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Re: Cheating

Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:38 pm

I actually do not know if this will help you badblackbishop but you tend to write a very big wall of text explaining things repeatedly and I guess shorter sentences could be really helpful for everyone.

We get it, you clearly stated for several times that you only want transparency to show the stats or any buffs/debuffs of the opponents. We actually like it that way but there are things VF does not agree with and I guess that includes it. It's actually helpful if you think about it disguising your team as well. Who knows that healer is ATK-based or just a support unit?

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Re: Cheating

Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:04 am

Thanks for the advice I will definitely take it into consideration. And I agree that hiding your team stats would be a good but only before the battle when you have the chance to re-pick if your opponent. That way there is an element of suspense as you don't know what you are going up against. On a different note I have a question about the miracle rune that perhaps you or some one can answer. If one is used and goes into affect will that hero not be able to be targeted for an attack promptly afterwards? I recently fought a Rhea who it appeared I killed outright but brought back life which isn't outside the realm of possibility. However I was unable to attack her again, which according to the description of the rune only allows the hero to survive is there HP is > then 90% and does not mention it granting immunity from subsequent attacks. And thanks Lector5's suggestion I have video footage of this event happening although the angle is off as I was still trying to get the hang of recording in real time and playing.