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Patch Notes 19.04 (Revised)

Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:04 pm

Dear Valiants,

After an arduous struggle, Queen Guinevere has been rescued, and returns safe and sound to Arthur’s side. Things are heating up as our return to Camelot nears its exciting conclusion. For now, well fought - you’ve earned yourselves a short respite. The Carnival has returned!

New Features
  • Tower of Lost Souls floors 51-60 unlocked! 10 more levels of awesome loot now up for grabs!
  • Dark Disciple’s Ancient Weapons have arrived - Gather Dark Disciple’s Ancient Weapon Ticket shards from the Abyssal gates. 
    • It takes 300 Ticket Shards to form one Ancient Weapon Ticket.
    • Eliza’s weapon is the first and only one to be available! However, future Ancient Weapons will be added into the pool for this ticket. Do watch for the official announcement!
  • Lorgen’s Carnival Arrives! Exciting and valuable prizes await, such as Equipment enhancement resources and Dark Lord/Dark Disciple shard selectors. 
  • Gem Calendars now available - Calendars of varying value now available for gems! 
  • Event boost: Abyssal Gate has been upgraded for this event - each time you successfully clear the encounter during this limited period, it jumps 2 levels instead of 1 at a time, so you can climb twice as fast! (However, the reduction in levels per loss/retreat will double as well). 
  • Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards will begin dropping from Levels 51 onwards! The shards can be saved across future abyssal gate events to form Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Tickets!! 
  • Dark Disciple Rem is temporarily added to the Gem summon pool. Summon rates are increased for Dark Disciple Rem and Summoner Sora (New Insignias for both!)
  • Summoner Sora added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
New Calendars
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems! 
    • Daily Events Calendar (600 gems) : Speed up your progression with keys and consumables!
    • Call of the Dragons Calendar (2000 gems) : Power up your Champions with a 6* Spirit Dragon Set and enhancement materials! 
    • Champion’s Grand Bundle (2000 gems): A limited-time offer - receive a 6* Centurion Chest, and more enhancement materials! 
Story Mode Event (19th - 26th April)
  • Carnival - Capture the carnivals and spin the Carnival Wheel by collecting Lorgen’s Carnival Coin from the Story Mode (only one difficulty for each carnival)!
    • Carnival 1: Equipment Materials Carnival (25 spins max) - Jackpot of 5-star Enhance kits!
    • Carnival 2: Dark Disciple/Dark Lord Shards Carnival (15 spins max) - Gain Dark Lord and Dark Disciple Shard Selectors, and Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards!
    • Carnival 3: Gold Carnival (15 spins max) - Jackpot of 1m Gold per spin!
Story Mode Event: Abyssal Gate
  • Abyssal Gate has returned! Hunt down Dark Disciples Eliza and Ash, along with Elseia! 
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for a extra edge in battle for all gates!
    • All Valiants (+25% stats)
    • Dark Disciple Rem (+25% Stats)
    • Summoner Sora (+25% Stats) 
  • Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Shards will begin dropping from Abyssal Gates starting from the 51st level and above!
  • Soul Binders have returned to Arathos. Find them in the Story Mode while triggering Abyssal Gates.
  • Mercia’s Honour Guard costume is now available in the New Empire Parade Bundle. Jazz her up today! 
  • Rem’s Transmute talent unlocked! Rem can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Rem”. Bolster your offence and defence while guarding against Bleed and other Damage over Time effects!
  • Sora’s Transmute talent unlocked! Sora can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Sora”  Guard yourself with boosted HP and Defence!
Text Fixes/Updates
  • The text for Eliza’s active skills has been updated to read “This hero starts to whirlwind, dealing X% magic damage of ATK for X Turn(s). This hero is unable to attack or cast skills while Whirlwind is active.”
  • Hero Training Bonus Up from 19th April (After Maintenance) to 26th April (end of event) (GMT +8)
  • Please note that 6-star Valiant Weapons will have their set bonuses increased when upgraded to 7-stars. 
  • Limited-time event “Ashes of Divinity” has ended. 
  • Camelot Guinevere and Summoner Sven removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  • Valianite Shop Limited items have been removed.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error that caused the Level 20 and 30 skills to be switched on Valerie’s Insignia.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Iron Golem Warden to take constant bleed damage as a result of its counter mechanic.