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Patch Notes 31.05 (Revised)

Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:54 pm

And so, Alice jauntily makes her way out of Wonderland, with a renewed sense of purpose. We would like to say this is ‘happily ever after’, but this is really just the beginning...

(Edit: Please note that due to a minor issue, the IAP Bundle 'Flag Conquerer's Loot' will be expiring after the update on Thursday, 31st May 5pm (+8 GMT). We apologize for the early expiry, and do pick up the bundle before its gone if you were intending to!)

New Features
  • Tyra’s Unity Altar - A limited-time event shop makes its appearance! 
    • Miu and Eliza shards can be directly fused into their Insignias. 
    • 100 shards from each of the three existing Dark Lords (Zoey, Cassandra, Maya) can be fused into a 3★ Dark Lord Ticket.
    • Various combinations of 3★ Heroes can be fused into 3★ Dark Lord Ticket Shards or varying quantities of Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards
  • Arena Heroes’ Ancient Weapons have arrived - Kira, Ellis and Siena unleash their dormant power. Available now from Tyra’s Secret Market!
  • Tyra’s Secret Market - The Secret Market reppears with the rarest items from across Arathos, this time stocked with items like Dark Lord Shards, Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket shards at discounted prices and Arena Ancient Weapons!
  • Event boost: Abyssal Gate has been upgraded - You can now stack and accumulate multiple gate encounters while playing through Story Mode (up to a maximum of 10 of each gate), and clear all accumulated gates later!
    • During this Abyssal Gate, enjoy accelerated progress through the levels once again. You will climb two levels with each victory, while each loss will lower your progress by six levels instead of three. 
    • You may now trigger multiple gate encounters when you use the Express x3 function!
    • Abyssal Gates will no longer have an expiry timer.
  • Dark Disciple Miu’s Ancient Weapon has arrived, and has been added to the Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket and 6★  Ancient Weapon Ticket and Selector. 
  • Dark Disciple Mercia is temporarily added to the Gem summon pool. Summon rates are increased for Dark Disciple Mercia and Elf Tess (New Insignias for both!)
  • Elf Tess added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
New Calendars
  • New Month Calendar June Jamboree (1st - 30th June) - featuring a host of impressive rewards like Maya shards and a full 5★ Fairy Tale Hero Ticket by day 23. Login daily to collect all rewards!
  • Capture-the-Flag Thank You Calendar - A short 3-Day Calendar in thanks to all players for trying out the debut feature during this week!
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems! 
    • Will of the Great Wizard Calendar (2000 gems) : Power up your Mystics with a 6★ Arcane Master Set and enhancement materials! 
    • Merlin’s Raiding Essentials Calendar (2000 gems): Obtain Merlin’s blessing with a 6★ Merlin Chest (Raid 1 Mystic Set) and enhancement materials! 
Story Mode Event: Abyssal Gate
  • Abyssal Gate has returned! Hunt down Dark Disciples Miu and Eliza, along with Maleos! 
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for a extra edge in battle for all gates!
    • All Valiants (+25% stats)
    • Dark Disciple Mercia (+25% Stats)
    • Elf Tess (+25% Stats) 
  • Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards will begin dropping from Abyssal Gates starting from the 51st level and above!
  • Soul Binders have returned to Arathos. Find them in the Story Mode while triggering Abyssal Gates.
  1. Guan Yu’s Dragon Cavalier costume is now available in the Victory Parade Bundle. The Fashion Parade marches on! 
  • Mercia’s Transmute talent unlocked! Mercia can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Mercia”. Raise your Attack and Magic with a chance to resist Stun, Freeze and Root effects!
  • Tess’s Transmute talent unlocked! Tess can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Tess”  Defence and HP are bolstered, while boosting all stats in Non-event Raids.
  • Hero Training Rates Up from 31st May (After Maintenance) to 7th June (end of event) (GMT +8)
  • Limited-time event “A Curious Advocate” has ended. 
  • Fairy Tale Alice and Elf Raegar have been removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  • Valianite Shop Limited items have been removed.
  • The Vault of Destiny has been removed from the Summoning Tab.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an Issue with Rem’s Insignia resistance not working as intended.