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Patch Notes 02.08

Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:24 pm

Summer is in full swing in Arathos, as our heroes take to the beach to begin the festivities! There’s something for everyone in the limited-time Arathos Summer Beach Bash!

New Features
  1. The Arathos Summer Beach Bash arrives - smash as many Sandy Sandkeepers as you can for exclusive loot and Jenny’s Carnival Coins! 
  2. Summer-themed Unity Altar - Spend Beach Bash Coins for exclusive summer-themed loot, cool costumes and more.
  3. Capitol’s Last Stand, Master Difficulty - Runes of greater power await you! 
  4. The Arena Legend Tyra raises her spear - recruit her from the Grand Bazaar. 
Conquest Returns
  • The new and improved Conquest will be returning on 7th August 2018. Ready your squads and Rally your Guild once again - valor awaits! 
    For more information on the new updates, do refer to the Dev Blog at the following link: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5969
  • Raid Improvements:
    • The regular raid schedules will be replaced with Raid Passes (restocks once a week), allowing Guild Masters and Vice-Guild Masters to unlock or refresh raids at the convenience of the guild. 
    • Raid Bosses will now remember the last difficulty they were set at, removing the need for an Officer to change the difficulty every cycle. 
    • Raid Ladders will not reset, and will remain active for a longer period of time. The leaderboard will be ranked by ‘Kill Score” (+1 point for each Heroic Boss, +2 for Legendary Bosses, and +3 for for Master Bosses) and the time taken to complete the whole raid. The board will be updated as each boss is defeated.
    • All existing requirements to enter the raids, such as the level requirement, will still apply.
  • Garrison Update - Plans for upgrading the Garrison are well underway. The level cap for the following buildings have been raised: 
    • Shield Tower
    • Strike Tower
    • Mystic Tower
  • Recipe items will no longer take up inventory space.
  • You can now feed the maximum amount of XP Potions necessary to raise your hero to the maximum level, in one tap. Garr
  • NEW Level-up milestone rewards for Veteran players - collect all rewards once again from the beginning! 
Balance Changes
  • The difficulty of the Tower of Despair has been slightly reduced. Hunt those Prismatic Essence shards now!
  1. Summon rates increased for Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang and Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood!
  2. Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang and Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  3. Gladiator Tyra has been added to the 5★ Story Legends Selector found in the Grand Bazaar
  4. Dark Disciple Ancient Weapons will feature in their own 4 - 6★ Premium Equipment Banner, with increased rates! 
  5. Dark Lord Odessa has been added to the following Tickets and Selectors:
    • 3* Dark Lord Ticket (found in King’s Egg)
    • 5* Hero Ticket (found in Exalted Egg)
  6. Henry, Frog Prince added to 5★ Fairy Tale Selector.
  7. Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun added to 5★ Three Kingdoms Selector.
New Calendars
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
    • Chaos Sparked Raid Kit: Contains a 6★ Chaos Spark Chest for your Shadows (Raid 2 Shadow Set) and materials for enhancement.
  • Returning Player Calendar: A warm welcome-home for players who have been away from Arathos for a while!
Limited Time + Story Mode Event (2nd - 9th August)
  • Presenting the Arathos Summer Beach Bash, the hottest festival of the season! Clear special missions to win yourself some exclusive summer-themed loot including special skins and costumes!
    • You will require Beach Passes to enter the Event Nodes. Beach Passes can be found in all difficulties of Story Missions. They range from 2★ - 5★, granting access to event nodes on Normal, Heroic, Legendary and Master difficulties depending on their rarity.
    • Story Missions will also drop Magic Keys. Combine 4 Magic Keys into a Magic Chest for some surprise loot!
    • In each Event Node, your challenge is to destroy as many Sandy Sandkeepers as possible within the given time limit. Sandy Sandkeepers drop Beach Bash Coins (The Event Currency to obtain those fabulous prizes, usable at the Unity Altar), Jenny’s Carnival Coins and various Fruit, which are ingredients for crafting the Summer Slushie - the special Event Consumable! They may also have a low chance to drop items from the Beach Blaster 5000 set (Ranger main hand and off-hand) and some very lucky participants may even unearth a Grand Bazaar Medal or two!
  • Summer-themed Unity Altar
    • The Arathos Beach Bash brings with it a limited time Summer-themed Unity Altar! Exchange Beach Bash Coins from the Event Missions Nodes for exclusive skins and valuable costumes, including: 
      • Miu: Beach Babe
      • Nadia: Sunshine Babe
      • Matilda: Marina Babe
      • Drake: Leviathan Lord
      Grab them along with those limited-time Summer-themed weapon skins! 
      For a limited time, the Unity Altar will also allow you to trade some specific 5★ Weapon Sets for 6★ Ethereal Equipment Selectors. A great opportunity to put your spare sets to good use!
  • Jenny’s Carnival
    • Some mischievous goblin has stolen all of Jenny’s coins and scattered them across the beach as he fled. Help retrieve Jenny’s Carnival Coins from the Sandy Sandkeepers and earn yourself some rewarding spins! 
      • Express Ticket Wheel: Contains varying amounts of Express Tickets.
      • Heroic Wheel: Contains a variety of Hero Tickets and Essence Shards.
      • Gold Wheel: Contains varying amounts of Gold.
  • The Lost Map Event will be returning! Collect Lost Map fragments in Story mode to discover a way into the Fortune, Champion, Healer and Ranger Maps.
  • Sora’s “Sailor Beach Babe” is now available in the Sora’s Summertime Sizzler Bundle.
  • Red Riding Hood’s Transmute talent unlocked! Red Riding Hood can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Red Riding Hood”, granting boosted DEF and HP and her signature skill. 
  • Friendship EXP Bonus Up and Friendship Stats Up from 2nd August (After Maintenance) to 9th August (After Event) (GMT +8)
  1. The limited-time event “Questionable Loyalties” has ended. 
  2. Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun and Camelot Lancelot removed from the Event Hero Selector. 
  3. Zhao Yun’s Vault of Destiny has ended.
Bug Fixes/Changes
  1. Henry Blood Knight - Fixed an issue which prevented this unit from using its Active Skill on Auto. 
  2. Zhao Yun Rogue - Fixed an issue in which this units skill description and effect did not match. 
  3. Fixed an issue with Enhancing Equipment which would display incorrect max rarity stars. 
  4. Fixed an issue in the CTF Arena in which the AI could still make stunned heroes swap places. 
  5. Fixed an issue with Ellis’s Ancient Weapon skill not functioning properly when used by Enemy AI in the Arena.
  6. CTF Arena will now give results based on matchup and performance (rather than only Perfect or Ruthless).  
  7. Fixed an error with Odessa’s Crusader and Zealot active skills being assigned to the wrong paths.