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Patch Notes 26.04

Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:09 pm

Light and Dark both descend upon Valiant Force this week, as we herald the arrival of Maya, the Mistress of Dark Mending. She makes her debut as we also welcome the Ranger of Camelot, Dindrane - touched by the light, and possessing the divine ability to perceive the Holy Grail. Thus, the curtain rises on the final chapter of our exciting return to Camelot!

New Features
  • Debut of Summoners’ Ancient Weapons   Ancient Weapons for Talissa, Sven and Sora have been released.
  • The Grand Bazaar’s grand opening! Bringing you the rarest items in Arathos. 
    • Grand Bazaar Medal Shards are now farmable from events. It takes 1000 shards to form one Grand Bazaar Medal. 
    • The regular event Bazaar now uses a unified currency called ‘Bazaar Medal’, which will carry over to all future event Bazaars.  
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bringing Event Heroes to event missions will grant bonus stats and will also award bonus Grand Bazaar Medal Shards instead of normal Bazaar Medals! Note: An ally’s Event Hero will not grant you bonus Grand Bazaar Medal Shards.
  • Dark Lord Healer Shard Gacha Event   Gather shards to summon the darkest healer Maya!
  • Inventory Expansion: The inventory cap of both the Tavern and Storage have been increased by 200 each! 
  • Grand Bazaar now includes rare items and tickets such as 3★ Dark Lord Ticket, 5★ Valiant Selectors, 6★ Ancient Weapon Tickets, 3★ Fairy of Wisdom (Limit Break!), Costume Selectors, 6★ Stat Rune Selectors, 6★ Ethereal EQ Selectors and more!
  • Heirloom tickets in the regular Event Bazaar have been improved : addition of 2-5★ Heirloom equipment for Ranger and Mystic.
New Heroes/Units
  • Maya (Healer) Permanently added to the summon pool. 
    • ↣Inquisitor: Death is but her plaything, as Inquisitor Maya can preserve their lives of the entire squad with an unpurgeable Rebirth effect, while strengthening all their stats. Revived units return with temporary immunity to disable/status effects! 
    • ↣Archbishop: Archbishop Maya can convert an entire zone into her sanctuary of healing. Meanwhile, she protects the entire team with a physical shield while buying them time by delaying enemy skills. A veritable wall against physical damage!
    • ↣Spirit Walker: As a Spirit Walker, Maya is a powerful offensive healer; the ultimate Battlepriest. Not only can she silence all enemies while healing all allies, she also wields the power of Retribution, returning all of the enemy’s damage back to them without suffering any harm to herself. 
    • ↣Witch Doctor: A master of manipulation, Witch Doctor Maya uses her Charm to turn enemies against each other after a delay, while she chains their life forces to hers. Shielding herself, she damages them every turn while recovering a portion of the damage dealt to each. 
    • Note: The Charm on Maya works differently from other heroes’ Charm. This Charm will not take place immediately. Rather, it will disable enemy heroes from making a move during their turn and instead attack his/her allies.
  • Dindrane (Ranger) Permanently added to the summon pool.
    • ↣Gunslinger: The true quickdraw, Dindrane gets the upper hand by peppering them with her unbelievably fast active skill, causing mayhem in enemy ranks by silencing their auras and granting valuable support by boosting her allies’ critical stats.
    • ↣Sharpshooter: As a Sharpshooter, Dindrane patiently awaits the moment she sees a critical shot she can take, dealing great bonus damage to finish off wounded foes. She also grants significant buffs to the attack power and critical damage of the entire squad. 
  • Summon rates increased for Camelot Dindrane and Elf Taegen! 
  • Camelot Dindrane and Elf Taegen added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • 3 ★ Maya will be added to the 3★ Dark Lord Ticket found in the Grand Bazaar and the King’s Egg on the 30th of April at 12:00 pm (GMT +8). She will also be added to the 5★ Dark Lord Selector. 
  • The following new items will also be available in the Valianite shop permanently during limited-time events: 
    • ↣6★ Ethereal Equipment Selector 
    • ↣5★ Stat Rune Selector 
    • ↣5★ Rebirth Stone 
    • ↣5★ Prismatic Talent Spirit
    • ↣3★ Fairy of Wisdom
New Calendars
  • New Monthly Calendar: ‘Marvelous May’, beginning on May 1st. Be sure to log in daily to receive all rewards!
  • Bonus Calendar - Suzuki Konomi: A special 2-week long calendar to commemorate this collaboration, beginning 26th April. Grab those precious resources!
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems! 
    • Blessed Crescent Calendar: Contains a 6★ Moonstone Set to gear up your healers, and Enhancement Materials
    • Healer Gear Up Calendar: Contains a 6★ Monarch Chest (Raid 1 Healer’s Set), and Enhancement Materials!
Limited-Time Event (26th April - 10th May)
  • New Event: “A Dark Salvation”
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
    • Grand Bazaar Medal Shards: 
    • ↣3★ Dindrane - +20% 
    • ↣4★ Dindrane - +30%
    • ↣5★ Dindrane - +50%
    • ↣3★ Taegen - +10%
    • ↣4★ Taegen - +15%
    • ↣5★ Taegen - +25%
    • Stats:
    • ↣All Event heroes receive a 150% stat bonus on Event Missions
  • Event Ladder : May 3rd (0800) - May 7th (23:59)   Gather additional Maya Shards based on your performance on the event ladder!
  • Special Chest: 5★ Chalice Chest
    • Combine Rusty Chalices & Bazaar Medals into a 5★Chalice Chest, which could contain valuable rewards such as 3★ Camelot Tickets, Summoner Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards and Valiant Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards! 
  • Event Equipment: Dire Preserver Set
    • Preserver’s Eternal Band (5★ Ring) 
    • Preserver’s Ankhwand (5★ Sceptre) 
    • Includes returning Demon Hunter Set (Ranger Gear set)!
  • New Dindrane Bow Weapon skin ‘Agresizia’ and Vanity skin ‘Grail Seeker Mantle’, Available from the Grail Maiden’s Promise Bundle! 
  • New Maya Sceptre skin ‘Snake Eyes’ and Vanity skin ‘Wings of Afterlife’, Available from The Dark Priestess’s Arrival Bundle!
  • Elf Taegen’s Transmute talent unlocked! Taegen can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Taegen”. Bolster your attack and defence while increasing all stats in Raids!
  • Hero EXP Bonus Up from 26th April (After Maintenance) to 3rd May, 5am (GMT +8)
  • Gold Bonus Up from 3rd May, 5am to 10th May (After event) (GMT +8)
  • Lorgen’s Carnival and the Abyssal Gates have been removed. 
  • Summoner Sora removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  • Dark Disciple Rem has been removed from the Gem summon pool.
Bug Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed an issue that erroneously displayed Sora’s Insignia Stats at Level 20. It should read Crit/Atk/Mag instead of Crit/HP/Mag.