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Patch Notes 28.06

Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:11 am

29th June marks the very first Anniversary of Valiant Force Global! Great celebrations await, with exciting rewards planned for all Valiants, who have seen the game through its ups and downs (and hopefully mostly ‘ups’)!

This week, the curtain rises on the final chapter of our Fairy Tale Saga. In pursuit of the secret behind Awakening, our heroes enlist the help of none other than Henry, the Frog Prince. But they aren’t the only ones chasing down leads on this new power...

Results of the Arathos Cup Qualifiers!
Congratulations to Hesteil for obtaining 1st place! The respective Jersey set will now gain a total of 12% to all stats!
Here are the final standings!
  • 1st: Hesteil . The Hesteil Jersey set will now gain 12% to all stats
  • 2nd: Taiwan . The Eastern Jersey set will now gain 10% to all stats
  • 3rd: Everglades . The Everglades Jersey set will now gain 8% to all stats
  • 4th: Cyron . The Cyron Jersey set will now gain 5% to all stats
  • 5th: Arathos . The Arathos Jersey set will now gain 5% to all stats
  • 6th: Gevalon . The Gevalon Jersey set will now gain 5% to all stats
New Heroes/Units
  • Henry, Frog Prince (Guardian) Permanently added to the summon pool.
    • Chaos Knight: Jumps and Slams into enemy ranks, significantly reducing the opponents’ offensive capabilities.
    • Blood Knight: A combination of Life Chain and multiple shields will ensure that every ally within his vicinity remains healthy!
  • Felix “BOB” Harrier (Ranger) Permanently added to the Arena Merchant.
    • Grand Ranger: The best in the business for inflicting dangerous wounds upon his enemies while maintaining the efficiency of allies in aura!
    • Royal Huntsman: The true Royal Huntsman! Attacks upon his teammates will result in fierce retaliation from the entire party!

  • Summon rates increased for Fairy Tale Frog Prince and Camelot Merlin!
  • Elf Altima, Rhea and Emilia’s Ancient Weapons added to the 4-6★ Summon Pool.
  • Fairy Tale Frog Prince and Camelot Merlin added to the Event Hero Selector found in the Valianite Shop.
  • The Valianite shop returns with premium items in stock
  • The Vault of Destiny returns, bringing with it 6★ Ancient Weapon Tickets, Dark Lord Shards and precious Awakening Materials! You may also have a chance of receiving additional event materials!
  • Emiko’s Daily Gem Pack has been shifted from the Gem Shop to the Calendar. All existing packs bought from the Gem Shop will still deliver Emiko’s daily Gems until the end of the pack duration. You may also purchase the Calendar immediately.

New Calendars
  1. Global Anniversary Giveaway Calendar - Collect 10 days worth of rewards, including the Community’s participation for the Frog Prince Choose-Your-Adventure Event! A Valiant Ticket awaits all!
  2. New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
  3. Raider’s Meteorite Quarry: Contains a 6★ Meteorite Chest for your Rangers (Raid 2 Ranger Armor Set), and Enhancement Materials!

Limited-Time Event (28th June - 12th July)
  • New event: “Promise of a Prince”. 
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bringing Event Heroes to event missions will grant bonus stats and will also award bonus Grand Bazaar Medal Shards! (Note: An ally’s Event Hero will not grant you bonus Grand Bazaar Medal Shards).
  • Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
    • 3★ Henry,  Frog Prince - +20%
    • 4★ Henry,  Frog Prince - +30%
    • 5★ Henry,  Frog Prince - +50%
    • 3★ Merlin - +10%
    • 4★ Merlin - +15%
    • 5★ Merlin - +25%
      All Event heroes receive a 150% stat bonus on Event Missions
Anniversary Event Chests
Four exclusive unlimited Chests filled with different rewards will be made available in the Bazaar for two weeks. Collect goodies and get stronger!
  1. Commemorative Armourer’s Chest 
  2. Commemorative Gilded Chest 
  3. Commemorative Heroic Chest
  4. Commemorative Runic Chest 
Unity Altar - Golden Ball Fragments
  1. Collect Golden Ball Fragments from the event missions to form exclusive Golden Ball Insignias of your desired stat!
  2. Golden Ball Fragments can also be used to form beautiful Commemorative Fashion Skins through the Commemorative Fashion Ticket
Event Ladder : July 5th (08:00) - July 9th (23:59)

Special Arena Event (9th July - 15th July)
  1. Capture the Flag Arena has returned with a massive boost to the Arena Event Milestones for this week only!
  2. Collect Blood Tokens and receive amazing rewards up to two Arena Hero Ancient Weapons and one full Prismatic Essence!

  • Camelot Merlin’s Transmute talent unlocked! Merlin can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Merlin”. Activate Merlin’s trademark effect on ANY hero now!

  1. Hero EXP Bonus Up 200%! from 28th June (After Maintenance) to 5th July, 5am (GMT +8)
  2. Gold Bonus Up 200% from 5th July, 5am to 12th July (After event) (GMT +8)

  1. The Lost Map and Arathos Cup Qualifiers have ended.   
  2. Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood and Elf Emilia have been removed from the Event Hero Selectors.