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Fallen justice Master help

Sun May 21, 2017 5:52 pm

Hope that someone could help me out for the formation can't seem to beat master below is my heroes tnx in advance
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Re: Fallen justice Master help

Mon May 22, 2017 12:42 am

Er.. Its not easy to clear master. Even experts i met, they have to use pot to clear them. Double sven and range support is the basic.

So you have nadia, hopefully she can help with thr damage absorb as the range target her. Other than that, i wish i can recommend range sdd but u short of the wd matilda.
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Re: Fallen justice Master help

Mon May 22, 2017 1:38 am

without event heroes, it's mostly imposible to clear it without item, even if u had, u still need some pot.
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Re: Fallen justice Master help

Mon May 22, 2017 2:29 pm

Easy clear? (Not that i'm aware of)

But if you want to clear only, Double Sven Berserker with 2 ranger (preferable trigger type, not Nadia) and 1 support (Faye Shield/ Tristan BK's pet/ Lucille Inquisitor) 
If your Ranger CAN NOT SURVIVE even with potions, I suggest swap that two ranger out for ONE more support, and let Vincent Berserker join the fight.

Tips 1.
1. Kill all but one remaining to wait for all skill up, recommended to leave Faye alone (she hits a little and shield a little.) or Kahuna (stun him when skill 2 is up, or kill her before that).
2. Imagine a 9-tile Phone number, put vincent berserker on No.6 slot, and use his skill to kill Faye in Stage 1.
3. Pretty much is all-out attack the tristan or the two Healer/Mystic behind him.
4. Vincent can solo the RIGHT side himself with 2-4 hits. (if you use his skill on stage 1)

Tips 2.
Tristan : Basic attack will +1CD, skill unknown to me.
Cybella : Basic attack will poison 1 turn, skill is single target high dmg + def down.
Ronan : Basic attack is Cross Tile and burn floor for 1 turn, skill is 3-missile and +1CD.
Kahuna : Basic attack (no effect?), Skill 1 is 3-wave healing, Skill 2 is Party-wide Charm (BEWARE OF THIS). 
Kira : Basic attack is mutli hit with no effect, skill is Stealth himself and One Ally, ally gains ATK UP 1 TURN.
Faye : Basic attack heals party for 50% of his attack, skill is Party Shield (number unknown to me).