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Patch Notes 08.02

Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:45 pm


- Conquest Gear now show the skill names and effects in the Gallery

- Shu Banner Vanity Skins will now appear in Fashion Gallery with updated stats.
  • Golden Shu Banner - 400 to all stats
  • Silver Shu Banner - 250 to all stats
  • Bronze Shu Banner - 150 to all stats
Skill Runes
- Double Strike Skill Runes temporarily removed from all tickets and selectors.

Bug Fixes

- Sidhe Staff cannot be unequipped.
- Skins sometimes show “not enough skins to equip” due to an error on the skin counts.

Player Profile
- Player Profiles have been fixed to reflect player records accurately.

- Rations Buff Stats have been corrected. 6 million War Funds have been inserted to all guilds.