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Patch Notes 21.12

Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:08 pm

Merry Christmas to one and all!

  • 1 additional Talent Spirit added to Trial of Talents from Monday-Saturday.
  • Normal difficulty for Act V has been slightly reduced to help newer players.
  • You can now make x5 runs for Limited Time Events!
New Calendars
  1. 12 days of Gratitude! Thank you all for your support! Collect your free gems for the next 12 days!
  2. Christmas Reunion Feast! Claim some yummy food and extra gifts from us this festive season!
Other New Hero/Units
  • Red Riding Hood (Ranger)! Permanently added into summoning pool.
Limited Time Event (21st December - 4th January)
  1. New event: “Big Bad Santa Claws”   
  2. Event Fight: Megaboss! Beat the Big Bad Santa! 
  3. Event Buildings: Carnival - Spin the Wheel for rewards!
  4. Event Equipment: NEW Ranger’s Demon Hunter Set with set bonus skill! 5* Ranger Helm and Armour!
  5. Event Ladder: Shake things up with King’s Egg as one of the rewards for the upcoming ladder!
  6. Event Special: Purchase the Carrot Nose from the Bazaar to play the secret stages found in the Event Map!
  7. Event Achievements: Exclusive Christmas Accessory + Vanity set equipment to be collected from the achievements! 
Sub Event (21st December - 4th January)
  • Gacha Event: Gems rebate per x10 Premium Summons! (Heroes)
  1. Summon rates are increased for Ranger Red Riding Hood and Guardian Faye (With Insignia).
  2. Red Riding Hood added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Faye’s Transmute talent unlocked! Faye can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of the Djinn” 
  1. New Merlin's "Victorian Enchantress" costume! Available in “Merry Merlin Christmas” Calendar.
  2. New Santa’s Treasure Bag Vanity Skin available in the Normal Bazaar for this event period only.
  3. Valiants’ Costumes are receiving a 20% discount!
Normal Bazaar (21st December - 4th January)
Christmas is here! Santa has some gifts for all in his Bazaar!
  1. Collect Lancelot’s Costume “Baroness of Arondight” for 4000 Tokens! Note: Her Costume will be available for both weeks. Please only purchase it once 
  2. 5* Stat Rune Selector available from 21st-28th during the first week! Wow!
  3. Santa’s Treasure Bag available for both weeks! Limited to 5 purchases per week!
  4. 2-5* Christmas Monster TIckets available for both weeks.
  5. Carrot Nose available for purchase! Grab it now to enter the Event’s secret stage!
  1. EXP bonus up from 05:00 21st Dec to 04:59 28th Dec (GMT +8)
  2. Gold bonus up from 05:00 28th Dec to 04:59 4th Jan (GMT +8)
  1. Abyssal Gate event has ended.
  2. Miu removed from 10x Premium Summons
  3. Soul Binder boost has ended in Arathos.
Bug Fixes
  • Leon and Theia’s stats were found to be lower than before.