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Patch Notes 11.01

Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:09 pm

  • New items have been added to the Premium Bazaar. The Equipment have also been moved to selectors.
  • If you have yet to notice, all Insignias have their names changed to match the hero which they were transmuted from
Raid 2 Changelog
  • All Hell Hound’s parts have MAG increased to around 850
  • Accursed Phoenix now has Silence Aura for 2 turns after 20 hits (Enrage added)
  • All Vulcan’s parts have MAG increased to around 850
New Calendars
  • Three Kingdom’s Debut 10 days Calendar! Do log in daily to claim your gifts!
New Series
  • We welcome the heroes from the Three Kingdoms!
Other New Hero/Units
  • Zhuge Liang (Mystic)! Permanently added into summoning pool.
Limited Time Event (11th January - 25th January)
  • New event: “Art of Deception”   
  • Event Equipment: 2 New sets of Event Equipment! 
  1. 1* 1 Hand Mystic Staff Righteous Standard and 1* Mystic Shield Regent’s Ward Ancient Insight Set! Upgrade them to 6* for improved bonuses! 
  2. 5* Mystic Helm and Armor Crouching Dragon Set. 
  • Event Special: As you climb up the difficulty nodes, you will face unique nodes that have turn limits! These stages drop the Staff and Offhand set! You MUST kill the boss for the equipment to have a chance to drop! Do also note that these stages will drop event points during the ladder. 
  • Summon rates are increased for Mystic Zhuge Liang and Healer Kahuna (With Insignia).
  • Zhuge Liang added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Kahuna’s Transmute talent unlocked! Kahuna can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Kahuna” 
Normal Bazaar (11th January - 25th January)
  • Normal Bazaar has resumed.
New Mechanic/Skills
  • Empower Mechanic: Increases the power of abilities based on Hero’s in combat stats. For example: For every 3000 MAG, add an additional turn to Burning Ground up to a maximum of 5 additional turns.
  • Cyclone: Chance to blow units away to a random tile when unit is standing on Cyclone tile. Post effects will apply while unit is blown away (Cannot be resisted. Similar to Rem’s Burn Ground 2.0)
  • Torment: Deals magic damage to enemy immediately. The Torment curse is then transferred to a random enemy each turn. The Torment curse will not transfer if unit being tormented is killed immediately.
  • EXP bonus up from 16:00 11th Jan to 04:59 18th Jan (GMT +8)
  • Gold bonus up from 05:00 18th Jan to 13:59 25th Jan (GMT +8)
  • Lost Map event has ended.
  • Rune Master boost has ended in Arathos.
  • Raegar Removed from Event Hero Selector.
Bug Fixes
  • Fashion Skins’ “Not enough skins to equip” error
  • Tower of Lost Souls achievements not updating
  • Miu’s Insignia not resisting “Slam”