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Patch Notes 29.03

Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:55 pm

Dear Valiants, you asked, and we heard you - please welcome back the Lost Map Event, and a special Easter-themed event!

New Features
  • Fairy of Wisdom - This highly elusive being is said to be able to help any hero Break their Limits regardless of their class (except Dark Lords and Valiants). 
  • Prismatic Talent Spirits - This special talent spirit can be fed to any hero regardless of class. You can find them at Tyra’s secret shop. 
  • Radiant Hatchling - This rare phoenix hatchling raises the training level of any hero (regardless of rarity) to 100%! 
  • Tyra’s Secret Shop has arrived! You may have noticed Tyra disappearing from the Arena recently. She has been travelling around Arathos amassing a huge stash of treasures, and if you can find her, she’ll be willing to share… for a price, of course. 
  • Daily Log-in Calendar improved. Day 28 reward will rotate between a 3* Valiant Ticket and 3* Valiant Selector every month. This calendar change will take place on 5th April 2018. Your progress on the calendar will be maintained, but you will see an improvement in the future rewards!
New Calendars
  • New April Monthly Log-in Calendar! Log-in daily to receive increasingly valuable rewards! (Please note that if you miss a day of login, you will be unable to collect all the rewards on the calendar, so do remember!)
Story Mode Event (29th March - 5th April)
  • The Lost Map Event will be returning! Collect Lost Map fragments in Story mode to discover a way in the Fortune, Guardian, Shadow and Mystic Maps.
  • Easter-themed Egg Hunt Map will open! Players will be able to find:
    • Queen Bunny Eggs and King Bunny Eggs
    • With a small chance to find an actual Queen’s Egg!
  • Event Equipment:
    • Special 5* Egg Hunter Set - Unlock a special ability if you manage to complete the set! (You can find them in the Bunny Eggs or by completing all trials in the event special node!)
  • April Fool’s is almost upon us! You may find ...interesting things happening to your heroes ...
  • Prismatic Shards are also making a return appearance to Arathos!
  • Summon rates are increased for Camelot Arthur and Summoner Matilda
  • Arthur and Matilda added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Matilda’s Transmute talent unlocked! Matilda can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Matilda”. Bestow a Critical blessing on your team!
  • Rune Enhancement Bonus Up from 16:00 29th Mar to 13:59 5th April (GMT +8)
  • The Rightful King Event has ended.
  • Mordred removed from Event Hero Selector.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused post-effects from Chain Lightning to piece all resilience.