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Patch Notes 20/6

Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:01 pm

Between the realms of dreams and wakefulness, a familiar voice calls. Delve into a domain beyond time, when your trusty guide awaits to lead you into the memories of two familiar Guardians. 

  1. Summon rates increased for Camelot Merlin.
  2. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Aspirant Heroes.
  3. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Guardian Heroes.
  4. Limited-Time Summon Bonus: Each 10x Premium Summon will award you with Awakened 1 Merlin Selector Shards in addition to Valianite!

Limited Time Event (20th - 27th June)
Two Heroes. Two Paths. The Azure sorceress guards the Domain beyond Time, guiding you into the memories of those you call allies. Undertake these vision quests by navigating the challenges of their past, present, and future, and be greatly rewarded! 

Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
3★ Merlin +10%
4★ Merlin +15%
5-6★ Merlin +25%

Stats: All 5★ Guardians receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions.

Event Ladder: The Event Ladder will be from 21 June 08:00 am to 25th June 23:59 pm (GMT +8).

1. Timeless Unity Altar
Exchange specific hero essences for Shards of Lost memories, which can be redeemed for rare rewards!

2. Memory Unity Altar
Exchange Shards of Lost Memories for valuable prizes such as 5★ Hero Selectors and Tickets, Premium Equipment Ticket shards and Mythic Legend Hero Shards! 

3. Event-Exclusive Equipment: 
  • The Righteous Stalwart set makes a return, allowing you another chance to obtain this head and chestpiece set for Guardians.
  • All pieces of the Righteous Stalwart set can be bought from the event bazaar, and have a chance of dropping in the event missions from Heroic difficulty and above!

Hero training Bonus Up from 20th June (After Maintenance) to 27th June (After Event) (GMT +8)

The limited-time event “Treasure Island” has ended.