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Patch Notes 10.05

Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:42 pm

This week, we revisit a familiar universe full of stardust, pixies and happy endings. The perfect location for a spot of old-fashioned treasure-hunting.
Is everything really as rosy as it seems, though?

New Features
  1. Debut of Challenge Missions: Complete achievements and Gather different Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards!
  2. Previous Premium/Grand Bazaar Equipment (Such as 6★ Weapons) are now discoverable in the Lost Maps! Hunt those sets now!
  1. Summon rates increased for Fairy Tale Aladdin and Elf Altima.
  2. Fairy Tale Aladdin and Elf Altima added to 3★ and 5★ Event Hero Selectors.  
  3. For the duration of this event, Free Premium summons for both Equipment and Heroes will be available every 12 hours instead of every 3 days! Prestige bonus will also affect this duration.
New Calendars
  • Challenge Missions Calendar - Obtain 20 Challenge Tokens a day between 10th May to 17th May. Challenge Tokens grant you access to the Challenge Mission event. 
Story Mode Event (10th May - 17th May)
  • The debut of Challenge Missions! A special event which grants amazing rewards such as Valiant Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards after completing certain achievements! 
    • Entries to the Challenge Missions are limited, and can be accessed with Challenge Tokens obtained from the Challenge Missions Event Calendar. Not everyone will be able to clear these missions! Get stronger!
    • Once all rewards have been obtained, they will not be refreshed for the remainder of the event.
  • The Lost Map Event will be returning! Collect Lost Map fragments in Story mode to discover a way into the Fortune, Champion, Healer and Ranger Maps.
  • The City of Gold will also be returning. Ticket shards to form City of Gold Map Tickets can be found in Story Mode. 
  • New costume for Zhuge Liang “Dazzling Truthseeker” available in the Chancellor’s Glamour Bundle!
  • Elf Altima’s Transmute talent unlocked! Altima can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Altima”. Offensive Mystics benefit greatly from the enhanced MAG and ATK!
  • Rune Enhancement Bonus Up from 10th May (After Maintenance) to 17th May, 5am (GMT +8)
  1. The limited-time event “A Dark Salvation” has ended. 
  2. Camelot Dindrane and Elf Taegen removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  3. Dark Lord Maya shards removed from 10x Premium Hero Summon.
Bug Fixes/Changes
  1. Fixed an issue with Maya’s character page that switched the thumbnails on her 4★ Jobs. 
  2. The text on some Conquest and Raid 2 Equipment sets have been edited to accurately reflect their actual effects (e.g. Duration of buffs/effects).