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Forum rules and regulations

Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:11 pm


1. Admins and Mods reserve the right to change/edit/delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate. 
2. Admins and Mods reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban a forum user at any time if they feel it is inappropriate. 
3. The language used in this forum is primarily English, with foreign sections available. More foreign languages will be added when deemed necessary.
4. The list below will be updated regularly to ensure the stability of the community.

I. General Forum Rules: 

Do not:

1. Flame or insult other members.
2. Abuse or encourage abuse of the Reputation, Post Reporting, or Private Messaging Systems.
3. Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.).
4. Post links to phishing sites.
5. Post spam (i.e. +1, 10char, rickrolls) or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content.
6. Repetitively post in the incorrect forum.
7. Share your account. Forum accounts are intended for the use by one person.
8. Promoting of other games other than Valiant Force (games can be referenced in the Feedback section).
9. Posing as staff from XII Braves or FunPlus.

II. The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links:

1. Porn, gross stuff, or anything else not safe for work
2. Piracy, warez, Leaked content. 
3. Cheating, hacking, game exploits
4. Posting copyrighted material such as magazine scans
5. Soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals
6. Racism, discrimination
7. Drugs, alcohol
8. Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

III. Eternal Valiant Award:

Users who are found to be repeat offenders will be permanently removed from the forums. Serious first-time offenders will also be permanently banned.

Remember: Staff from XII Braves and FunPlus will never ask for your account password.