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Patch Notes 07.06

Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:26 pm

This is the story of a maiden named Cinderella. As with most young princesses, Cinderella dreamed that one day a handsome prince would materialize out of thin air and sweep her off her feet, riding off into the sunset.  

But as with most stories, one should be careful when it comes to wishes, for one day a prince DID show up. It was all rosy and lovely in the beginning, and never mind the mysterious monsters that kept popping up out of nowhere. After all, this was all she’d ever wanted….. Right?

New Features
  • Heroes’ Awakening unlocked - Kiera, Victoria and Nadia exceed their limits!
    • Collect Prismatic and Series Essence shards to awaken your heroes.
    • Awakened heroes can learn new skills from the Talent Tab. 
  • Debut of Tower of Despair: Master Difficulty - Gather 6★ Prismatic Essence Shards for Hero Awakening. This difficulty becomes available once you have completed the Legendary Difficulty in the Daily Event ‘The Tower of Despair’.
  • Unity Altar - Allows you to craft event-exclusive equipment
    • New Evolving Equipment: Obtain a 3★ Glass Slipper from the Event Missions, and evolve it all the way to 7★!
    • Combine 3★ Heroes into 6★ Awakening Essence Shards.
  • New Transmute Talents available: Transmute Legendary Heroes into Hero Series Essence Shards and 5★ Hero Ticket Shards. 
  • Jenny’s Loyalty Rewards will now run for 3 weeks at a time - Never miss out on rewards with a constantly-running rewards programme! 
  • Event Bazaar catalogue now features 24 items, including an event-exclusive premium section that will rotate between events.
New Heroes/Units
  • Cinderella (Mystic) Permanently added to the summon pool.
    • Mind Warder: Channeling arcane energies to affect the entire battlefield, she can increase the skill cooldowns of all enemies while granting consecrations to allies. With a little luck, she might even refresh the turns of her allies!
    • Rune Magus: An unlikely bringer of chaos, Cinderella can potentially inflict Bleed which reduces ATK, Fear, and Hex effects upon her foes. Her allies are so driven to protect her that they might retaliate against any who wish her harm. 
  • Summon rates increased for Fairy Tale Cinderella and Elf Rhea!
  • Fairy Tale Cinderella and Elf Rhea added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Legendary Hero Summon - a guaranteed Legendary Hero can be obtained at 600 Gems per 10x Summon on this new Summon Banner! The banner will be permanent, but for a limited time only, enjoy higher chances of summoning Kiera, Victoria and Nadia!
  • The Valianite shop returns with premium items in stock, such as: 
    • 6★ Ethereal Equipment Selector 
    • 5★ Stat Rune Selector 
    • 5★ Rebirth Stone 
    • 5★ Prismatic Talent Spirit
    • 3★ Fairy of Wisdom
  • The Vault of Destiny returns, bringing with it 6★ Ancient Weapon Tickets, Dark Lord Shards and precious Awakening Materials!
New Calendars
  • Awakening Debut Calendar (7 Days) - Login daily to speed up your progress towards Hero Awakening!
  • Asia Game Festival 2018 (3 Days) - Valiant Force will make an appearance at AGF2018 in Singapore. To celebrate, 3 Days of rewards are available for all players to collect within 5 days. 
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
    • One Hit Wonder Exchange: Contains a 6★ Lucky Shot Box for your Rangers (Main and Off-hand), and Enhancement Materials!
    • Vagabond’s Raid Hoard Calendar: Contains a 6★ Vagabond Chest (Raid 1 Ranger Armor Set), and Enhancement Materials!
Limited-Time Event (7th - 21st June)
  1. New event: “Cinderella’s Chrysalis”. A modern Fairy Tale, decorated with a Valiant twist!
  2. Event Hero Bonus - Bringing Event Heroes to event missions will grant bonus stats and will also award bonus Grand Bazaar Medal Shards! (Note: An ally’s Event Hero will not grant you bonus Grand Bazaar Medal Shards).
  3. Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
    • 3★ Cinderella - +20%
    • 4★ Cinderella - +30%
    • 5★ Cinderella - +50%
    • 3★ Rhea - +10%
    • 4★ Rhea - +15%
    • 5★ Rhea - +25%
    All Event heroes receive a 150% stat bonus on Event Missions
  • Set pieces of the Crouching Dragon Set (for Mystics) have a chance of dropping from Heroic, Legendary and Master nodes for the duration of this event.
  • Evolving Equipment: Glass Slipper
    • Each player will receive a 3★ Glass Slipper (item) after completing the first Trial in the first Event Mission node. The Glass Slipper can be converted into an Accessory and you can raise it to higher rarities at the Unity Altar.
    • Beginning from 5★ and beyond, the Glass Slipper will have a set bonus that also improves with its rarity. 
    • The base stat of this slipper can be chosen by combining the 3★ Glass Slipper with an ATK or DEF Infusion. Once a base stat is chosen, it cannot be changed. 
    • Event missions will drop Fairy Dust, which are items required for evolving the Glass Slipper. The amount of Fairy Dust needed will increase with each rarity tier. 
      (Note: Glass Slippers used in recipes will be consumed as ‘reagents’. It will produce a brand-new Glass Slipper which will not retain any upgrades and enhancements, but suffixes will remain as they are tied to the chosen stat) 
  • Event Ladder : June 14th (08:00) - June 18th (23:59) 
  • Event Equipment: 6★ Fairy Staff and 6★ Fairy Wings, Available at the Event Bazaar in Week 1 and Week 2 of the Limited-time event respectively. 
  • Elf Rhea’s Transmute talent unlocked! Rhea can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Rhea”. A Bulwark for Mystics that grants MAG, DEF and extra stats in Non-event Raids!
  • Friends Bonus Up from 7th June (After Maintenance) to 21st June, 5am (After event) (+8 GMT) 
  • Friendship Stats x 2 from 7th June (After Maintenance) to 21st June, 5am (After event)  (+8 GMT) 
  • The Abyssal Gates and Tyra’s Secret Fair have been removed.  
  • Elf Tess has been removed from the Event Hero Selectors.
  • Dark Disciple Mercia has been removed from the Premium Summon Pool. 
Bug Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed display issues on the iPhone X that caused some panels to be stretched, and players sometimes being unable to close pop-up bundles. 
  • Fixed a text error that displayed Ellis’ Ancient Weapon Cooldown at 6★ to be 3 turns instead of 2.