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Patch Notes 19.07

Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:05 pm

In the far-off realm of the Three Kingdoms, a new threat looms. The corruption that once enshrouded the Dragonfang Towers appears to have sprung forth once again. Fortunately, this time our heroes have enlisted the help of Camelot’s secret weapon, the Holy Grail, so it should be a simple mission… right…?

Featuring a challenging new Event Tower, and the unveiling of yet another Mistress of Darkness - The Dark Lord Guardian, Odessa. Read on to unwrap this update!

New Features
  • New Limited-time event ‘Questionable Loyalties’. Climb the mysterious towers Solo or as a Guild!
  • New Evolving Equipment: Ascension Cape and Apex Cape. Earn materials to craft these event-exclusive Vanities as you scale the towers. 
  • Dark Lord Guardian Shard Summon Event. Gather shards to summon the Ultimate Shield of Darkness - Odessa! 
  • Magic suffused the land as the Elves Raegar, Taegen and Tess receive their Ancient Weapons. 
New Heroes/Units
  • Dark Lord Odessa (Guardian)
    • Holy Defender: Redirects all attacks to herself, while shielding all other incoming damage to allies. Hitting her too much can cause her to unleash some nasty effects! 
    • Paladin: Able to cheat death and revive with 100% HP, she can also grant True Reflect to allies fortunate enough to stand near her.
    • Chaos Knight: An offensive shield capable of dealing massive damage to all enemies while stunning them, her power is fueled by damage done to her teammates. 
    • Blood Knight: Tethers herself to an ally, raising all their stats along with her own, while paving the way to victory by removing all buffs from enemies.
  • Zhao Yun (Shadow)
    • Ninja: Capable of zipping around the battlefield, he can mend his own wounds while swiftly cutting down enemies.
    • Assassin: Unleashes a furious onslaught of attacks on enemies, potentially stunning them for multiple turns.
  • Summon rates increased for Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun and Camelot Lancelot.
  • Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun and Camelot Lancelot added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Dark Lord Odessa has been added to the Premium Summon Pool, and will be added to the following tickets and selectors after this event:
    • 5★ Dark Lord Selector
    • 3★ Dark Lord Selector
    • 3★ Dark Lord Ticket
    In addition, for a limited time, 10x Premium Hero Summons will award you with Odessa’s shards in addition to Valianite. This applies to Standard, Featured Hero, Legendary Hero summon banners as well as the new Dark Disciples Summon Banner.
  • The Dark Disciples join the incursion - All Dark Disciples will be available from the special limited-time Dark Disciple Premium Summon Banner! 
  • The 6★ Ancient Weapons “Raegar’s Captivator”, “Taegen’s Dramatic Flourish” and “Tess’ Boundary Ballista” have been permanently added to the 4-6★ Premium Equipment Summon and the 6★ Ancient Weapon Ticket. 
  • The First Time Purchase Bonus of Gems has been reset for all players - If you have already claimed these bonuses in the past, you can now receive these bonuses once again when you purchase gems from the Shop Tab!
  • 6★ Prismatic Shards are added to the Grand Bazaar for 12 Grand Bazaar Medals
  • 7★ Stat Rune Selector added to Grand Bazaar for 30 Grand Bazaar Medals
New Calendars
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
    • Doomguard Raid Alert: Contains a 6★ Doomguard Chest for your Guardians! (Raid 2 Guardian Set)
Limited Time Event (19th July - 2 August)
  • New Event: “Questionable Loyalties”. Featuring two challenging towers, each with its own mystery to unravel, in both Solo and Guild Modes. Challenge some of the most iconic bosses in Arathos! Similar to the Tower of Lost Souls, each attempt on each stage will decrease its difficulty slightly for all subsequent attempts. Successfully clearing the stage will drop the difficulty by a greater amount. This applies to both the Solo and Guild tower, so you can help your guild members progress by clearing t he tougher stages to pave the way for them!
  • Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
    • Grand Bazaar Medal Shards: 
      • 3★ Zhao Yun - +20% 
      • 4★ Zhao Yun - +30%
      • 5★ Zhao Yun - +50%
      • 3★ Lancelot - +10%
      • 4★ Lancelot - +15%
      • 5★ Lancelot - +25%
      • Stats: All Event heroes receive a 150% stat bonus on Event Missions
  • Event Ladder : July 26th (08:00) - July 30th (23:59), (+8 GMT).  Gather additional Odessa Shards based on your performance on the event ladder!
  • Special Evolving Equipment: The Ascension Cape and Apex cape can be found in the Solo and Guild Tower respectively. You will receive a 5★ Blueprint by completing Trial 1 of Solo and Guild Tower 1F. These blueprints are recipes for the corresponding 5★ Capes.
    • The Materials to upgrade the capes can be obtained from Trials as you progress through the towers (They are not chance drops).
    • To Evolve the equipment to their 6★ and 7★ form, you will require Tokens of Strength, which are also event consumables.   
    • Both the stats and stat bonuses of the capes increase along with their rarity.  
  • Event Equipment: The following Equipment set items are rare drops from both Solo and Guild Tower
    • Black Adder V Weapon Set (5★ Main hand and Off hand for Shadows) 
    • Sandstalker Armour Set (5★ Helm and Torso for Shadows) 
  • Zhao Yun’s Boundless Falchion (Main Hand Fashion) and Viridian Steel Blade (Offhand Fashion) are now available in the “Shadow of the Dragon” Bundle. 
  • Odessa’s Ebony Thorn (1H Sword Fashion) and Death Blossom Ward (Shield Fashion) are now available in the “Argent Knight’s Pact” Bundle.
  • Camelot Lancelot’s Transmute talent unlocked! Lancelot can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Lancelot”. Enhance your MAG and DEF and unlock Lancelot’s signature skill!
  • Hero EXP Bonus Up from 19th July (After Maintenance) to 26th July, 5am (GMT +8)
  • Gold Bonus Up from 26th July, 5am to 2nd August, (After event) (GMT +8)
  • The limited-time event “Arathos Cup Finals” has ended. 
  • The Abyssal Gates have been removed. 
  • Camelot Arthur has been removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  • Dark Disciple Ash has been removed from the Premium Summon Pool.