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Patch Notes 14.3

Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:50 pm

The Knights of the Kingdom have a little surprise planned for their lady loves this week. Find out what that is in this week’s event!

Elsewhere, the realm of Camelot has come under siege by an old foe. Catch the first part of the action in the login cutscene at the start of the event.

New Features
  • A dance of life and death: The Dark Apostle Maya Awakens!
  • Seasonal Limited-time event: “Knights In Shining”!
  • Powerful new Conquest Insignias!
  • A calamitous ancient Weapon: Corrupted Kane’s Cruel Calamity! 

  • Summon rates increased for Dark Lord Maya.
  • Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Shadow Heroes.
  • Summon Bonus: Each 10x Premium Hero Summon will award you with Awakened Maya Selector Shards.
  • Corrupted Kane’s Cruel Calamity (Main hand Gun) Ancient Weapon has been added to the Premium Equipment summon and the 6★ Dark Lord Ancient Weapon Selector

Limited Time Event (14th - 21st March)

1. This week, the Gallant Knights of Valiant Force take their turn impressing their counterparts with precious gifts! Smash treasure chests for great rewards, crafting materials and more!
Do look out for the special log-in cutscene before the event begins.

TIP: Play through the event missions in ascending order of difficulty to watch the event cutscenes in chronological order. A special community event will offer you a chance to win a piece of limited-edition Equipment!  

  • Defeat the guardian of the Unity Altar to gain access to all the Event Mission nodes. Treasure hunt nodes come in 5 different difficulties, from Normal to Nightmare, with better drop rates for higher difficulties.
  • Smash Treasure Chests to yield a range of special items, including:
    • Jenny’s Carnival Coins
    • Magic Keys
    • Metal Chain
    • Heart-shaped Pendant
    • Box of Cookies and Box of Marshmallows ingredients

2. Shiny Unity Altar
  • Redeem a Limited Edition Vanity skin and Emilia’s Costume using Heart-shaped Necklaces (Obtained by combining event Materials)
  • Craft Boxes of Cookies and Marshmallows: exclusive event consumables.

3. Jenny’s Shiny Carnival
Jenny’s Carnival arrives in town in time for the festivities! Bust those chests for her Carnival Coins and redeem yourselves some lucky spins!
  • Adventure Wheel: Contains essential supplies for daily questing needs.
  • Treasure Wheel: The rarest and most exotic goods from across Arathos!

New Skins/Costumes
Suave Alabaster (Event-exclusive Vanity)

Hero Training Bonus Up from 14th March (After Maintenance) to 21st March (After Event) (GMT +8)

The limited-time event “Twilight Ascension” has ended.

Bug Fixes/Changes
“Phoenix Pulse” (Lv. 20 Ability on the Accursed Phoenix Insignia) has been adjusted. The skill now resists Freeze and Sleep effects in addition to Stun. However, it will no longer resist damage from Skills.