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Zoey skill and aura question?

Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:54 am

Ladder almost end we will face Zoey soon, so I want to confirm some thing about her skill and Aura

Zoey MW
1. I hear that Zoey MW skill will bounced to 4 random target, so if enemy only have one will it hit that target 4 time (just like Ronan skill?)
2. At skill level 40 it will damage 220% right?

Zoey Warlock
1. Can her aura active during ranger chain combo to interrupt their trigger?, also if Zoey got stun, can aura still active?
Like Talissa aura, even she already dead allies in aura will cast poison?
2. Freezing effect will only active during cast spell or it will trigger effect every turn unit skill wear off (similar to Zoey boss skill)
3. Is this spell need to target unit, or it can cast on any where