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Patch Notes 9/8

Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:02 pm

Previously, on Valiant Force…

Odessa seems to have the upper hand, as she made off with the Awakened Powers of Kiera, dealing a seemingly mortal blow to Lu Bu along the way. Shizu arrives in the Three Kingdoms to lend a helping hand, equipped with some useful new powers!

The team must race against time to save the God of War, while they work to find and stop Odessa before she puts Kiera’s powers to use in the worst possible way.  

New Features
  • New Limited-time event ‘Labour of Love’. The Three Kingdoms Tale continues. 
  • Raid 3 “Path of Liberation” now open! Encounter some very unexpected enemies in this all-new Challenge. 
  • Shizu, Teresa and Drake Awaken! Summon them now with increased rates!
  • Challenge Mission Event Nodes - Are your squads ready for this near-impossible challenge?
Raid 3 Grand Opening
Ready your guild for a new Challenge as the Valiants face off against none other than… themselves. More specifically, the shadows of a future that could be, if they succumb to the allure of power granted by Awakening.
  • Face off against Shizu and Lucille in the Crossing of Desires
  • Guard against Freya and Kiera at the Thoughtless Rest
  • And finally, take on Darrion and Kane in the Chantry of Animus
New Equipment is available at the Raid Merchant. Purchase them for Raid 3 tokens after overcoming these harsh trials! Additionally, Raid 1 and 2 Merchants will also be updated.

Please note that the follow prerequisites must be met in order to participate in the third raid:
  • Complete Master Act 3 
  • Minimum Level Requirement: 70
  • Guild Level 15
  • Fully clear Firestorm Labyrinth (Raid 2) at least once.
New Heroes/Units
  • Diao Chan (Healer)
    • Spirit Walker: A star support player, amplifying the damage taken by all enemies while turning their pain into healing for the team. She might even reduce the cooldowns of her allies! 
    • Witch Doctor: An awesome friend to Mystics, she can greatly boost the MAG of her own teammates, hastening their skill cooldowns while crippling the offensive skills of her opponents, rendering them fangless. 
** Diao Chan Witch Doctor was originally assigned a Charm mechanic as part of her skillset (as teased on Facebook earlier). This has since been removed as it was discovered to consistently cause a critical error in testing. It has been replaced with an effect of equal power.

  • Arena Event Milestones have been improved. They will now rotate between seasons! Each week, collect blood tokens and rise in the ranks to enjoy a plethora of new and different rewards including Awakening Materials, Rare Hero shards and more! 
  • The Arena Merchant has been improved. More details in the ‘Summoning/Shop’ section below. 
  • The Level Caps of even more Garrison Buildings have been raised! You can now upgrade the following buildings:  
  • Wishing well
  • Gold Mine 
  • Market Place
  • Arena heroes will now have a permanent arena buff, granting increased stats when you bring them into the Arena. Each week, different Heroes will also benefit from a rotating seasonal bonus, granting increased stats when you bring them into Arena Battles. Mix things up and expand your roster! 
  • Guide Quest rewards for new players have been improved.
  • Summon rates increased for Three Kingdoms Diao Chan and Fairy Tale Aladdin.
  • Three Kingdoms Diao Chan and Fairy Tale Aladdin added to the Event Hero Selector found in Valianite Shop.
  • Shizu, Teresa and Drake are now featured on the Legendary Hero Summon Banner. Summon them now, with increased rates!
  • The Arena Merchant has been upgraded! Some of the most notable new stock include: 
    • 6★ Arena Hero Weapon Selector 
    • 3★ Dark Lord Ticket
    • Premium Costume Selector
    • Ancient Weapon Ticket Shards
    • Valiant Essence Shards
  • The prices for some of the existing items (including Arena heroes) have also been adjusted.
  • Rates for the 1-3★ Gold Summon Banners have been improved. More chances to obtain 2-3★ Heroes and Equipment!
  • Raid 3 Vanities have been added to the Raid 3 Vanity Selectors at the Raid Merchant. Each Vanity can be only be equipped by heroes from their respective series, granting a great boost in power. They are also available from the Raid 3 Vanity Ticket. 
New Calendars
  • Singapore National Day calendar - Celebrate National with us in Style! Log in for 7 days to collect THREE Legendary Heroes! 
  • New Calendars available to purchase with gems!
    • Raider’s Conviction: Contains a 6★ Conviction Chest for your Healers! (Raid 2 Healer Set)
Limited Time Event (9th August - 23rd August)
New Event: “Labours of Love”. Take on the Mega-Bosses guarding the Peach of Immortality!  A brand new ultra-difficult (optional) challenge awaits this event : The Challenge Mission node, available after completing Master 3 difficulty. Only the strongest multi-squads in Arathos have a hope clearing this mission. Will you be able to come out on top?

Multi-Squads are a returning feature that allows you to tackle the event bosses with more than one squad. When your first squad is completely defeated, the second squad will take the stage. If an Ally hero is selected, they will only join the battle in together with the second squad.

(Please note that the Challenge Mission node will only be available in the second week of the event, and do not drop Ladder points when Ladder is active).

Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
  • 3★ Diao Chan - +20%
  • 4★ Diao Chan - +30%
  • 5★ Diao Chan - +50%
  • 3★ Aladdin - +10%
  • 4★ Aladdin - +15%
  • 5★ Aladdin - +25%
Stats: All Event heroes receive a 150% stat bonus on Event Missions

Event Ladder : August 16th (08:00) - August 20th (23:59), (+8 GMT).

Unity Altar opens with a few useful additions:
  • Exchange existing consumables for multi-staf buff and debuff consumables
  • Exchange High Heaven armour set pieces for Ethereal Equipment
  • Exchange Talent Spirits for Prismatic Talent Spirits!
Event Equipment: The following Equipment set items are rare drops from event mission nodes:
  • High Heaven Armour Set (5★ Head and Body for Healers)
Mystery Ticket Box: The Event bosses on Event missions have a chance to drop ‘Mystery Ticket Boxes’. Collect these boxes to find a variety of random, potentially valuable Tickets!

  • Diao Chan’s Sable Wand (Main Hand Fashion) and Cicada Protector (Offhand Fashion) are now available in the “Deadly Desire” Bundle.
  • Fairy Tale Aladdin’s talent unlocked! Aladdin can now be transmuted into the “Insignia of Aladdin”. Enhance your HP and DEF and unlock Aladdin’s skill!
  • Hero EXP Bonus Up from 9th August (After Maintenance) to 16th August, 5am (GMT +8)
  • Gold Bonus Up from 16th August, 5am to 23rd August, (After event) (GMT +8)
  • The Lost Maps and Arathos Beach Bash event maps have been removed.
  • Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang and Fairy Tale Red Riding hood have been removed from the Event Hero Selector.
Bug Fixes/Changes:
  • (Conquest) Fixed an issue with the text under the Outpost tab in the ‘Scout’ menu that was preventing the Shield and Attack Tower description from displaying properly.