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Patch Notes 21.06

Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:05 am

New Features
  • Synthesis
    • Hero Merge function has been moved into “Synthesis”.
    • New Essence Extraction (Unlocked at level 55): 3-4★ heroes can now be synthesized into Prismatic Essence Shards. You are able to synthesize heroes for a small amount of gold each day, with increasing gem cost per reset, up to a total of 5 times daily.
  • Energy will now only be consumed AFTER a battle ends! Note: This does not apply to Guild Event Raids, Arena and Conquest Orbs. 
  1. Recipe Multicraft - You can now combine multiple recipes at a go!
  2. Valianite Shop will now display a countdown timer for non-permanent items.
  3. Insignia/Equipment Skills will now display cooldown in the Gallery.
  4. Secret Market and Jenny’s Loyalty will now be able to preview different selectors.
  5. You can now select the level you wish to continuously play in the Abyssal Gate
  6. Taking an action in the Tavern will now cache your view instead of returning to the top.
  7. You can now quick unlock cards when viewing them in Recipes and Unity Altar.
Arena Schedule
  1. Capture The Flag is returning on the week of 25th June! 
  • Summon rates increased for Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood and Elf Emilia!
  • Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood and Elf Emilia added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • The Grand Bazaar catalogue has been updated.
    • 5★ Dark Lord Selector - 50 Medals
    • 5★ Grand Fairy of Wisdom - 30 Medals
    • 6★ Rebirth Jewel - 30 Medals
    • 5★ Talent Extractor - 25 Medals
    • Prismatic Essence - 15 Medals
    • Regular Essence Selector - 15 Medals
    • All Costume Selector - Reduced from 25 to 15 Medals
  • The Queen’s Egg catalogue has been updated.
    • Added 30/50 Maya Shards and 250 Prismatic Essence Shards.
    • Removed 5★ Ethereal EQ Selector and Ticket.
New Calendars
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
  • Gift of the Guard: Contains a 6★ Titanic Box for your Guardians (Off-hand and Vanity), and Enhancement Materials!
  • Percival’s Raiding Kit: Contains a 6★ Percival Chest (Raid 1 Guardian Armor Set), and Enhancement Materials!
Limited Time + Story Mode Event (21st Jun - 28th Jun)
    • Welcome to the Arathos Cup! Challenge other servers while striving for individual glory! 
    • Collect 3★ Qualifier Match Tickets from Story Mode to participate in this event!
    • Enter through the Limited Time Event Panel and participate in the special 3 days ladder which will reward the top participants handsomely! Win a 3★ Valiant by simply obtaining Top 100!
    • The top 500 players in each server will have their scores tabulated to determine the winner between the six servers!
    • The winning server will have the best set bonuses attached to their respective Fan Pack sets! 
    • Event Ladder : June 23rd (08:00) - June 25th (23:59) 
  • Guide to the Arathos Cup
    • Hunt 3★ Qualifier Match Tickets from the Story Mode.
    • On the 23rd June, the special node will be unlocked and all 3★ Qualifier Match Tickets can be used to challenge the node (Do not worry, everyone can play!)
    • Collect Fan Pack Vouchers throughout the event and Ladder Points during the ladder period. Fan Pack Selectors will also have a small chance to drop!
    • 250 Fan Pack Vouchers will allow users to form a selected server’s Fan Pack from the Unity Altar! Show your support!
    • The results of the Arathos Cup will be tabulated and Top Servers will have the best set bonuses attached to their respective Fan Packs.
      • 1st Place: 12% to all stats
      • 2nd Place: 10% to all stats
      • 3rd Place: 8% to all stats
      • 4-6th Place: 5% to all stats
  • Tyra’s Unity Altar
    • Collect your chosen server’s Fan Packs through the Unity Altar!
    • 100 shards from each of the three existing Dark Lords (Zoey, Cassandra, Maya) can be fused into a 3★ Dark Lord Ticket.
    • Various combinations of 3★ Heroes can be fused into 3★ Dark Lord Ticket Shards or varying quantities of Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards
    • The Lost Map Event will be returning! Collect Lost Map fragments in Story mode to discover a way into the Fortune, Guardian, Shadow and Mystic Maps.
  • New costume for Victoria “Foxy Referee” available in the Arathos Cup Showcase Bundle!
  • Elf Emilia’s Transmute talent unlocked! Emilia can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Emilia”. Polish your bows, Rangers!
  • Rune Enhancement Bonus Up from 21st June (After Maintenance) to 28th June, 2pm (GMT +8)
  1. The limited-time event “Cinderella’s Chrysalis” has ended. 
  2. Fairy Tale Cinderella and Elf Rhea removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  3. Cinderella’s Vault of Destiny has ended.
Bug Fixes/Changes
  1. Awakening - Fixed an issue where the icon for On Attack skills unable to load properly
  2. Awakening - Fixed a minor issue with level display
  3. Summoning - Fixed an issue where the outline for the rarity is missing
  4. Gallery - Fixed a bug which crashes the game when players switch back and forth
  5. Heroes - Fixed a bug which occasionally crashes the game after rerolling aura.
  6. Elves - Fixed a bug which causes elves to be unresponsive when reviving with gems
  7. Skills - Fixed an issue where Sora’s pet ally Swap will be resisted by Resilience
  8. Capture the Flag - Fixed an issue where fear does not allow the flagbearer to gain points
  9. Capture the Flag - Fixed an issue where defending in the capture zone will not gain points
  10. Arena - Fixed an issue where ranged units may have their turns skipped over without attacking
  11. iPhone X Display - Fixed a few display issues with iPhone X
  12. Essence Shards - Updated icons to improve visibility of shards.