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[Guide] May the Goddess Bless You - A Guide to Faith System

Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:14 pm

Hi, mates. It's Sheryl here! 

I would like to share a detailed review on the faith system of valiant force.
But it is not yet fully tested o(>_<)o

What is Faith?

In Valiant Force, a game we all love, every hero has his own faith. There are 6 different faith based on different gods. They are Zeus, Ares, Hera, Kratos, Hercules, and Athena.
Although the gods never revealed themselves in the history of Arathos, Their bless do have a direct impact on our heroes.

How does faith work?

According to the in-game guide, "faith will slightly affect your hero's stat distribution".
But how will different faith affect stats distribution?
The in-game guide also gives the answer.
That's all, thank you for reading my guide...
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Wait, how much will faith affects heroes?
How much attack my Leon can gain if I change his faith form Zeus to Ares?
How much can I get out of a grand pixie which is worth 55 valinates?

To answer these questions, we need to dig a little bit deeper.

Let's have a look at what does the game say about faith?
Faith will "slightly" affect your hero's stat distribution.
So what exactly does "slightly" mean? 
My answer is... "Slightly" means 1/9 of your hero's total stats.
In Valiant Force, the total stats of different heroes are different. So some heroes have more stats in total than others, an example is the six Valiants who have way more stats than other heroes(Zeoy: Excuse me?). A detailed guide on hero stats is available here.
Although the total stats are different among heroes, the stats of all heroes are distributed in the same way. 8/9 of total stats are distributed based on job class, and 1/9 of total stats are distributed based on faith.

But how does faith affect stats distribution?
Well, "how" is explained with a fancy table in game, here is a smaller version.
Wow, that's nice, so what do these D C B A S mean? How much is an S and how much is an A, how much more stats we can get by changing an A to an S?
Err... I think we are seeking for numbers, not letters...
So I came up with the number version of the table, shown below.
The percentage of the stat is based on the part faith can affect, which is 1/9 of the hero's total stats.
And yes, faith bonus can be a reduction on some stats because they have to add up to an exact 100%. 
Faith will not give you any bonus stats, it just affects how the stats are distributed.

So now we can answer the question, how much attack Leon can gain by changing faith from Zeus to Ares?

The total stats of a lv40 Leon is 20848, this is same as Aden, the arena guardian.
So the part faith can affect is... 1/9 x 20480 = 2275
According to the table, Zues faith provide 36% on atk while Ares faith provide 60%, the difference is 24%.
So... 24% x 2275 = 546
According to my calculation, the answer is 546... now it's time to check the in-game gallery.
lv40 Zeus Leon have 4216 atk, and Ares one have 4772 atk, so... 4772 - 4216 = 556

Errr... ... This 2% difference is because I discard all the tail number in my calculation...

Well, I think now you get it... This is how faith affects your stats...

Regarding how I reverse engineered this... It's too complex to talk here... 
Hope this post doesn't get the devs angry o(>_<)o

Again, thanks for reading my guide. Let's make VF great again!
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Re: [Guide] May the Goddess Bless You - A Guide to Faith System

Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:40 pm

Thanks Sheryl, nice guide!
Hmm, I have one question..
Did you make that table stat distribution by yourself?

After read your Guide, now I have came up to the conclusion about why Faye Kratos have more DEF+HP than Faye Hercules
Kratos have 80% stat from HP and DEF combine..
While, Hercules -have 70% from HP and DEF combine..

Before this, I can only assume Faye Kratos is good against Archer team and Faye Hercules is good against Mystic team..

You need to mention that 3xx-8xx base stat is not "slightly" because with high percentage bonus from Equipment it could multiply by 1.5x or even 2x ..
That's huge different..