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[Important] Be Valiant. Play Fair.

Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:47 pm

Updated on 31st January 2017

Dear Valiants,

FunPlus and XII Braves aim to provide a safe and secure game environment for everyone, which is one of our top priorities operating Valiant Force. To encourage fair play in the game, we are strongly against cheating or fraudulent behavior in our community.

To help us create a great gaming environment, and to safeguard your account and device from possible abuse leading to leaks of personal data, please take note of the following dangers.


1. Usage of illegal and unauthorized third party software

Third party software consists of unapproved mobile apps or PC programs that alter game data and features. These apps and programs aim to provide unfair advantages to players seeking to disrupt the game’s ecosystem. This group of players do not realize they are also potentially putting their own accounts and privacy at risk.

Third party software includes:
  • Mods or programs that unfairly edit game functions
  • “Bots”, or gameplay automation services or scripts
  • Any other programs that aim to modify or provide progress which are not earned by honest gaming
We will also take action on players who:
  • Play Valiant Force using a modded app, hence editing possible game functions
  • Sharing or discussing of any modded apps or third party software
We currently monitor all game accounts and will flag those which demonstrate suspicious behaviors. Once again, we implore all players to refrain from using any third party programs to gain an unfair advantage.

Update 1: It is alright to play Valiant Force using an APK downloaded from Google Play, but not modded APK edited by others outside of developer XII Braves.

Update 2: It is alright to play Valiant Force on emulator programs for the PC (BlueStacks, Nox, MeMu, etc), but please note that the game is developed for mobile devices, hence no support will be provided if any error occurs or anything goes wrong.

2. Sharing, buying, and selling of game accounts

Sharing of your account with others put it at risk, which may lead to loss of personal information, fraudulent in-app purchases, and more. We do not encourage any sharing of accounts even with family members. Limited support will be provided if any account is found to be violating the rules.

Similarly, buying and selling of accounts are prohibited due to the potential risks. Some of the risks surrounding selling of accounts are:
  • The seller may take your money and never give you the account
  • You cannot be sure that the seller won’t continue using the account (they can file a report claiming their account is hacked by the “buyer”)
  • They may be selling the same account to multiple people
  • The account could already be poised for permanent ban due to previous infractions
3. Purchasing of “cheap” gems

Scammers are currently tricking players into giving them their account details to "help" purchase "cheap" gems. There are no authorized “cheap” gems on sale, and all gem prices in Valiant Force go through strict review processes before being approved.

Some of the risks surrounding the buying of "cheap" gems are:

- Players losing their game accounts to scammers through sharing of account details
- They might use your account details and sell it to multiple people
- Agreeing to share your account details with others violates the terms and conditions, liable to punishments and limited support

4. Downloading the game from unknown sources

There are groups of scammers currently asking players to download from dubious links, claiming they will be rewarded with bonus gifts once they it certain levels or start spending cash.

Please be informed that the only official sources to download Valiant Force is Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). All other sources must be reported to either FunPlus or XII Braves.

Some of the risks of downloading and installing the game from unverified sources include:

- Players losing their game accounts due to malware pre-installed inside infected game file
- Players losing their personal information due to malware pre-installed inside infected game file

5. Consequences offenders can expect

Fraudulent behavior, cheating and any related commercial actions surrounding Valiant Force are strictly prohibited by FunPlus' Terms of Services.

In addition to the very real danger of a compromised account, participating in any of the above practices will lead to penalties such as revoked currency, temporary game suspension, and even permanent closure of the game account for the first offence.

FunPlus and XII Braves reserve the rights to NOT provide support for game accounts that have been involved in fraudulent behavior or compromised through sharing of accounts or other illegal actions.

Please keep your account safe by avoiding all of these issues stated above.

Be Valiant. Play Fair.
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Re: [Important] Be Valiant. Play Fair.

Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:12 am

Dear Adventurers of Arathos,

We have detected illegal transactions in the community recently and after investigations, we have identified a list of players who have purchased gems through unofficial channels. As these players have violated our terms of services, we have executed the penalty of banning their game accounts permanently with effect from 30th March 2017.

Our policy is designed with the aim to provide a safe and secure game environment for everyone. Therefore, FunPlus enforces a very strict policy against fraudulent behavior and cheating in the game, and has zero tolerance towards any form of manipulating or abusing the game systems in any way.

Any player who is found suspicious of violating our terms of services will be monitored closely and we reserve the right to impose strict actions such as temporary suspension or even permanent banning of the game account without prior notice.

Please be informed that only transactions made through our official channels Google Play (Android) and App Store (Apple) are authorized and all other sources have not been approved by FunPlus.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team.

Be Valiant. Play Fair.