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Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:45 pm

Hi, my name is James Wong and this is probably my last article for this forum.

<Arathos Times The Final Edition>

Heartelt message to the developers:
Conquest sucks. It is a total letdown. It was not worth stringing people along for months and months and months. I was actually hopeful and even bought SGD$400 of Google Play Cards to continue spending on the game yesterday.

So let's not talk about the bugs where you can have 0% HP or that those with 0% HP units cannot be killed. Let's go straight into the gameplay.

1) It is overly complicated.
I am not sure what game we are playing right now but honestly speaking I do not think this is not what anyone wants. The coordination alone for Defense is hell. Let alone attack. Not to mention, we have Wardens to deploy, Rations to use, Finances to manage. Buildings to upgrade, Buildings to repair. I mean I do not think any game on this Earth has any features like this one. Even the Battle of Westoros looks easier than this.

2) War lasts seven days and you have 4 orbs to clear each day plus every other day you need to strategise and deploy
Are you serious?! We already have Raid. We already have Events. Why are you doing this to us?!

3) Three guilds?! Seriously?!
At the high level tier(no offense), with three guilds in play, the only way to win or get second place is to form an alliance. Since when is a guild war more about forming teams than about the actual fighting itself?

4) Three teams to form?! Seriously?!
Who has that amount of resources?!

Let's now take a look two of the most successful mobile games of different ages.

Clash of Clans made Supercell the giant it is today. It was the most popular game on the app store 4 years back. In case you are unfamiiar, this is how a Clash of Clans guild war was run when it was released. Guilds CHOOSE when to declare their wars. So if your whole guild decides to go on a 7 day vacation to Antartica, you do not have to declare. The wars only last THREE(3) DAYS. The war is ONE(1) GUILD VS ONE(1) GUILD. You only need to launch TWO(2) attacks for the entire war.

Now let's look at one of the most popular Turn-Based mobile game currently, Summoners War. Now I have not played the game before but I have watched some YDCB videos and I think this is how it goes. Guilds CHOOSE when to declare their wars. So if your whole guild decides to go on a 7 day vacation to Antartica, you do not have to declare. The war is ONE(1) GUILD VS ONE(1) GUILD. The war is 3 UNITS VS 3 UNITS and you get to pick the units after seeing the opponents' one.

Oh and perhaps now as a developer, you are reading this and going "James Wong is just stupid that's why he does not understant Conquest" Maybe I am stupid but what's wrong with just having a simple Guild War, some 1V1 action which you can then further develop in the future. Instead, you launch this bug-infested, difficult feature with a map that makes my eyes bleed. Yes, yes, you can also console yourself by saying you are too ahead for your time. Regardless, this is not what the majorty wants. This, simply put, is just a waste of time, mine and yours.

I shall not be offering anymore ways to improve this game. When Raid first released, I offered my help in looking through any long-term plans you might have had and I will objectively tell you what works and what doesn't. You did not accept the offer. Since then, I have been offering up problems and solutions and most of which you are not taking into consideration at all. If you really would like to find out how to improve your game, you can contact me personally on Facebook. It takes you months and months just to come up with a new feature. Raid sucks, Conquest sucks. Not gonna stick around to find out what's next.

I shall also leave you with a few more problems with the game. Some of which I have raised for ages. Everglades is dying. Stop coming up with new servers. Start merging. Power creep is real. Raid 2 set then Conquest Set?! 7* equipment?! Awakening?! New Runes?! Insignias that become better and better every month?! Skins that get stronger and stronger?! More and more bundles?!

Anyway, I would still like to thank you for giving me moments of fun and an outlet to while my time away and for giving me the motivation to come up with a Youtube channel but I guess this is it. It is time to part ways.

To my readers:
I am not asking you to quit the game. I am asking you to look at why you are still playing it. If you are still playing it because you are hopeful for their next big thing, I would suggest don't bother. It took them more than half a year to come up with Raid and more than half a year to come up with Conquest. Both sucked. If you are playing it with the intention of being competiive, I suggest you prepare to spend more due to the Power Creep and Bundle Price Inflation.

However, if you are playing because of the gameplay, storyline, you like doing the same thing for 6 minutes at one go whilst fighting with your teammates for rewards or you really really like this form of Conquest then ROCK ON!

Lastly, thanks for always liking my posts and for all the constructive comments you give. It's been a fun ride. 
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Re: Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:49 pm

lol you finally saw the light after a year. nice. come join the right side.
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Re: Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:43 pm

lol you finally saw the light after a year. nice. come join the right side.
Are you the guy who kicked from admin group of King's Raid, aren't you? ... ation.199/
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Re: Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:29 am

if we don't like game contents we could just leave it. that's fine.

but why you release new contents as "beta"?

don't you have QA team or something? or make test server before release?

why we spending lots of money to play this bunch of bugs BETA?

maybe i'm just not familiar with singaporean game?

there is no such beta in korean games.

also many of korean friends already stoped spending money on this game because of poor customer service, cheaters (you need to take serious on this), ETC.

!Xandy! - Everglades
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Re: Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:34 am

VF dev is a small team, really small team. I dunno how many people. Definitely not 50. Maybe 20 max? or less. They don't have the manpower to test out everything. We demanded Conquest, they gave us Conquest. Yes, it's buggy as hell. There's no way they can simulate the actual server loads and forsee all the bugs through their internal testing. The best way is to launch it to the general public to test out and then iron out the problems from there. Blizzard games have public test realm/servers, and even then when their official patch kicks in, there are still bugs. 

Let's be patient and provide them with feedback to help improve the game.
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Re: Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:01 am

Well, I won't even bother with this conquest crap. The only thing interesting me is the arena, and the "new arena" that will come. Never even given a sh*t about this conquest thing, and now it's here, I couldn't care less.
Conquest isn't fun, you need too many good units, it's a super-ultra-whales-showcase. No hopes that will become something good.

But I'm afraid of the power inflation the awakening will bring... Around 3700 - 4400 in arena, if you don't have maxed insignas, don't even bother playing.
And about power inflation : next it will be those 7* equipment in arena ? Great, really, we'll be pretty much obliged to go in conquest. No thanks.

I'll miss your comments here on the forum Wong.
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Re: Goodbye Valiant Force: Conquest sucks

Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:32 am

Another veteran gone, that’s unfortunate. I like your vids but looks like I won’t be seeing anymore in the future.

I think that conquest has potential to be better but in what area i don’t know because i barely participate and the resources is mainly managed by the guild master and vice guild master so 30% the the defense will depend on the resource management of those two while the other 70% is based on the partipation of the members. I only participated to get the daily rewards. Another downer for me is you cannot edit your team too which really suck because you cannot adapt against a well build team.

I am more interested in the up coming world dungeon it’s probably gonna be like guild raid but with three guilds participating.