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Patch Notes 15.03

Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:40 pm

St Patrick’s Day is around the corner! Have you collected enough gold? ;)

New Features
  • Queen’s Egg! Available in the Arena Merchant for 2500 Blood Tokens. Supply resets fortnightly, so buy regularly to complete your Dark Lord collection! 
    • Premium Summons x10 page revamp
    • Heroes: Now you can select which hero from among the featured event heroes, to get the increased rate by tapping on the corresponding banner in the Summon menu.
    • Equipment: Will be split into three different categories. 
      • Heavy Class: Guardian + Champion
      • Medium Class: Ranger + Shadow
      • Light Class: Healer + Mystic
  • Jenny’s Loyalty Gift! Accumulate Gift Points from purchasing select bundles in the Shop to attain milestones and earn extra gifts!
  • Prestige 16-25 added. All previously earned prestige will be retroactively added to the points required for Prestige 16 to 25. 
  • Arena Seasonal Milestone. Claim additional rewards when you earn Blood Tokens from participating in Arena matches! Milestone progress resets every week.
  • Bazaar Token Bonus Drop! Use an Event Hero in a limited-time event mission to obtain additional rewards! Note: Using Limited Time Event Express or bringing an ally Event Hero will not net you bonus bazaar tokens. 
[*]Shards now have their own tab in the inventory! Find and organize your shards more easily now!

New Calendars
  • Arena Kings Calendar! Log in for 7 days to claim a free 3* Arena hero!
New Hero/Units
  • Mordred (Shadow)! Permanently added into summoning pool.
    • Magebane: Introducing Death Grip! Pull with damage + Post effects. Units caught in between the pull will also be damaged and receive post effects. If target cannot be pulled, target will only receive damage and post effects. 
    • Samurai: Preparing himself for our new Arena mode (Yet to be introduced), Samurai Mordred will still pack a hefty punch with his stealthy, dodging abilities
Limited Time Event (15th March - 29th March)
  • New event: “The Rightful King”   
  • Event Special: Civil War Chest - Collect the Black Adder set (Shadow’s Sword+Dagger) among other helpful items!
  • Event Equipment: 
    • 5* Shadow Helm and Armor - Sandstalker Set. 
    • 3*,4* and 5* Shadow Sword and Dagger - Black Adder Set. Chance to find in Civil War Chest.
  • Event Ladder: Ethereal EQ Selectors added to Event Ladder! Excel in the ladder to Limit Break your Equipment now!
  • Bazaar Token Bonus: Bringing multiple event heroes will stack the bonuses!
    • 3* Mordred - +20% 
    • 4* Mordred - +30%
    • 5* Mordred - +50%
    • 3* Talissa - +10%
    • 4* Talissa - +15%
    • 5* Talissa - +25%
  • Summon rates are increased for Shadow Mordred and Summoner Talissa (With Insignia).
  • Mordred is now available to select in the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Dark Lords Zoey and Cassandra added into Heroes Premium Summon. 
  • Premium Weapons added into Equipment Premium Summon. Grab your chance to collect them for limit break now!
  • Added guaranteed shards for Equipment Premium Summons. Perform a x10 EQ Premium summon and collect Heavy/Medium/Light Class Equipment Shards. These shards can be used to make Heavy/Medium/Light Class Tickets and will contain premium equipment. 
  • New Matilda's "Marina Babe" costume! 
    • Available for 400 gems for these 2 weeks only! 
  • New Zoey’s “Fallen Archangel” costume!
  • New Cassandra’s “Queen of Blades” costume!
  • New Mordred Main-hand and Off-hand weapon skins!
    • Available in “The Kingslayer” Bundle
  • Talissa’s Transmute talent unlocked! Talissa can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Talissa”. Pack a punch in Conquest with her now!! 
Normal Bazaar (15th March - 29th March)
  • Queen’s Egg available each week for 2000 Tokens!  
  • Camelot Skin Chests available each week for 1000 Tokens! (Does not include Mordred Skins)
  • 3 Blood Token Chests available each week for 300 Tokens each!
  • 20 4* Talent Spirit Ticket available in Week 1. Strengthen your heroes now!
  • 20 2* Enhance Kits available in Week 2. Enhance your Equipment now!
  • 3-5* EQ Tickets for each class added. These tickets include past event EQ drops!
  • EXP bonus up from 11:00 15th Mar to 04:59 22nd Mar (GMT +8)
  • Gold bonus up from 05:00 22nd Mar to 13:59 29th Mar (GMT +8)
  • All guilds which participated during Conquest Beta 2 will receive an injection of 6m Warfunds.
  • Abyssal Gate event has ended.
  • Jenny’s Carnival has left Arathos. She will be back!
  • Soul Binder boost has ended in Arathos.
  • Valerie removed from summoning pool.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where players are unable to end turn in Conquest Warden fights
  • Fixed the issue where stat boosts from rations do not stack properly
  • Fixed an issue where claim all from Farms sometimes display an inaccurate number of cakes
  • Fixed a bug where Elves being killed in Celestial Form will not be properly killed in Conquest fights
  • Fixed an issue where Boss deals 0 damage after Raid Timer ends when afflicted with ATK debuffs.
  • Fixed an issue where units have a chance to be feared/lured into restricted areas.
  • Rectified stat penalties from insignias being granted extremely high stats in combat in certain situations.
  • Rhea Gladiator: Fixed an issue where Rhea Gladiator caused random stalling in arena.
  • Cassandra Ninja: Fixed an issue where Master being killed the second time causes Cassandra to die.
  • Cassandra Assassin: Fixed an issue where Death Roulette could be cleansed
  • Lu Bu Warlord: Fixed an issue where Sonic Boom hits more than one target occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue where post effect of Chain Lightning and Omnislash cannot be resisted.
  • Steadfast: Fixed issues where Steadfast does not block movement from certain skills
  • Fixed an issue where Evil Eye Insignia’s Rune skill caused skins to display inaccurate stats bonuses.


Kingdom View
  • You can now Zoom in and out of Conquest when viewing a Kingdom.
  • Outpost buildings now have their names added on the Strongholds they are positioned on.
  • Refresh button added to update Kingdom page regularly
  • Outer Grids of each node are now coloured with the colours of the guild who owns the node.
  • Added Guild indicator for Town Defenders
Conquest Battles
  • Damage counter added to Conquest Warden fights 
  • Item button will be disabled in Conquest battle as players are unable to use consumables in Conquest fights
  • Sword signs will be removed once a guild conquers the node
  • Battle History now shows which day a user attacked a particular node.
  • Added an exclamation mark (!) to Scout button to make Outpost collection more obvious.