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Patch Notes 12.07

Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:14 pm

And so, we wish Prince Henry and Cinderella the best as they live happily ever after. For now, we leave them to their happy ending, while we bring back another installation of excitement - the Grand Finals of the Arathos Cup!

Are you ready to test your wits against these brand new challenges?

New Features
  • Welcome to the Arathos Cup Finals! Attempt Limited-time Challenge Missions and bring home great rewards and Trophies!
  • 7★ Runes have appeared across Arathos -  bring your Runes to the next level. Available from the new Exalted Eggs, with more ways of obtaining them coming soon!
  • Tyra’s Secret Market returns, featuring limited-edition Arathos Cup Vanity Skins and a second chance to obtain the Fan Packs of your choice!
  • Valerie’s Ancient Weapon released! Obtain Valerie’s Heart Attack from the Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket and 6★ Ancient Weapon Ticket and Selector.
  • Abyssal Gates have been further upgraded to allow you to select the specific level you would like to challenge.
    • The ‘give up’ button in the list of available gates has been changed to a ‘Level Select’ button that lets you revisit any floor you have previously cleared, or the floor you are currently at. 
    • Climb floors as per normal - clearing the ‘max’ level available to you will increase your Abyssal Gate’s level as usual, but playing on any level other than the highest available level will set that level as the default. For example, if your maximum level is 57, but you choose to farm shards at level 55, every gate that spawns will open at level 55 until you change the selected level. 
    • You can now preview the possible drops from each level!
    • Please note that every time you change a gate’s level, the boss’ HP will be reset to 100%.
  • Summon rates increased for Camelot Arthur.
  • Dark Disciple Ash has been temporarily added to the Premium Summon pool for a limited time, with increased rates.
  • Camelot Arthur added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • The Exalted Egg has arrived - find it in the Shop tab from 16th July!
New Calendars
  • Challenge Missions Calendar: login daily to collect Challenge Tokens - your entry ticket to the Arathos Cup Finals Challenge Missions!
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
    • Raider’s Inferno Rising: Contains a 6★ Inferno Fury Chest for your Mystics! (Raid 2 Mystic Set)
Limited Time + Story Mode Event (12th July - 19th July)
  • Welcome to the Finals of the Arathos Cup! The spirit of the Arathos cup is all about unity - unlike the Qualifiers, you will not be competing between servers. Instead, you will be going up against three very unique challenges! 
    • Collect Challenge Tokens from the event Calendar to gain entry to these Challenge Missions
    • Test your wits against the Bomb Challenge, the Dodgeball Challenge and the Spike Challenge! Each of these missions have their own unique mechanics, requiring different strategies to clear. 
    • Along the way, you will receive precious items such as Summoners’ Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards and Prismatic Essence Shards. 
    • Successfully clearing the final trials for each Challenge Mission will award you with an exclusive, valuable Event Trophy! Completing the final trials of all three Challenge Missions will reward you with a fourth Event Trophy. If you clear all of the Quests for this event, you can obtain a fifth Event Trophy from the 100% Milestone Chest. 
Story Mode Event: Abyssal Gate
  • Abyssal Gate has returned! Hunt down Dark Disciples Miu and Valerie, along with Vivi! 
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for a extra edge in battle for all gates!
    • All Valiants (+25% stats)
    • Dark Disciple Ash (+25% Stats)
    • Camelot Arthur (+25% Stats) 
  • Dark Disciple Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards will begin dropping from Abyssal Gates starting from the 51st level and above!
  • Soul Binders have returned to Arathos. Find them in the Story Mode while triggering Abyssal Gates.
  • Siena’s Tender Caregiver costume is now available in the Arena Merchant for 10,000 blood tokens. Show your opponents some TLC!
  • Starting from this event, some Skins will now be useable by a wider range of heroes! 
    • Guardians, Champions, Mystics and Healers can now use the following Shield skins:
      • Shield of Corbin
      • Crane Fan
    • Guardians and Shadows can now use the following 1-Handed Sword skins:
      • Darrion’s Exalted Blade
      • Emerald Dragon Sabre
      • Clarent
  • Dark Disciple Ash’s Transmute talent unlocked! Ash can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Ash”. Guard up with greatly boosted HP and DEF.
  • Camelot Arthur’s Transmute talent unlocked! Arthur can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Arthur”. Boost your ATK and MAG, and unlock Arthur’s signature skill.
  • Hero Training Rates Up from 12 July (After Maintenance) to 19th July (end of event) (GMT +8)
  • The limited-time event “Promise of The Prince” has ended. 
  • Fairy Tale Frog Prince and Camelot Merlin removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  • The Frog Prince’s Vault of Destiny has ended.