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Patch Notes 01.02

Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:59 pm

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year is coming soon! We wish everyone abundant blessings and love!

New Features
  • Conquest (Beta) is now officially released! Head over to the Conquest page to set up your squads to prepare for war! A guide will be released on our webview shortly! Stay tuned! Note: The Conquest war will take place on the 12th February.
  • Limited Event Express added! Complete the criteria to unlock and express your events!
  • Locked Units on the Limit Break screen can be unlocked by simply tapping them.
  • Squad Caching - Player’s last used Squad will be saved for the following missions. 
    • Story mode
    • Limited Time Event missions
    • Gold Mine
    • Tower of Despair
    • Capitol’s Last Stand
    • Trial of Talents
    • Tower of Lost Souls
    • Raid 1 - Dark Ruin Depths
    • Raid 2 - Firestorm Labyrinth
Updates and Balance Changes
  • King’s Egg Revamp - Greater rewards await you!
  • Guild Tree skills will automatically reset on the 1st February for free! Guild Masters please take note and add the points for your guilds!
  • Gold Mine - Master level difficulty added
  • Tess Royal Huntsman’s Passive HP Trigger increased from 40% to 45%
New Calendars
  • Conquest Debut 10 days Calendar! Do log in daily to claim your gifts to kickstart your Conquest Journey!
New Hero/Units
  • Guan Yu (Guardian)! Permanently added into summoning pool.
Limited Time Event (1st February - 15th February)
  • New event: The Righteous General”   
  • Event Equipment: 5* Guardian Helm and Armor - Righteous Stalwart Set. 
  • Event Building: Treasury. Gain more gold daily by investing into these buildings! 
  • Master II difficulty added
  • Event Ladder: 
    • Unique Shu Flag Skins added for ladder rewards! Be the unique ones to wield these Golden, Silver and Bronze Flags for excelling in the ladder!
  • Summon rates are increased for Guardian Guan Yu and Shadow Izumi (With Insignia).
  • Guan Yu is now available to select in the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • New Snow White's "Fairest Maiden" costume! 
    • Available in “White Valentine’s Diary” Bundle
  • New Guan Yu Weapon and Shield skins!
    • Available in “Emerald Dragon’s Regalia” Bundle
  • Izumi’s Transmute talent unlocked! Izumi can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Izumi”. Perfect for Guardians and Mystics! 
Normal Bazaar (1st February - 15th February)
  • Unique Valentine’s Day consumables available for both bazaar weeks
  • Job Key Chests added for both bazaar weeks! Speed up hero upgrading now!
  • 5* Talent Spirit Ticket available on Week 1.
New Skill Effects
  • Last Stand: When buffed with Last Stand, unit’s HP will not fall below 1.
  • Onslaught: Buffs an ally to attack with a % of their ATK multiple times at random targets. Attacks from skill will not CRIT but will be able to trigger auras.
  • Cleanse: Added Cleanse to passive skills. 
  • Friendship points boost x2 from 11:00 1st Feb to 04:59 15th Feb (GMT +8)
  • Friendship ally bonus buffs x2 from 11:00 1st Feb to 13:59 15th Feb (GMT +8)
  • Abyssal Gate event has ended.
  • Soul Binder boost has ended in Arathos.
  • Eliza removed from summoning pool
Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Post Office - Position of [Claim All] and [Claim All Chest] button has been swapped
  • Skins - Users with unstable network connection will have problems equipping skins 
  • Warband - Players can edit up to 9 units in a squad.
  • Warband - When trying to edit a squad with two heroes of same name, the [Duplicate] tag will show up.
  • Rem’s Active skill - Rem’s wall cannot be destroyed when Raid Timer reaches 0
  • Vulcan - When in auto mode, units can walk into restricted areas
  • Vulcan - Enraged counter Lure is able to lure enemies into restricted areas
  • Omnislash - Causes hang when casted on units with Reflect
  • Heal Shield - Heal Shield does not overwrite properly when casted by a second unit.
  • Guild Contributions - Will now be sorted based on top contributors.