode now unlocked!
    • Find out more from the in-game news!
  • Conquest Preview
    • You can now enter the Conquest Map to view what’s coming soon in our next major patch!
  • Raid 2 - Firestorm Labyrinth official release!
    • New Raid 2 Equipment Recipe available from Raid 2 Merchant
      • Fuse your 6* Raid 1 gear to obtain a 6* Raid 2 gear!
    • Raid 2 will only have 1 key daily. The HP of the bosses have been adjusted to match this improvement.
Game Improvements
  • The following improvements have been made to the game
    • Auto-select function added for features with fusion
    • Quick-sell all gold items
    • Skip Fusion animations
    • Quick Skill upgrades
    • Use all your wishes in the Wishing Well with just one tap
    • Claim all Chests function in mailbox
Kiera’s Revamp
  • Find out about Kiera’s Revamp from our Facebook Notes/Forum Changelog!
Facebook Milestone!
  • We have hit our goal of 140k! Remember to claim your 200 gems from the mailbox!
Valiants’ Costume Stat Improvements!
  • As a mark of gratitude to all Valiants’ Services throughout the year, we are boosting their winter costume stats!
    • Darrion’s Highlord of Ice: DEF +100, HP +400 → DEF +250, HP +450
    • Freya’s Frostbite Princess: ATK +100, HP +400 → ATK +250, HP +400, CRIT +50
    • Shizu’s Winter Sakura: ATK +100, HP +350, CRIT +50 → ATK +200, HP +350, CRIT +150
    • Kiera’s Solstice Star: HP +350, MAG +150 → HP+400, MAG +300
    • Lucille’s Lady Whiteheart: DEF +50, HP +350, MAG +100 → DEF +150, HP +200, MAG +350
    • Kane’s Silver Wolf: ATK +100, HP +350, CRIT +50 → ATK +200, HP +400, CRIT +100
New Calendars
  • Act V Unveiling Calendar - Celebrate the release of the next act in the epic saga of Valiant Force with this giveaway!
Story Mode Event: Abyssal Gate (14th Dec - 21st Dec)
  • Abyssal Gate has returned! Hunt down Dark Disciples Eliza Kingsley and Rem Aludra! Lord Chaos makes its debut as the latest obtainable 5* monster unit!
  • Play Story Mode to trigger the Abyssal Gate event! The event may also be triggered via using Express Tickets.
  • Soul Binders have returned to Arathos. Find them in the Story Mode while triggering Abyssal Gates.
  • Dark Disciple Miu added into the Summoning pool for this event period only!
  • Summon rates are increased for Dark Disciple Miu and Cybella (New Insignias for both!).
  • Miu’s Transmute talent unlocked! Miu can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of the Eclipse”.
  • Cybella’s Transmute talent unlocked! Cybella can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of the Templar”
  • Emilia’s “Ambassador of Love” costume available on our Emilia X Miu Fashion Bundle.
  • Hero Training boost from 05:00 14th Dec to 04:59 21st Dec (GMT +8)
  • Snow White removed from Event Hero Selector.
  • Cassandra Shards removed from 10x premium summons.
  • “Veil of Darkness” event has ended.
Bug Fixes
  • General
    • Summoning: 10x Summons will display layered stars from previous pulls.
    • Insignia: Insignias displayed in Gallery does not display bonus stats.
    • Insignia: Pressing on the Limit Break button brings you to transforge
    • Insignia: Bonus % values show an incorrect amount when upgrading
    • Skins - 2H skins are giving double stat bonuses
    • Skins - Previewing a Skin from a Chest/Ticket show “Fashion Skin” instead of the name of the skin.
  • Skills
    • CRIT Damage Up: Unable to stack from two different sources
    • Hex Stacker: Passive not showing skill effects
    • Hex Stacker: Passive can trigger multiple counts of bonus damage if more than 1 ally releases the final stack at the same time
  • Raid
    • Vulcan - You are able to kill Molten Caged target with trigger archers
    • Vulcan - Units are able to be lured into the spot where the summoned hammer appears.
    • Hellhound - You are able to walk onto the right side of the map where Hellhound leaps.
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Re: Patch Notes 14.12

Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:22 pm

Dear players, the third point under game improvements:

Quick unlock heroes for Limit Break has been removed! Please take note! :)
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Re: Patch Notes 14.12

Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:09 am

Hi all players! Some extra news regarding today's update!

There was a bug fix on the 1st December regarding some nodes of the Talent Tree. This bug was causing some unintended results where damage reduction fluctuates randomly occasionally.

We've rectified the bug in this client fix and also updated the figures of the Survival Talent to match what was intended.

In today's maintenance, the Survival Talent of all classes have been updated. Here are the new figures for the classes:

Guardian/Champion - 2%/4%/6% --> 5%/10%/15%
Shadow/Ranger - 3%/6%/9% --> 7%/14%/21%
Mystic Healer - 4%/8%/12% --> 10%/20%/30%

Thank you for paying attention to our patch notes! :D