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[Valiant Force Arena] Anti-Trigger Disappearing Act ft. Cassandra Samurai and 2 Lvl. 1 Heroes

Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:20 am

Welcome to the world's greatest Magic show featuring talents so awesome it puts The Greatest Showmen to shame. Huge Jackmen took one look at this squad and said he will no longer be acting in anymore sing song ling long shows and go back to being Wolferine. Without much further ado, let me present to you the 

Anti-Trigger Disappearing Act

-Cheap in terms of equipment, runes and talents. Tess and Magebane are level 1 not even +2 and do not require any equipment or talents. They just need one Miracle rune each which does not even have to be +15
-High WR against Ranger(more than 80%, tested aganst mynameiszx) and Healer(99.9%, tested against iMocas) trigger teams 
-High WinRate against SinGlad(more than 80%, tested against Kaelthas)

-This is a P2W squad. I mean it freaking has 3 Cassandras inside. I had to sell my kidney, my sister's kidney, my gf's kidney. Even my pet hamster BoB was not spared. Hey, but I am sure you can find some substitution(albeit weaker) for Cassandra Samurai. Hint: Aladdin 

Tess Royal Hunstman&Cassandra Magebane
Just leave them naked(no equipment necessary). Don't even +2 or level up. Their purpose is to take aggro and trigger their auras. 

Kane Grand Ranger 
Please attach a Double Strike Rune on him. Make his Crit 7200 due to those pesky Zoeys' flying around on their Magic Broomstick. His purpose is to stop Rhea Glad before she can cast spell as well as get an advantage against Trigger teams when you go first. 

Cassandra Assassin
Please attach a Double Strike Rune on him. Please also equip him with Santa's Stash Set. His purpose against SinGlad teams is to Freeze people and take out the tanks. His purpose against Trigger teams is to soften up the teams with all those Raid 2 sets that give Resilience II or Miracle II. 

Cassandra Samurai
Main Damage dealer. Just put all best ATK equipment and runes on him. Ensure his aura points to Magebane and not Tess.