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VF, stop lying to players

Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:51 am

I find it very very upsetting that the game pull another stun to punish players. For last week event, the elemental tablet summon was stated to last till this friday based on the time left for the event reward summon. Thus I thought I could complete my tablets set while trying to summon the new hero. In the end they just removed the elemental tablet after the maintenance. Lying to players once again in game. Now I have tablet left over and still cannot complete any cash set even though I planned to use the gems. Total BS. SO you claim we can finish with using event bazaar. At the expense other event bazaar items that is since tokens are limited due to energy. 

Why do you guys keep giving false information.
Another false information they gave was with limit breaks. In the limit break panel and the information section of limit break, its stated that all it needs is item of same name. No where did it state that the item need to be the same rank. 

And what did they do regarding this problem? Sweep it under the carpet, treat it as nothing happened.
I have a feeling all these is their tactic to encourage you to spend more cash.
Never get enough tablet cuz we gave you wrong information?
Spend cash to buy the bundle when it rotate back.
Or you can spend cash to get enough  energy to get enough tokens.

Limit break is another blatant cash grab feature that only the rich can enjoy again.
I think they made it so that the useful weapons need crazy amount of cash investment to limit break. You want to limit break your grand heirloom as a F2P. Well congratz these money suckers wants you to get 9 of each heirloom recipe, 3 sets of heirloom all enhance to 6 star just to get it to get one set of heirloom done.
Not to mention that in we need to gear 3 teams for conquest.

Whats more infuriating was their attitude towards the problem.
Not even an apology was given and until I raised the issue about their attitude.