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[Guide Contest] 400 gems to be won!

Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:56 am

Good day to all Valiants,

Starting from today, we will be holding a Guide Contest in the official game forum. All guides which fulfill the criteria will be sent a code to redeem via forum private message. 

Players with awesome, detailed guides (text or video) will stand a chance to win 400 Gems! There is no limit to how many players can win, so what are you waiting for?

Please look through the instructions below for more details! 

Q: When will this guide event end?
A: This guide event will end on 30th December 2016, Friday, at 11:59PM (GMT+8). All topics posted after this timing will not be eligible for selection.

Q: What kind of guides can I create to participate in the event?
A: All guides must be detailed, and topics can be as broad as “The Ultimate New Player Guide” to something more specific such as “How to Defeat the Final Boss”. We will look at the amount of content and effort, so short simple guides will be on the losing end :)

Q: Is there a maximum number of words? Must the guides only be in English?
A: There is no maximum number of words, and yes, all guides (written or spoken) must be in English.

Q: How will the staff recognize a topic as participating in the contest?
A: Players must insert [Guide] in front of their forum topic titles. This is applicable even to guides from months ago (edit post).

Q: Where do I post my general game guides (How to job advance, Easiest way to earn gold etc)?
A: For general guides, please post here viewforum.php?f=8

Q: Where do I post my strategy combat guides (How to defeat XXX, How to counter Guardians, etc)?
A: For combat guides, please post here viewforum.php?f=7

Q: What are the judging criteria?
A: Clarity, simple to understand, accompanied by screenshots, no swearing or vulgarities. Neat and organized content (paragraphing for example) will be highly valued.

Q: Can I post a video instead?
A: Yes, you can! But please remember to start a thread in the forum and post the video! Videos MUST also include clear audio or text guide.

Q: Can I post more than one guide?
A: Players can post more than 1 guide. However, each user can only win once.

Q: Will my guide from months ago be eligible for the event?
A: Yes, all guides from the day the forum started will be eligible. However, posters will have to edit the content to make is it is up-to-date.

Q: What if someone else post about the same feature and content?
A: Different players look at the same feature differently. If the explanation and guide is different and sees the same feature from another angle, it is most certainly welcomed as well.

Q: What if someone create different forum accounts and post different guides to stand more winning chances?
A: The reward code can only be claimed once per account. Accounts cannot claim the reward codes from this event more than one time.

Q: How many players are eligible to win?
A: There is currently no limit to the number of winners.

Q: What prize will selected players get?
A: Selected players will receive 400 gems each (in the form of code via private forum message)

Q: When will the prize be given out?
A: Winners will be announced within the 2 weeks after the event ends. Prizes will then be sent within 1 week after the winners are announced.