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Patch Notes 22.02

Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:18 am

Did you enjoy your Chinese New Year? Keep celebrating with us! :D

Number of daily quests reduced from 8 to 7.

New Resources Unlocked!
Ethereal Equipment now available! Use these items to limit break specific equipment!

New Hero/Units
Lu Bu (Champion)! Permanently added into summoning pool.

Gacha Event Special
Collect the Four Season Tablets to create Premium CNY Insignias!

Limited Time Event
New event: “Dragonfang Towers”  
Event Equipment: 5* Champion Helm and Armor - Tyrant Set.
Event Special: 40 Floors Guild Tower! Climb the tower for massive rewards!
CNY special: Bonuses given to Guild Tower debuffs! (From Event: Highborn’s Worth)
Win = 1.0% → Win = 2.0%
Loss = 0.5% → Loss = 1.0%
Max Debuff Cap remains the same at 50%
Event Ladder:
Gem Rewards multiplied by 1.5x!
6* Rune Selectors added into Ladder Rewards
Event Special: Collect the Golden Toad Seal from the Prosperity, Luck & Fortune Calendar and the Fortune Cat Bag from the 100% Milestone to complete your set! Also obtainable via 5* Heavenly Chest
Note: You are not able to use Limited Event Express for Tower Missions.

Limited Time Event Special
Hunt for the Compass Tablets in the Towers to create a 5* Heavenly Chest! To create a Heavenly Chest, combine 3 East, 3 South, 3 West and 3 North Compass Tablets!
Chance to obtain these items from the Heavenly Chest!
3* Valiant Ticket
888 Gems
388 Gems
5* Talent Spirit Selector
5* Stat Rune Selector
188 Gems
Lucky Corgi Companion Skin (Vanity Skin)
5* Fortune Cat Bag (Vanity)
5* Golden Toad Seal (Accessory)
3* Hero Ticket (5* potential only!)
7* Gold Ingot (sell for 888,888 Gold!)
888 Event Currency

Summon rates are increased for Champion Lu Bu and Summoner Gwen (With Insignia).
Lu Bu and Gwen are now available to select in the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.

New Arthur's "Holy Dragon Knight" costume!
Available in “King’s Glory” Bundle
New Red Riding Hood’s “Crimson Lady” costume!
Available in “Abundance of Bliss” Calendar!
New Lu Bu 2H Weapon and Vanity skins!
Available in “Heavenly Spear’s Ascent” Bundle

Gwen’s Transmute talent unlocked! Gwen can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Gwen”. Boost your efficiency in Story and Conquest now!
Unique Chinese New Year Insignias - Collect these Insignias of the Seasons by merging Season Tablets!
Insignia of Spring (MAG) - 3 Spring Season Tablets
Insignia of Summer (HP) - 3 Summer Season Tablets
Insignia of Autumn (ATK)-  3 Autumn Season Tablets
Insignia of Winter (DEF) - 3 Winter Season Tablets

Normal Bazaar (22nd February - 8th March)
5* Heavenly Chest added for both Bazaar weeks! Only 1 available per week at a very low cost!
Elemental Tablet Selector added for both Bazaar weeks! Purchase them to complete your Premium Weapons from the previous Lost Map event!
Season Tablet Selector added for both Bazaar weeks! Purchase them to complete your sets for the Insignias!
Compass Tablet Selectors added for both Bazaar weeks!

New Skill Effects
Multi Strike: Targets empty tile, dealing damage to units caught in the entire row. Multi Strike will shift between tiles parallel to the original tile. Multi Strike will also attach post effects to the skill

Sonic Boom: Triggers a melee unit to unleash a ranged attack. Ranged attackers will still unleash regular ranged attacks

Friendship points boost x2 from 16:00 22nd Feb to 13:59 8th Mar (GMT +8)
Friendship ally bonus buffs x2 from 16:00 22nd Feb to 13:59 8th Mar (GMT +8)
Double Strike Runes added back into Skill Rune Selectors and Tickets.

Lost Map event has ended.
Snow White removed from 3* Event Hero Selector.
Rune Master boost has ended in Arathos.
Elemental Tablets removed from 10x Premium Gacha
Lunar Secret Market is now closed.

Known Issue
Lu Bu Warlord’s Sonic Boom occasionally hits more than 1 target. Sonic Boom should only hit 1 target. This error will be fixed in the next update.