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Patch Notes 27.09

Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:44 pm

After the cataclysmic battle at the Red Cliffs, Dark Lord Odessa was the last person you expected to see returning to Arathos so soon. Yet word through the grapevine brought news that the Dark Guardian herself has once again resurfaced. 

What could she be after? Scale the Solo and Guild towers and demand some answers!

New Features
  • New Feature: World Boss battles  - take on the Frost Dragon!  
  • New Items: Equipment Replicator and Perfect Equipment Replicator
  • Powerful new Insignias available from the World Boss Market
  • New Filter to sort “Craftable” Recipes within your Inventory!
World Boss
Take on the Frost Dragon in the new weekly world boss battles. Each seasons lasts 6 days between Thursday to the following Tuesday. Access the World Boss via a new icon in the Garrison.

Contingents: Set multiple squads before battling the dragon. You may freely edit your squads until your first successful battle, after which your teams are locked until the Frost Dragon resets. Each squad has one attempt at the world boss per cycle.

Boss: The boss starts each battle at Level 1, and grows in strength as more damage is dealt to it.

Rewards: Each battle drops loot based on how much damage is dealt to the world boss. 
  • Loot includes Amethyst (World Boss Currency), which allows you to redeem powerful items from the World Boss Market. 
  • At the end of each season, rewards will also be given out based on your ranking on the World Boss Ladder.
You may now filter all recipes that are ready to be crafted within your inventory, for ease of access.

  • Summon rates increased for Camelot Lancelot and Fairy Tale Snow White. 
  • Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Shadow Heroes. 
  • New Merchant: World Boss Market. Purchase powerful Insignias using Amethyst (Obtainable from the World Boss). 
New Calendars
New Monthly Calendar “Overpowered October” - Beginning from 1st October! Login daily for 31 days for increasingly ‘overpowered’ rewards!

Limited Time Event (27 September - 4th October)
The Dark Lord Odessa has unexpectedly returned, and you’re not letting her go without answers. Pursue her to the summit in the Limited-time event “Twilight Ascension”! Scale the towers Solo or as a Guild and obtain materials to craft the Evolving Ascension and Apex Capes! A piece of the story behind the Dark Lords is about to be revealed.

Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
  • 3★ Lancelot - +10%
  • 4★ Lancelot - +15%
  • 5★ Lancelot - +25%
  • 6★ Lancelot - +25%
  • 3★ Snow White - +10%
  • 4★ Snow White- +15%
  • 5★ Snow White- +25%
  • 6★ Snow White- +25%
Stats: All 3-5★ Shadows and Camelot heroes (except Lancelot) receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions.
  • Evolving Equipment: Ascension and Apex Cape
    • The Ascension and Apex Capes return! Collect components to craft the capes as you scale the Solo and Guild towers. 
    • The Capes can be combined with their respective 6 and 7★ Recipes and Tokens of Strength (Drops from event missions) to raise them to their 6 and 7★ potential!
  • Event Equipment: The following Equipment set items are rare drops from event mission nodes: 
    • Sandstalker Set (5★ Head and Torso for Shadows)
  • Friendship Points bonus Up from 27th September (After Maintenance) to 4th October (After Event) (GMT +8)
  • Ally stat bonus Up from 27th September (After Maintenance) to 4th October (After Event) (GMT +8)
  • Garrison has been updated with a new Frost theme.
  • The limited-time event “Harvest Festival” has ended. 
  • Vault of Destiny has ended.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused terrain effects such as Maya Archbishop’s active skill to occasionally result in delays and freezes when moving between waves in battle.
  • Fixed an issue in CTF Arena which may cause flags remain on the tile when carriers are killed rather than respawning in the center. 
  • Fixed an issue in CTF Arena in which Merlin’s Life-chain and Curse (time bomb) effects could cause flag to drop without respawning if the target was killed. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Milestone rewards that caused only the shorter timer to be displayed if multiple milestone events were running.