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Order of Triggers

Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:22 am

Why is it that the attackers triggers always trigger dead last in a series of defender/attacker triggers? I would think that because it's the attackers turn that any triggers caused by that attack should go before any defenders triggers. However that is not the case, in fact when given a series of triggers all of the defenders take place and then the attackers trigger take effect. The triggers don't even take turns which would at least be somewhat fair but give the advantage to the defender. This order of operations severely limit the effectiveness of any attack based trigger if you are the one attacking because your target will have all of his triggers taken into effect before yours does. So if during the defensive triggers your hero who was triggered to attack but becomes stunned as a result of the defense triggers won't be triggered at all. There by wasting the trigger and in some cases wasting the initial attack.